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Choose your new traveler character – Tik Tok style!



“It’s been so long since our last trip… Our vacations this year were spent in the neighbourhood and even though it feels nice having the time to explore our usual surroundings and connect more with our dear friends, we did miss the experience of traveling far away. Take a plane, stay in a beautiful location, discover those spots seen a thousand times and those charming corners no tourist seems to notice (although some of them do, just as we do). The excitement of leaving the country, stepping into unknown territories… Tasting new food and walking until your feet burn.

We are ready for a new journey. And we are planning it to be special. This time we want to really enjoy every step of the way. We will pack our trip with new activities and experiences, the must-sees and some well-deserved relaxation time. We’ll be enjoying ourselves more too, not just the location. And we want to take part in something bigger there. We are still looking through our options, to participate in the local fair, to go to a near event, to take some classes in the local area or maybe even join and help with a local charity. We will be more connected than ever to the experience of travel. And we will make the most of it, in hopes to go back soon and with the fear to be left only with the memories again.”



“I’m breaking the bank as soon as I can get out of this room that is my house. Got enough of me-time, self-care routines, Netflix and drinking alone swiping cards on Tinder and realizing I’m never gonna make it on Tik Tok. I’m gonna set every city on fire until I get to the shoreline, I’m gonna stay in hostels, but just the good ones, I’m not taking shit but I want the company. It may not be the end of the world, but YOLO!”



“This year may be all about a staycation. We’ll go visit the family further north and south, but we are not doing anything too fancy. It smells like dark times are over us so better not over-celebrate the new-found freedom and just keep enjoying the little pleasures and treasuring these intimate times. “



“This is not the moment to die – to die of boredom, that is. While we wait for international travel, we’ll be taking any adventure we can find and burn all that adrenaline. Climbing and diving, maybe even sky-diving. Taking on new challenges. A new hobby maybe? Who’s gonna join us? We’ve missed the wind on our faces, the rain in our hair, the sweat all over and the salt in our lips. We are carving sore muscles and that general tiredness knowing you’ve spent the day just right. Adventure is calling and we must go! Where’s that cliff to jump off into the sea? Sounds like a fun beach day!”



“Vacations be postponed. We are building a business.”



“Oh, holidays? I thought it was quarantine, so I just slept through. So tired of doing nothing or trying to think about something to do that is exciting enough.”

~ It’s been a whirlwind of emotions this year concerning travel. It’s one month to the end of the year, a year I thought I would fill with getaways and some big travels… and yet it happened to be turned upside down and I ended up spending more time indoors than in any other year – and that’s saying a lot. Now summer is far behind, and these are the days to dream up winter wonderlands. Though, we’ll be lucky if we get to do get-togethers for the festivities of the year. Yet, I like to believe that travel and tourism will flourish again soon, hopefully evolving in new – now unforeseeable – ways. And surely we’ll have learnt that we have many options to still wonder, wander and enjoy life.


Lena **

On tech, fashion and curating life


What if we lived in a world where emotions were crystal clear, where we understood each other beyond words and where respect came from the inside? What if communication was so easy that we would always understand each other? What if we lived in a world where self-expression was as simple as dressing up and as usual as eating?

This article got me thinking: And especially this quote: “the real promise of smart wearables is precisely what has made mobile phones so powerful: their ability to connect us to others and to share our inner worlds”. 

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong trying to curate the things that are in your life? In a sense, we already do, most of the time. We choose what to buy, what to throw away, what to look at, how to dress… But are we conscious of why we make the choices we make? 

I choose not to watch the news on TV, I chose the colours of my dinner set to match the colours I like and love to have around, but I also choose to spend way too much time on social (while I’m still not participating enough). 

Should we embrace what the world throws at us and just go with the flow? Or should we always have a purpose?

Well, in many ways, it depends. But when it comes to looks, and consumption, I believe in choosing carefully and knowing why.

We should all be curators

What does it mean to be a curator?

It means, firstly, exploring. Like preparing those moodboards. We must find out what we like and what we don’t. And if we can know why, much better. 

Then it’s the moment to imagine that you get that thing, or look that way. How does it feel? What are the emotions you’re craving? What’s the goal of your purchase? 

