On tech, fashion and curating life


What if we lived in a world where emotions were crystal clear, where we understood each other beyond words and where respect came from the inside? What if communication was so easy that we would always understand each other? What if we lived in a world where self-expression was as simple as dressing up and as usual as eating?

This article got me thinking: https://www.iftf.org/future-now/article-detail/high-fashion-meets-maker-manufacturing/ And especially this quote: “the real promise of smart wearables is precisely what has made mobile phones so powerful: their ability to connect us to others and to share our inner worlds”. 

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong trying to curate the things that are in your life? In a sense, we already do, most of the time. We choose what to buy, what to throw away, what to look at, how to dress… But are we conscious of why we make the choices we make? 

I choose not to watch the news on TV, I chose the colours of my dinner set to match the colours I like and love to have around, but I also choose to spend way too much time on social (while I’m still not participating enough). 

Should we embrace what the world throws at us and just go with the flow? Or should we always have a purpose?

Well, in many ways, it depends. But when it comes to looks, and consumption, I believe in choosing carefully and knowing why.

We should all be curators

What does it mean to be a curator?

It means, firstly, exploring. Like preparing those moodboards. We must find out what we like and what we don’t. And if we can know why, much better. 

Then it’s the moment to imagine that you get that thing, or look that way. How does it feel? What are the emotions you’re craving? What’s the goal of your purchase? 

After that, create it. Create the reality in which it exists. We have to try things, sample them, to experience them. How are we gonna know if we don’t?

Can we really do that?

Sometimes it is easier than it seems to make our surroundings a bit nicer for us. Sometimes we don’t need to move homes, maybe we just need to redecorate the living room. And maybe those shoes just need some care. Maybe you need to get those old clothes you forgot at the bottom of the wardrobe and try them on once more. May they fit now or match something that you got lately.

Aesthetics matter, your aesthetics matter

To you, basically. We are our own audience and we are those who live the most with our decisions, of any kind. And the things we live with and use daily are important. They are there day in day out, so how could they not? Why own stuff we hate and see it everyday? Why wear clothes that don’t fit? Of course, if it’s a matter of money, it may be hard to change it. But we can still be creative, swipe things with friends, fix them ourselves… whatever.

What we should always keep doing is cultivating our tastes and looking for our preferences. Is there anything better than having a clear idea of what you want your life to be like? And, even better, knowing why?

That’s the first step. Knowing the direction to go towards.

So, what are you wearing today?