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Fashion is going digital. Fashion is going green. The two main headlines that have been showing up endlessly since COVID-19, which have now made their way to the top of the news, minds and the world in general.

So, how is it going? About the sustainability in fashion, well, it’s not something we can measure very well, especially now that the consumption of most products has fallen and haven’t gotten back to its “normal”. But many companies are saying they will try and rise to the challenge.

About the digital part, we can at least take a look around. First was the Haute Couture runway show, then the Paris Fashion Week Online. Then a couple of smaller shows and now we are ready to see the NYFW unfold. Are you ready?


If you missed them, you can still watch the videos of every brand here for the Haute Couture ( https://hautecouture.fhcm.paris/en/calendar/) and Men shows (https://parisfashionweek.fhcm.paris/en/calendar/).

And if you still need more fashion videos and to see another side of the runway, head to https://hautecouture.fhcm.paris/en/next-events/ and https://parisfashionweek.fhcm.paris/en/next-events/ for interviews and more.

Another approach if you felt overwhelmed by so many videos (like I did, I must admit) you can also find most of the videos on the Youtube channel of every brand you are interested in. 

And if you’d like to dig a bit deeper you can read the article https://www.voguebusiness.com/fashion/creativity-and-constraints-at-paris-first-digital-fashion-week.

Most videos are good, but I’d say a few were terrible (just weird editing or not showing much of the clothes) and some were amazing. But judge by yourself.

I leave you my favs. Of course, Dior’s. And I love what Iris van Herpe does!

I find this really nice: you get a sense of the situation, quarantine times, while also getting a good view of the clothing.
And, again, of course 💙 This video is top
And what about this one??
If you talk about dreams, you probably already got my attention.

What else?

Honestly, I was expecting more presence of digital, 3D and VR for these shows… But, at least, then came Helsinki Fashion Week, which looked much more alike to what I thought the digital fashion shows would be. https://www.voguebusiness.com/technology/heres-what-an-inspiring-digital-fashion-week-looks-like

That’s kind of the vibe I anticipated.

And then was the turn for Copenhagen’s. https://www.voguebusiness.com/fashion/copenhagen-fashion-week-ss21-fizzled-without-influencers

What’s next?

September looks promising! With the NYFW and Milan’s (click the links to see the schedules) we’ll be back from summer with something to look forward to (that isn’t Halloween nor Christmas… though did I hear some of you are already excited about that?? 😉 )


Can I add something? I really like the cruise collection 2021 by Chanel. These colours and textures can’t disappoint!

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3 Digital Tools That Can Increase your Productivity

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I can say that I’m constantly surrounded by the best advice. I listen to multiple podcasts, I read books and articles and get a good number of newsletters. Many of them tell me about the tools that most productive, successful people use. They usually give some of their personal favourite tips on organising their work, life or both. So, as you know, there are thousands. There are people using Slack for working with teams while some others use Asana and before these apps they used just email or Dropbox. There are those who use Evernote, others use paper. Today I wanna share just my three favourite tools (applications). The ones I would even pay for. They do not belong to just one category but I’ll share along why they are so useful.


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A tool for writing, organising your writing and even your business

Imagine you wanna write a book. You start scribbling down ideas. Then you add notes. After that, you do some research. Save research files, links and websites. Add your first rough sketches. You make an index and a table of contents for the book. Also, add the structure. Prepare scenes, characters and key events. You start writing chapters. You move things around. Finally, you end the book, you pack everything and it’s done.

Well, there is an application for that and it’s called Scrivener. It’s power go far beyond writing books. But if book writing is the case, it has templates (and you can find more online) ready to help you with a novel, poetry or anything you have to write. Though, if you are a true creative, there are many more things you can accomplish with that.

If you’re a blogger, for example, you could make very good use of it. In fact, I’d love to be using it more for blogging, but I have this thing for writing directly on my WordPress. One day I’ll improve on that.

Wanna know what I really use it for? For all of my business. As I said, you can organise files into folders, save webs, add descriptions and so much more. So I read this book called She means business in which the author explained a bit about her system – using Asana. But I realised that to me, it made much more sense to use Scrivener.

In that way, I have a structure in which  I save my ideas, templates, resources concerning the different aspects of the business, from product ideas to marketing and outreach. I had tried it a very long time ago and finally, I bought the latest version of the App Store. It’s quite inexpensive so if you’re one who writes a lot, this might be a good investment (also, I plan to write a few books in my lifetime so it could come in handy).


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A tool that is making email less painful

Email is that thing we all love and hate at the same time. I love it quite a lot. I would even change my mobile phone to just email if I could. But I’m not a big fan of having to go and send emails at the time I write them or later on. I don’t like to be thinking all the time about that email that has to be sent at what time and don’t want to be there to press the send button. I also have some recurrent emails that have to be sent periodically.

So, there must be a better way right? Yes, and it’s called Right Inbox. It lets you schedule emails so you can send them whenever you want. If you are writing an email at 1 am, you can have it sent at 9 am and you’ll look so much more professional. There’s a free version that lets you schedule like 10 emails a month and you can customize everything time and date related. In this way, you can write a draft, check it’s good enough to hit send, but then maybe it turns out it’s not the right time. Maybe I want it to be opened in the afternoon, or maybe on Monday morning. Then, I would schedule it and could leave happy to enjoy the weekend. Isn’t that true magic?

Also, it could be paired with the Mailtrack feature (shhh, don’t tell anyone about it) and you’ll be notified when your recipient opens the email. Very handy to know if that email address is really working or, if it’s a matter of high priority, if you need to make a phone call instead.

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A tool to talk how you wanna talk to who you like to talk and so much more

Let’s face it. I never liked WhatsApp. Now that it belongs to Facebook I dislike it even more. I just have it because most people use it. And from time to time I have to communicate with them. I’d prefer to send an email but… it’s this thing about having to do what the crowds do. Probably the crowds don’t do all I need to do because then they’d be using something different.

The thing is I spend most part of the day on or by my computer. I have a mobile phone, but it’s more like an emergency thing or entertainment on the go. I don’t like to check the phone. It’s unproductive, time-consuming and, why should I take a look at a small screen when I’m in front of a bigger one? Also, who is happy enough with emojis? I like to use GIFs and stickers to communicate in one-on-one (sorry Instagram Stories). I did once that thing of pairing the WhatsApp with the laptop. It was so useless. Having to read a QR on the phone and then have it by my side…

Although, there’s a messaging app that is quite better. It’s Telegram! Famous because it has always had a concern for security it has many more features than WhatsApp. Yes, it’s secure, but I don’t know how to explain much of it. I can tell you though that you can make messages disappear in a time slot you choose, having private conversations that will go blank.

There’s a desktop application you can use. You can send images (and choose if you want them to be optimized or not) and many more files. There are thousands of stickers! The big, funny, more representative type of communication after emojis. There are gifs and video and voice notes. Also calls, muting option, passcode and all of that a messaging app needs. There exist bots that use it (in a good way). And you can message yourself! Why? To save links, send files (from my phone to my laptop for example), take notes, etc.  I type much faster on my laptop keyboard so it’s quite nice to be able to talk to friends through that. So please, don’t hesitate and get Telegram!

What are your favourite tools and why? Tell us in the comments.


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