After that, create it. Create the reality in which it exists. We have to try things, sample them, to experience them. How are we gonna know if we don’t?

Can we really do that?

Sometimes it is easier than it seems to make our surroundings a bit nicer for us. Sometimes we don’t need to move homes, maybe we just need to redecorate the living room. And maybe those shoes just need some care. Maybe you need to get those old clothes you forgot at the bottom of the wardrobe and try them on once more. May they fit now or match something that you got lately.

Aesthetics matter, your aesthetics matter

To you, basically. We are our own audience and we are those who live the most with our decisions, of any kind. And the things we live with and use daily are important. They are there day in day out, so how could they not? Why own stuff we hate and see it everyday? Why wear clothes that don’t fit? Of course, if it’s a matter of money, it may be hard to change it. But we can still be creative, swipe things with friends, fix them ourselves… whatever.

What we should always keep doing is cultivating our tastes and looking for our preferences. Is there anything better than having a clear idea of what you want your life to be like? And, even better, knowing why?

That’s the first step. Knowing the direction to go towards.

So, what are you wearing today?



Read, listen, watch ~ September 20


So… Welcome to my new format of monthly links and recommendations! Straightforward, digestible and lighter… because I’m leaving the heavy stuff out to elaborate by topic. So from now on, I’ll tackle the design/tech links, the fashion links and the travel links in individual posts that add more value and are less time-consuming!

BTW, if you wanna stay in the know, leave your email and you’ll be able to read my posts directly from your email (or just swipe and send them directly to the bin. But preferably, mark them with a star and treasure them for a future moment!)


Not that my Kindle has been burning lately. As it goes, one month I’m just reading all the time, then weeks fly by and I haven’t flipped a page. But, here’s what’s been in my devices:

Two books on this list are about/by bloggers, even if they are entirely different one from the other. But I’ve “known” them both for a while and couldn’t stop myself from digging more into their stories. Those books fall more under the entertainment genre, but they make a nice read.

On the other hand, Perennial Seller is the kind of book I love. Tackling marketing and the creative struggle, showing real-world examples and experiences, giving me a lot to think about.

Studying :

  • Mastering Fashion Buying and Merchandising Management by Tim Jackson and David Shaw

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. For me this is both entertaining, educational and inspiring. Please understand. 😅


Now I’m listening to… My Youtube music mix, in which lately I get quite bit of :

Let’s say I have pretty eclectic tastes, especially in music. I love most popular things (though I’ll never ever surrender to reggeaton) but also rock and 60’s oldies.

For a more informative listen, maybe you’d like to dip your toes on the Business Podcast by the Morning Brew (I receive their newsletter every day – and that’s a good daily read in fact!). One I found particularly “worth sharing” is this: Your Crash Course on Supply Chains, Globalization, and COVID-19 by Business Casual


I recently watched the documentary Unstoppable about Bethany Hamilton on Netflix (who you may know even if you are not into surfing from the movie Soul surfer – yes, the surfer girl that lost an arm to a shark). But the interesting part of the story is all that came after that, seeing and learning how she kept on with her dreams and became the incredible person and athlete that she is. Inspiring is way an understatement.

On Youtube:

When it comes to humour, may it be light may it be harsh, I check these channels:

  • Julie Nolke: comedy and parody, so relatable it almost hurts.

And because I have a camera that makes magic but needs my collaboration, I’ve been learning and getting inspired by some videos from:

But I’m afraid the list will grow rapidly.

On Netflix :

  • The Good Place: This show is really, really good. With a sense of humour and a good dose of philosophy, it will have you thinking quite a bit. Entertaining, mind-nurturing and feel-good vibe.
  • Hollywood: For all of those who like cinema and films… this is a heart-warming but also drama show. If Hollywood had been its best version in the forty’s, this is how it could have gone. It touches on many issues still so relevant today (and the settings and fashion look so nice!).

Signing this off now and wishing you a very good month,



What the fashion

Exploring, Fashion & Lifestyle

Fashion is going digital. Fashion is going green. The two main headlines that have been showing up endlessly since COVID-19, which have now made their way to the top of the news, minds and the world in general.

