My 2019 getaways… to make up for 2020’s 🙈

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Travel is always on my mind, but I always postpone the time to make a decision and start planning when and where I want to go. To be honest, I have a bit of the paralysis by analysis (so many possibilities!), plus some guilt when considering all the things I have to learn, do and create at home. Furthermore, when the decision is made, I have plenty of research to do to book and plan the trip.

Looking back, I’m pretty glad how last year’s vacations came out, but so far it looks like this year will be completely different.

For now, let’s look at the past and forget about the future for a while (what a turn of events!)



There’s only one place nearly as fascinating as the vast ocean and it’s the vast desert. I didn’t get to the Sahara desert in Merzouga, but I did go all the way from Marrakech to Zagora, even a bit further, to step onto some dunes.

These are beautiful but the vast, rocky, desert is no less fascinating. I surely enjoyed the bus ride through the Atlas, the vastness around Ouarzazate and the palm grooves in Zagora.

It feels incredible to be in a place so different but so alike, and so close by, but still far from home. Of course, we visited Marrakesh and stayed several days, went to Zagora, got back to Marrakesh and then stayed in Essaouira. I can’t travel and not go have a look at the sea, regardless of where I am.

It seems Essaouria is the wind capital of Marrakesh ( I don’t know how I always end up in such windy places), but it was such an experience, staying inside a town where it seemed like the sea was raining over it – when we would walk out from our guesthouse, we would get wet with the salty water crashing on the other side of the walls, just a couple of streets away.

Morocco was quite an experience (well, quite a few good ones) and it made me add so many places to my bucket list!

~ ~ ~



There are places that one simply has to go to. I like cities, but I would not go on holidays just to one… THOUGH for a long weekend, they are the perfect escape to break from routine! I’d sum it up as a few busy days walking a lot and having an overdose of visual inputs. I’m dying to be able to keep going on getaways to all major European cities (why, Covid, why!! 😱)

~ ~ ~



That was almost the perfect holiday: a week away to a warmer place (even if we didn’t leave the country). I booked us a small apartment by the beach and a car to move around freely! It was low season, and honestly, the weather wasn’t on our side. We got plenty of amazing beaches to discover, we run up the mountains (and what a path we followed, that was a total highlight of the trip – for which I have no visual prove 😅), visited many coastal villages, and did such normal things as going to the cinema and the mall. Such a chilled vacation!

I loved Maspalomas dunes: dunes of sand ending by the sea! So awesome! – but again, so windy. And we came across an octopus while diving in one of the most beautiful beaches. But no surfing, duh! 🙈

PS: Such a sad but true confession… I was preparing this post for the end of 2019…



A walk that inspires ~ Colours and landscapes to remember


Time is so relative! So different from one time to the next. That afternoon hour in the office when you forgot to have coffee and you get so sleepy runs so slow… that day spent indoors cleaning and organising that flies away before you can put your feet up… those days you drive for several miles and have some fun outdoors…


And then there are those days you can stretch. When you get away to have a bit of an adventure. To go up to the mountains and then back to a new town, when you walk and you talk, and dream and walk and see new things non-stop.

These pictures are from one of those times.

The top of the world is always a good choice! Even if it’s not literally the top of the world. The satisfaction of eating a sandwich upon the summit of a mountain, when all you have to do for the day is going down to catch some rest; it feels so comforting and liberating!
la creu la gallina pelada
It seems quite unreal too to reach these new highs and see such a different landscape just a couple of hours from home, just a short walk upwards to get to these green and blue sights that look like the landscape from a children’s tale.
la gallina pelada
the top

Sometimes I even get the feeling that the surreal thing is our daily lives, so far away from places like these, walking only over concrete, having forgotten that we should be running wild and free a lot more most of the day.


After the hike in nature, we went back to meet civilisation but we remained on awe. We walked over ancient rocks and buildings, made so long ago, standing the pass of time while we pass by in a flicker.


de la roca
walking over ancient streets

I was marvelled stepping over these colourful cobblestones.

colourful cobblestones

Oh, and this pattern of flowers! I could totally have that door in my dream house. Maybe not that tall though.


How fun it is to find old buildings in such colourful palettes! Every little adventure could keep me inspired for months!

Everything comes to an end and this was it. Roadtripping back home, seeing the sun shine, driving under a storm and getting home to a peaceful night.



PS : locations are the summit La Gallina Pelada, the town of Besalú and the city of Girona. There was so much we saw and have still left to discover!