It’s about a feeling – Australia


It’s about a feeling

In this small book you will find some pictures I took during the month I spent in Australia last summer, from middle August until the second week of September 2012. This travel is an experience that meant a lot to me, not only because it took place in the other side of the world, but because it was a dream came true.

I suppose it all began when I was sixteen, the day I went to get my passport. It was then when I first thought how amazing it would be to go to Australia. I can’t say why I became so interested in such a travel, but that thought was the seed of a dream that would stay with me for long.

It was last year when the chance finally appeared. It came out of nowhere, but suddenly I was given the opportunity to make a great trip to go study English anywhere in the world! So Australia immediately popped into my mind, I took several decisions and a few months later… I was in aussie land. It was the first time for me to travel so far away, but I wasn’t alone; my sister was my travel-mate and together we discovered a small piece of that large country. I learned loads of things, made some good friends, had great moments and saved good memories. But when I think about that time, the experiences I lived, the places I visited and the people I met are not what comes strongest to me. The thing that my memories bring back, the most valuable one, is a feeling, that particular sensation I had when I was there. A feeling different from any other. A feeling impossible to forget.

A feeling that will remain caught in these pages…