So, how is it going? About the sustainability in fashion, well, it’s not something we can measure very well, especially now that the consumption of most products has fallen and haven’t gotten back to its “normal”. But many companies are saying they will try and rise to the challenge.

About the digital part, we can at least take a look around. First was the Haute Couture runway show, then the Paris Fashion Week Online. Then a couple of smaller shows and now we are ready to see the NYFW unfold. Are you ready?


If you missed them, you can still watch the videos of every brand here for the Haute Couture ( and Men shows (

And if you still need more fashion videos and to see another side of the runway, head to and for interviews and more.

Another approach if you felt overwhelmed by so many videos (like I did, I must admit) you can also find most of the videos on the Youtube channel of every brand you are interested in. 

And if you’d like to dig a bit deeper you can read the article

Most videos are good, but I’d say a few were terrible (just weird editing or not showing much of the clothes) and some were amazing. But judge by yourself.

I leave you my favs. Of course, Dior’s. And I love what Iris van Herpe does!

I find this really nice: you get a sense of the situation, quarantine times, while also getting a good view of the clothing.
And, again, of course 💙 This video is top
And what about this one??
If you talk about dreams, you probably already got my attention.

What else?

Honestly, I was expecting more presence of digital, 3D and VR for these shows… But, at least, then came Helsinki Fashion Week, which looked much more alike to what I thought the digital fashion shows would be.

That’s kind of the vibe I anticipated.

And then was the turn for Copenhagen’s.

What’s next?

September looks promising! With the NYFW and Milan’s (click the links to see the schedules) we’ll be back from summer with something to look forward to (that isn’t Halloween nor Christmas… though did I hear some of you are already excited about that?? 😉 )


Can I add something? I really like the cruise collection 2021 by Chanel. These colours and textures can’t disappoint!

SYS **


My 2019 getaways… to make up for 2020’s 🙈

Exploring, Travel & Wanderlust

Travel is always on my mind, but I always postpone the time to make a decision and start planning when and where I want to go. To be honest, I have a bit of the paralysis by analysis (so many possibilities!), plus some guilt when considering all the things I have to learn, do and create at home. Furthermore, when the decision is made, I have plenty of research to do to book and plan the trip.

Looking back, I’m pretty glad how last year’s vacations came out, but so far it looks like this year will be completely different.

For now, let’s look at the past and forget about the future for a while (what a turn of events!)



There’s only one place nearly as fascinating as the vast ocean and it’s the vast desert. I didn’t get to the Sahara desert in Merzouga, but I did go all the way from Marrakech to Zagora, even a bit further, to step onto some dunes.

These are beautiful but the vast, rocky, desert is no less fascinating. I surely enjoyed the bus ride through the Atlas, the vastness around Ouarzazate and the palm grooves in Zagora.

It feels incredible to be in a place so different but so alike, and so close by, but still far from home. Of course, we visited Marrakesh and stayed several days, went to Zagora, got back to Marrakesh and then stayed in Essaouira. I can’t travel and not go have a look at the sea, regardless of where I am.

It seems Essaouria is the wind capital of Marrakesh ( I don’t know how I always end up in such windy places), but it was such an experience, staying inside a town where it seemed like the sea was raining over it – when we would walk out from our guesthouse, we would get wet with the salty water crashing on the other side of the walls, just a couple of streets away.

Morocco was quite an experience (well, quite a few good ones) and it made me add so many places to my bucket list!

~ ~ ~



There are places that one simply has to go to. I like cities, but I would not go on holidays just to one… THOUGH for a long weekend, they are the perfect escape to break from routine! I’d sum it up as a few busy days walking a lot and having an overdose of visual inputs. I’m dying to be able to keep going on getaways to all major European cities (why, Covid, why!! 😱)

~ ~ ~



That was almost the perfect holiday: a week away to a warmer place (even if we didn’t leave the country). I booked us a small apartment by the beach and a car to move around freely! It was low season, and honestly, the weather wasn’t on our side. We got plenty of amazing beaches to discover, we run up the mountains (and what a path we followed, that was a total highlight of the trip – for which I have no visual prove 😅), visited many coastal villages, and did such normal things as going to the cinema and the mall. Such a chilled vacation!

