It’s pumpkins’ season again!

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Even though I usually kinda like the start of the new season, with the fresh air, some showers, fewer crowds (not that I’ve seen many this year), this year, of course, it’s different. The cold weather has kicked in and I just feel like 2020 is going to be one sole memory in my mind: endless cloudy days stuck inside feeling weird, waiting for things to change. Although summer has been quite good (no more quarantine), it all feels like a grey cold week with lots of stuff to do but no fun involved. Like there’s something missing.


A new season begins, and so we can make it better! Yes, it will be a loooong season – you see, for me it’s like 2.5 months of summer and the rest just feels like eternal winter (lucky me, I live in Southern Europe ๐Ÿ˜… ). Now, at least we are in the good half of winter: with all the Autumn and Halloween mood first and then the preparations for Christmas – visually stimulating times around!

I never carved a pumpkin nor decorated for Halloween

But this ends this year. Can’t miss any opportunity to make days feel different right now, can we?

I haven’t painted nor drawn much during the last year (honestly, I think I can say confidently that it’s been a year since the last time I painted), so I have to start practising again. And so, I decided on one of these Sundays to simply chill by doodling on this pumpkin!

Doodling on a pumpkin

This season reminds me of…

This is Little Pumpkin. As you can see I was so original to name my cat like that. But honestly, I thought I’d be calling him “Pam”, and he’s actually sweet as a sweet potato, and orange, and fluffy and quite funny indeed. He popped up at my mother’s garden while she was away (around Halloween!) and he never left… so I had no option but to keep it!

Goodbye Summer

You’re always so good, even in a year like this… I’ll miss the early mornings while running by the beach to finish swimming in the blue sea, and the long days, and the warm weather pouring down a cool beer.

I won’t miss, though, the stress and anxiety of a summer where there were no holidays, where lockdowns happen everywhere and different social-distancing measures changed constantly. I won’t miss not-knowing when I’d be able to make actual plans to go away. COVID-19 makes live more unpredictable… and boring at the same time.

I very much need a mini-escape soon. What about you?

๐Ÿ I hope I’ll be able to keep exercising though! Now more than ever, it’s my favourite past-time. ๐Ÿ



8 ways to say goodbye to Summer (August links)


goodbye summer picture

I’m very sad to be the one saying this but… Summer may be over already.

Temperature has been dropping fiercely here in Catalan lands and the weather is already calling for some blanket and sofa time. I must confess I’m actually wearing a long sleeve top and trousers (and I’m in need of changing my short socks for long ones or I’ll be freezing in no time). Sun is still warm but clouds have been coming and going all week. I hope this winter comes slowly. I hate wearing really thick clothing.

So… what now?

Well, the cold brings with it a lot of good things too. First of all, we will be able to go on new adventures! It was too hot and too crowded lately but now… Well, I predict a year full of great times spent outdoors.

Also, I can’t stop my mind from thinking about October already, seeing pumpkins and hearing about Halloween all over the place. Which, I don’t know why, makes me think of hot chocolate, the fireplace and chilling afternoons. But you must know how to make a cup of hot cocoa so I can’t share that with you. However, I’ve found some recipes that would make for a perfect plan for a Friday or Sunday afternoon.

โ€“ Here’s a cake that is also a cookie and a pie. I’m melting inside like a coulant. I want to taste that. Right now. Please.

โ€“ Don’t like cookies? Here is another one making my mouth go water-nuts… A one bowlย vegan chocolate cake .

โ€“ Wanna see who else is excited about Halloween? Follow @loveandasandwich and her cute monsters!

โ€“ What about something healthy for breakfast? Lately, I’m testing how to introduce some oats into my life and I’ve just found this recipe that could be quite handy. Are you ready for an a-mues-zing month?

โ€“ Did you ever hear about vegan bacon? Me neither but here it is. I’m buying cauliflower this week.

With more time to spend indoors, going back to our work and life routine we may end spending more time in front of our screens. But try not to! Contradictorily, I want to share a couple of articles (on the net) about it.

โ€“ Are you an avid user of Instagram? Maybe you’ve heard about the new movie about it. If not, you’ll learn about it here: How Instagram Makes You Basic, Boring, and Completely Deranged.

Want to know more about how social media hurts us? Read how Designers are using โ€œdark UXโ€ to turn you into a sleep-deprived internet addict.

โ€“ Not everything is dark and sad in this world. Now look at what Disney is doing. I love it (spoiler alert: breaking princesses stereotypes with photography).

โ€“ I’m missing the surf. This cooler weather should mean more waves coming in right? Hope so. In the meantime, I was reading about this exhibition in California thatย “tells a Complex Message of Access and Environmentalism”. If non-surfer people loved the beach as we do (and if we all loved all natural places) would all of us take better care of them?

Now I leave you with these links and wish you the best time going back to “normality”. But let’s try it doesn’t become “normal”.

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