Reflections “Between water and air”

Water is a quotidian element that can be found almost anywhere: we people are made of up to a 60% of water and without it life is inconceivable. But because it is everywhere all the time it can be easily forgotten how important it is (until we no longer have it).

Through this photographic work I start from the common situation of taking a shower or bath to capture an atmosphere where water is key. However, it’s not about the water I want to focus on, but on its power to take us into a state of reflection.

While having a shower it is usual that the steam fills the bathroom, covering the mirrors, changing the light and the visibility of the things around us. I believe it creates the perfect  ambient, which along with a relaxing bath and peace that a good warm bath brings could create the perfect occasion for reflection and auto-exploration. It could also involve the perfect feeling to inspire imagination and creativity, taking advantage of a moment that relieves us from the day to day worries and problems from the outside. Those become blurry as our reflection in the mirror and reality fades slightly away.