I loved Maspalomas dunes: dunes of sand ending by the sea! So awesome! – but again, so windy. And we came across an octopus while diving in one of the most beautiful beaches. But no surfing, duh! 🙈

PS: Such a sad but true confession… I was preparing this post for the end of 2019…



ever imagined if?

Ever imagined how your life would be if…?


“Have you ever imagined…?” The first step to any change, new thing, possibility or chance starts in our minds, in our imagination. Do you think that’s true? “But what if…?”

I’ve written before about the importance I think imagination has, but let’s touch on that one more time. Why? Because it is really the tool I use the most in my life. 

Welcome to your creative life

Humans are creative creatures. We look for solutions to problems using creativity and imagination, helped by previous experience and common sense, as well as shared knowledge. There’s always someone who says “well, I’m not creative”. Well, probably you actually are, just in an area of your life you don’t think of as a creative field. We don’t need to know how to draw to be creative, nor be makers or designers. We are creative every time we try to find a new way to get or achieve something (be it a “thing”, a goal…). When we’ve tried the easy and proved paths and we keep looking for another one, we are being creative. Be it by trying to make a dish out of the leftovers, stretching our money this month or creating a loving space at home by rearranging our furniture. 

But imagination does so much more for us

How do you discover your dreams? How do you know if you want to spend more time with a person? How do you know if you can be happy in your workplace? How do you know where to travel? 

You imagine it. And learn what you like, what you want and what you don’t by going over it in your mind. We imagine the future and we imagine alternative presents. It’s the fastest way to build an opinion on something and decide if that pursuit deserves our time and energy. It may not always be accurate to reality, as many thoughts, mindsets and fear can interfere in our perspective, but it’s our least-invested way of learning and trying things. It’s the first step for change. And let’s not fool ourselves, life is ever-changing even when we try not to think about it. 

If you love it, you’ll hold it softly 

I’m starting to believe that if imagination is not valued as it should it’s because it can confuse us more than terms like “creativity” and “innovation”.  We can’t pin it down and identify it as easily, we can’t list it in our resumé, there is no tangible proof of it. But it is certainly a transferable skill.

Still, because imagination can easily take us to wishful-thinking and irrational possibilities, there’s an aspect of it that gives it a bad reputation. We are here to solve problems, not to create new ones. This, though, should not get in the way of starting that fire.

Imagination is the first step

As a designer, there’s nothing I use as much as my imagination.

Whenever I have to create something, a graphic image, for example, I first imagine how I would like it to look. What do I wanna say and how? Then I may get help from mood boards and inspiration images as well as references for similar things. After that, when actually designing (creating a layout, choosing the font, the composition, the colours and photos) I don’t go on just moving everything all the time and adding and taking it out… I firstly do it mentally, imagining how I could change or move that to better capture the image in my head, the desired final result.

In life, we may do similarly. We can imagine how we would like it to look, to feel like. Then, we think about what we’d need to change and how that would work out. We imagine the possibilities and do some internal tests to see if it’s worth the investment of our energy and if we could get those desired results.

The thing about imagination is that it is a door to a world of possibilities but not certainties. It’s a tool for exploration.

And we are all explorers. But only once we take that first step.

WARNING: Action is still required.



The Future of Things


Our lives seem to revolve around things. We work to get things, we want more stuff, new stuff, different stuff. We like buying stuff, we like creating stuff, consuming stuff. But rumour has it that in the present times, we are realising that we don’t need so much and that there’s something wrong with this obsession. 

It’s been widely stated that Millenials already value experiences more than objects. But what does it all mean? Will we be spending less on objects? Will things be more expensive? Will we have really better, more quality things? 

Everything changes but everything stays the same

When we live in an economy based on consumption, what happens if it degrowths? Does it ever actually slow-down? During quarantine, have we really stopped consuming? Or have we just refocused and changed our consumption habits to satisfy them in another way? 

When we learnt about minimalism, did we really decrease our spending? Once when we followed the teachings of Marie Kondo, did we just learn to live with less more lovable things we already own or did we have to get some new things to love?

And that time we got stuck at home because of the COVID-19, did we just slow-down our life? Did we stop consuming? Or did we maybe just focus our consumption habits on digital stuff, especially content, entertainment and information (and food)?

