I need you

Exploring, Travel & Wanderlust

I need you.

And this world of ours needs you too.

We need your vision,

your passions,

your thoughts, your doubts,

your hopes and dreams.



need that light that shines when you’re inspired.

We need your sense of humour, your willingness to learn and to change the world.


It’s about the path you’ll walk and where you are headed.

It’s who you are, who you’ve been and who you’ll become.

I need you to be important, to feel important.

Use your talents, share what you can,

but, foremost, find a way to be and do you.


We all need you, we all need all of us.

There will never be too many stars in the sky.

Keep on shining. ✨


Stay home, but keep going


We are staying at home and we are staying safe. But are we staying sane? 

It is from experience that I say that being locked at home for long hours and days, even as a purposeful act to accomplish a higher level of productivity, never turns out as good as I’d hope not for me, at least). So, how are you doing? 

We all need some routines and ways to get accountable 

These are hard days for all of us. For the world, for society, for the economies… The truth is we don’t even know why or how we got into this situation.

Our routines have been broken, almost vanished. We are uncertain about many things. But we hold tight onto the hope that everything will be OK and that we’ll go back to normality. Maybe we will even be stronger and develop tools to better process similar events that may occur in the future.

Now we find our day to day to be total chaos. We go with the flow. It seems like we are all bored, refreshing our social feeds endlessly in hopes to see that everything is coming back to normality and seeing that we are all feeling the same way, sharing our boredom, anxiety and suffering. We are trying to stay connected when we have to stay apart. 

 But maybe we can have our say in how we all want this to develop.

We are building something new. We are finding new ways to do and adapt to what feels like a different world. And we will be building new routines, while taking further advantage of technology to fill the voids. 

Striving for a better version

But can we choose to do it consciously? Can we use this moment to create that improved version of ourselves that we have failed to become every 1st of January? I believe so. 

There are few things as powerful as habits. And if you add the right attitude, you can just crush it. 

So, what now? 

So, I’ll be trying to walk the talk. I have a strong drive to do more and become better as I want to prove myself that I can achieve all that I really want to and believe in. It’s not just a self-centered, selfish ambition, I want to share this feeling that mostly everything is possible, that where there’s a will, there’s actually a way. And the only way I know is by doing and creating. So that’s what I’ll be pursuing these weeks.  

It’s a moment to reflect on our own personal and professional situation. Even those who are lucky to now have “time”, may confront the fact that there are actually many things that could benefit from our energy. This energy is not endless though, and this “time” will not be available forever. 

So, it may be now or never. 

We may have a choice. How will these events impact our lives in the areas that we have some control over?