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“It’s been so long since our last trip… Our vacations this year were spent in the neighbourhood and even though it feels nice having the time to explore our usual surroundings and connect more with our dear friends, we did miss the experience of traveling far away. Take a plane, stay in a beautiful location, discover those spots seen a thousand times and those charming corners no tourist seems to notice (although some of them do, just as we do). The excitement of leaving the country, stepping into unknown territories… Tasting new food and walking until your feet burn.

We are ready for a new journey. And we are planning it to be special. This time we want to really enjoy every step of the way. We will pack our trip with new activities and experiences, the must-sees and some well-deserved relaxation time. We’ll be enjoying ourselves more too, not just the location. And we want to take part in something bigger there. We are still looking through our options, to participate in the local fair, to go to a near event, to take some classes in the local area or maybe even join and help with a local charity. We will be more connected than ever to the experience of travel. And we will make the most of it, in hopes to go back soon and with the fear to be left only with the memories again.”



“I’m breaking the bank as soon as I can get out of this room that is my house. Got enough of me-time, self-care routines, Netflix and drinking alone swiping cards on Tinder and realizing I’m never gonna make it on Tik Tok. I’m gonna set every city on fire until I get to the shoreline, I’m gonna stay in hostels, but just the good ones, I’m not taking shit but I want the company. It may not be the end of the world, but YOLO!”



“This year may be all about a staycation. We’ll go visit the family further north and south, but we are not doing anything too fancy. It smells like dark times are over us so better not over-celebrate the new-found freedom and just keep enjoying the little pleasures and treasuring these intimate times. “



“This is not the moment to die – to die of boredom, that is. While we wait for international travel, we’ll be taking any adventure we can find and burn all that adrenaline. Climbing and diving, maybe even sky-diving. Taking on new challenges. A new hobby maybe? Who’s gonna join us? We’ve missed the wind on our faces, the rain in our hair, the sweat all over and the salt in our lips. We are carving sore muscles and that general tiredness knowing you’ve spent the day just right. Adventure is calling and we must go! Where’s that cliff to jump off into the sea? Sounds like a fun beach day!”



“Vacations be postponed. We are building a business.”



“Oh, holidays? I thought it was quarantine, so I just slept through. So tired of doing nothing or trying to think about something to do that is exciting enough.”

~ It’s been a whirlwind of emotions this year concerning travel. It’s one month to the end of the year, a year I thought I would fill with getaways and some big travels… and yet it happened to be turned upside down and I ended up spending more time indoors than in any other year – and that’s saying a lot. Now summer is far behind, and these are the days to dream up winter wonderlands. Though, we’ll be lucky if we get to do get-togethers for the festivities of the year. Yet, I like to believe that travel and tourism will flourish again soon, hopefully evolving in new – now unforeseeable – ways. And surely we’ll have learnt that we have many options to still wonder, wander and enjoy life.


Lena **