It’s never been about having more

I don’t believe us as a society only want to have more. I believe we crave change and betterment in every possible way. Even when we are so afraid of change. Things are just a reflection of that. And honestly, obtaining things feels easier and more comforting when other more meaningful goals stay out of reach.

Call me a capitalist, but I believe in the system, at least as the thing that is currently working at some level, though it’s not perfect. The world is grey. Capitalism is grey. The production of goods should be fair and sustainable and politicians should be honest and love should be unconditional. But here we are. 

As in so many aspects of life, what we could work on is knowing ourselves, knowing why we do what we do, why we buy what we buy, why we think as we do and how all of that works for us. 

Ebbing and flowing

I’m sure better “things”, a better future is coming. Probably still not perfect, still not fair enough and not sustainable enough, but the world is also a work in progress. Let’s keep that in mind. We are working toward betterment, we can pivot, change, improve, go back, change something else, and keep trying. Be it with our personal habits, our consumption habits, our mindsets or our businesses. Let’s be hopeful.

The real future of things

So, what will we be seeing soon?

It’s being said that we are going towards a more conscious model of consumption in which quality will be more important and we will be OK owning less. I wouldn’t buy completely onto that trend though. But it will be strong in the marketing spheres. I’m sure more people will be fine spending more on more high-quality products and we will have more well-designed and well-crafted products at our fingertips. Still, we will probably see growth in mass consumption in low-priced items and content services as we look for the comfort of buying, for a sense of control in our lives. In all likelihood – and as soon as we can- we will be spending even more on experiences we can share, as a rebellious reaction for having been locked at home.

With minimalism, we learnt to own less and value well-designed, (with a certain) aesthetic and higher quality stuff. Though we learnt that we can always find something better that we could use to replace other things in order to own less.

With the realisation of the fashion damaged system, we learnt to love old clothing and went for the vintage, more sustainable option. But those clothes don’t always match our size and style, and sometimes they are faulty or need reworking. Buying second-hand objects is fun but it’s not always so much fun to own somebody’s else’s trash or having to clean it and make anew.

Will we learn to share more of our stuff and adopt what our friends and relatives do not need anymore in a way to own more meaningful stuff? Will we be more open to why we own what we own? Or we will just spend less as we wait for the world to work again as it used to?

I’ll probably be doing just everything of the above:

I’ll keep buying things to love, new and pre-loved, I’ll be upcycling, I’ll be consuming entertainment and I’ll be paying for experiences. And while I can’t go window-shopping, I’ll keep scrolling endless websites to satisfy my need of seeing stuff. In a more meaningful note, I’ll keep learning and creating more.

So, where will you be putting your rediscovered time and money now?



I took all these pics from just a window, on the same day. There are so many details in any view, so many different points to focus on…

BTW, I made these! (most of them)

Creating, Fashion & Lifestyle

Challenging times call for creative days and so today I’m showing you a couple, not a piece of art on their own, but I hope they’ll awake your creative itch and make you dream of sunny warm days heading to the beach.


I had been dreaming of making my own scrunchies for years. Literally. If these quarantine months had one good thing was that I could not use the “no-time” excuse for my old projects. So I finally did it! I had some fabric with my own pattern designs that I’d bought a couple of years ago, so I put it to use. It was a fun project to do but it also involved a lot more hand-sewing than I thought. And of course, I prefer the speed of my sewing machine. But the practice is practice!

FYI : I followed this tutorial and I still have my patterns available on Spoonflower.


This was originally a knee-high dress, with no waist. I loved the top part and the back (sorry no pic!) but I never wear long skirts. Mini length is my favourite! So I cut the dress and made a belt from the same fabric; now it falls with a nicer fit and has a bow in the back! Not a mini dress that I’m gonna wear to the office but I’m sure it will be one of my favourites for hot summer days, with its lightness and flow.

Some lessons learned

1- Calmly read all steps before doing anything. I lost a lot of time figuring out how I was supposed to fold and turn the first scrunchy because I haven’t read carefully the part in which you turn the tube halfway .

2- Don’t be so afraid of cutting and making the seams smaller. I was afraid to cut too much of the dress for the seams and ended having a huuuge hem at the bottom. Next time I better measure twice and use a running stitch instead of going directly to the sewing machine. I’m still thinking about redoing the whole thing now.

So… kind reminder to myself: think before doing and don’t rush!

~ enjoy the process ~



sun is shinning

A ray of light

Creating, Fashion & Lifestyle

Finally, a ray of sunshine.
These have been long, dark, cloudy weeks. Many days that blurred into each other… But time has passed, for better and for worse. I’m older, my hair has grown and my eyes probably have more wrinkles from fiddling for hours and hours in front of a screen (or multiple screens tbh). So spring has come, and the days are longer and they are, slowly, getting warmer too. When I get the chance to get out, I’ll be able to enjoy it so much more intensely. And I’m dying for that moment to come.

So this is the good news. Meanwhile, the swallows have arrived, the flowers are blooming, the weeds are growing so tall from all these rainy moody days. All green and ready for us to get out there and enjoy it.
I hope we’ll get our kind of normal lives back soon and I hope I’ll have learnt what I want more of, what I want less of and mostly how to keep making the most of my life. And wish you have too.



I need you

Exploring, Travel & Wanderlust

I need you.

And this world of ours needs you too.

We need your vision,

your passions,

your thoughts, your doubts,

your hopes and dreams.



need that light that shines when you’re inspired.

We need your sense of humour, your willingness to learn and to change the world.


It’s about the path you’ll walk and where you are headed.

It’s who you are, who you’ve been and who you’ll become.

I need you to be important, to feel important.

Use your talents, share what you can,

but, foremost, find a way to be and do you.


We all need you, we all need all of us.

There will never be too many stars in the sky.

Keep on shining. ✨


5 Things worth sharing – The “Aprisolation” Edition (EXPANDED)

Exploring, Fashion & Lifestyle, Tech & Design, Travel & Wanderlust

As this unpredicted but not so unexpected event caused by COVID-19 has us all experiencing all kind of emotions, from home and away from home, like grounded adults, I’m coming back to share my favourite explorations of the first months of this year 2020.

You’ll find it’s a very “fashion”-able post, but your girl has some interests that must be shared. At the end, as usual, some of my favourite techy/geeky and random stuff.


Let’s dive into the fashion world!

You may recall that I mentioned I was reading a biography about Diana Vreeland – Empress of Fashion: A Life of Diana Vreeland – , the great and famous Vogue editor (let’s say a predecessor of the more known today Anne Wintour) when I started exploring more of the fashion world on my reading. I’m not a great fan of Vogue magazine – or any fashion magazine, for that matter – as there’s so much marketing on them… But I do enjoy the photography and essays they publish.So, from time to time, I do explore them. Now, reading about the life of Vreeland makes it a lot more interesting. And by the way, she started at Haper’s Bazaar.

There’s actually a lot of fashion history in those pages and I would totally recommend it to anyone interested in the fashion of the last century. At least for other folks that aren’t yet so familiar with the origins of the great fashion brands of today, but also those interested in fashion communication and how this world came to be how we know it. From the Parisian Haute-couture to today’s fashion walks. I’m pending to read her autobiography though! Looking forward to it.

Now, there’s a lot that I got from Vreeland in that book which goes beyond fashion. It is her philosophy in life and how deeply she believed that one can make herself up – that really stands out for me. We are not what we’ve been told we are, but who we believe we can be. That’s a great power, my dears. And you’ll see how she made herself up if you read the book 😉

Wanna know more about fashion brands and keep reading? Well, there are two more books on my shelf that have been entertaining me for a while.

  • Always in Fashion: From Clerk to CEO — Lessons for Success in Business and in Life. Kind of a memoir of a man who started out as a designer and built his way up to LVMH (you know, the luxury group to which Louis Vuitton and so many other brands belong to. My key take-away? His philosophy too, the passion he put in his every role, the drive to learn, become better and make the business work, not as a way to only get personal profit but to make the company and one’s work greater. There’s much more to learn in the book though, as there are plenty of behind the scenes in the fashion industry, closer to our days than those in the Vreeland biography.

  • Third, the book I’m reading right now, The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever . This book does go brand by brand, which is sooo …. nice? It feels very educational while still entertaining, as it analyses the big names in fashion, the luxury brands, how they came to be and where they are headed, while going from designer to designer. I still have a long way to go before I finish this book, so I may add some new thoughts on it in the future.

So, now that I’m so deep into the fashion world… Let me add another recommendation – The Coursera course created by the MOMA which is called Fashion as Design. It’s a very different approach to fashion from the books above. Instead of focusing so much on the big names and shiny brands, it talks pure fashion. The design, the purpose… They explore different themes during the course, while teaching about different clothes and why they are how they are. It’s a must even if you are not interested in fashion (as seen in the media) if you like the design side of things. I totally loved the approach of those lessons and it’s a way to understand fashion that aligns better with my own vision.

Something else. Did you know that there’s a TV program showcasing what’s inside the V&A Museum (Victoria’s & Albert Museum in London)? Well, it started some weeks ago on BBC2 and it’s quite interesting. It shows the work of the museum focusing on various pieces of different kinds in each episode ( p.e. jewellery – painting – costume). It’s called The Secrets of The Museum and you can watch it here (if you’re not in the UK you may want to use a VPN – keep scrolling down, I’ll talk about it later).



Now, let’s travel!

So, not really. You know why, the whole world knows. BUT. If you need a moment to get your mind off everything and fill the weekend with some new, different memories… well, there are a thousand things you could do. The want I’d like to check on today, though, is… VR travelling!

The world is going digital (ughh… hello black mirror nightmares), so there are lots of digital alternatives to anything right now. From the digital online fashion shows to Google earth in VR to shopping in 3d scenarios . Check out this recent article by the Independent about places you could visit digitally that I recently found (or this other one). And I’m quite sure there are many, many more similar opportunities. Think of any museum you’ve ever wanted to visit and look at their website for digital tours and exhibitions. Think about it: sometimes, even just a well structured article to be read on the sofa could be better than 4 hours of standing in front of pieces and looking for the small captions. At least, you can get some previous knowledge about the great pieces in display. For example, I found that the museums of Edinburgh have this Mode article in which to discover 30 pieces of fashion – and you can see them in 180º!

Another possibility is to check the outdoors online, and not only by a webcam – which is not such a bad option after a whole week spent looking through the same window to a boring view – but you can go on a dreamy vacation instead. Not a bad way to visualize a future destination, right? It’s as easy as going to Youtube and searching for “virtual tour” of your destination of choice. Or let the suggestions get on the way and visit things like “The Titanic” or a million dollar home. Would you like to fly over a particular place ? We can do that too! See! And this! What about entering the worlds of Dali?

Just found my place on Youtube now. I’ll be spending all my remaining internet data here. I’m doomed.



Let’s get techie!

Lately, everywhere on the internet there are references and ads about VPNs. They are important to surf more safely, adding a layer of privacy, to access sites restricted by geography, trick apps and games that depend on your location and even recommended if you download software in not a very legal way.

I personally feel very much against the restrictions of location. The internet is a door to the whole world, from my point of view, and I have always loved it for that. Finding I can’t read articles or watch a video because I live in Europe terribly disappoints, so sometimes I use Windscribe. It’s free up to 2gb with an account, no credit card needed. I had used Tor in the past as a way to navigate privately, but it’s a browser and it changes the experience. As you see, I have no experience in VPNs but if you don’t need much, that one can be useful. I also downloaded an app for my phone, which I haven’t used really but looks fine enough : it’s Tunnel Bear, also free for about 500 mb and options to get more by sharing the app (or upgrading).

If you’ve seen my post My commitment to creativity in these lock-down days, you may remember that the first day I had a break down with my computer. I had to erase the whole hard drive and so I lost all my apps. As a consequence, I had to quickly get the ones I needed the most to start working. So when it comes to 3D software, I went straight for Blender. I had been using other apps, but it’s been a while anyway, so I figured it wouldn’t be so bad to use Blender. By the way, they have now plenty of lives everyday in here.

Well, it has surprised me in a very good way. The first time I used Blender I may have been 14 years old, maybe a bit older. I remember having the instructions printed at home for ages. I never followed all of them. I like modeling and 3D scenarios but I’ve never given it enough time to learn them. Now, I do intend to be able to do some basic things, as I have a purpose on mind. Blender has improved so much since then! And it’s free and there are plenty of resources and tutorials about it. I’ll show you how I’m planning to use it soon!

Refreshing my knowledge and skill doing a donuts tutorial! I still have a long way to go but it’s been a fun ride!

Now that we are spending so much time at home, working from home, what about monitoring the time you spend on your computer? I recently installed RescueTime, so I can get a register of the hours I’m on the computer. Not that I needed to know what I’ve done and what I haven’t, but it’s nice to see it in graphics and numbers. I’m a very visual person, so it helps me to know I have to focus. And it clearly states I spend too much time on Firefox. Maybe I’m blogging too much??


Oh my girl! I’m dying to watch these documentaries : “5 Design World Documentaries to Stream For Free” ! I’ve seen “Helvetica”, of course, but I just wish I got more time to kill (and more gb of Internet). Now that I’m thinking about it, I still have some episodes of Abstract to watch… 😁

We’ll stay in “touch”! 🔗🥂☎️

xx Lena

My commitment to creativity in these lock-down days

Creating, Fashion & Lifestyle

You know, where there’s change, or where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity. 

And even though I hate being forced to be kept at home, I may not deny that these days could be really productive if I do things well. But they should be fun as well.

So I’m doing this mini-challenge of dressing up everyday as if I was going to work and sharing it – and hopefully it won’t be just another selfie post for Instagram.

Is that vanity? Is that a waste of time? I like to think that I’m practicing some skills : I’m styling, I’m making aesthetic decisions, I’m getting practice with my new camera, getting comfortable with how I look and the act of sharing it. And I love when clothing reflects how you feel inside!

Is this all? 

Hahaha nop. I have plenty of creative projects waiting for my attention. And a lot of resources to check up, and actual work. But you know what, as I can’t pursue a balance in life (no meeting with people, no swimming, no surfing, no running, no biking, no beach time…) I may try at least to juggle different kinds of projects that can help me hone my skills. In this way, even if I don’t accomplish and finish all my projects, I will have improved myself!

What’s the point, if nobody sees it?

Would you dress up if no one could see you? In the past, I wouldn’t. When the days come and go and nothing changes, it’s easy to lose motivation (for anything) as there is no compensation waiting for you in a foreseeable future. Although, guess what? There will never be. The motivation that you need is knowing that in the future you’ll be a better version of yourself because you did what you thought you had to do. You decided it, you struggled in its pursuit but you did it, even if some days you failed. You progressed, you made an effort, and that’s what really counts. Even if nobody sees it. You know it. Every past experience adds up to who you are becoming, even if it doesn’t show. 

While staying home these days, nobody sees us if we don’t show up on social media (or personal messaging / calls / DMs). But we still decide how to do it. Will you be sharing this exceptional meal you’ve just cooked? Will you be showing your past vacations? Or will you enjoy this time on your own to do the work that is never shown? Like the household duties, the studying, the listening to your own desires? 

We have temporarily lost the freedom to go out, but we have won the freedom to stay in, to stay invisible, to do our own without asking for permission or approval. Let’s take advantage of that. And let’s keep our minds sane.

To Be Updated – daily 

Sunday 22/03

This weekend had a special feeling. Like time has been paused, like there was more silence in the world (probably there was). This is the start of some weeks that will be different. Trying to be positive here, but I already liked how weeks were. With no outdoor activities to do, it’s time to be creative and do more of the indoors stuff. But…

Monday 23/03

It’s never a good day when you start it by having to erase the hard-drive of your computer. So I got a busy techy day, trying to make my Macbook come back to its full functionality. But no time is ever wasted, so I cleaned my car 😛

I spent sometime too dreaming up this fantasy like scenario, peacefully playing with a typewriter, worrying about nothing else than the letters on the paper…

But on these calm days, I feel everything but peace…

When time stops and the magic happens

Tuesday 24/03

You know what? I’ve been wanting to wear this blazer since the day I got it. So, I thought, well, as it doesn’t seem as if I’m gonna have the opportunity right away, why don’t just wear it today? So yes, I loved working from home with this on. Why wear pajamas when you can look busy-chic?