Read, listen, watch ~ September 20


So… Welcome to my new format of monthly links and recommendations! Straightforward, digestible and lighter… because I’m leaving the heavy stuff out to elaborate by topic. So from now on, I’ll tackle the design/tech links, the fashion links and the travel links in individual posts that add more value and are less time-consuming!

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Not that my Kindle has been burning lately. As it goes, one month I’m just reading all the time, then weeks fly by and I haven’t flipped a page. But, here’s what’s been in my devices:

Two books on this list are about/by bloggers, even if they are entirely different one from the other. But I’ve “known” them both for a while and couldn’t stop myself from digging more into their stories. Those books fall more under the entertainment genre, but they make a nice read.

On the other hand, Perennial Seller is the kind of book I love. Tackling marketing and the creative struggle, showing real-world examples and experiences, giving me a lot to think about.

Studying :

  • Mastering Fashion Buying and Merchandising Management by Tim Jackson and David Shaw

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. For me this is both entertaining, educational and inspiring. Please understand. πŸ˜…


Now I’m listening to… My Youtube music mix, in which lately I get quite bit of :

Let’s say I have pretty eclectic tastes, especially in music. I love most popular things (though I’ll never ever surrender to reggeaton) but also rock and 60’s oldies.

For a more informative listen, maybe you’d like to dip your toes on the Business Podcast by the Morning Brew (I receive their newsletter every day – and that’s a good daily read in fact!). One I found particularly “worth sharing” is this: Your Crash Course on Supply Chains, Globalization, and COVID-19 by Business Casual


I recently watched the documentary Unstoppable about Bethany Hamilton on Netflix (who you may know even if you are not into surfing from the movie Soul surfer – yes, the surfer girl that lost an arm to a shark). But the interesting part of the story is all that came after that, seeing and learning how she kept on with her dreams and became the incredible person and athlete that she is. Inspiring is way an understatement.

On Youtube:

When it comes to humour, may it be light may it be harsh, I check these channels:

  • Julie Nolke: comedy and parody, so relatable it almost hurts.

And because I have a camera that makes magic but needs my collaboration, I’ve been learning and getting inspired by some videos from:

But I’m afraid the list will grow rapidly.

On Netflix :

  • The Good Place: This show is really, really good. With a sense of humour and a good dose of philosophy, it will have you thinking quite a bit. Entertaining, mind-nurturing and feel-good vibe.
  • Hollywood: For all of those who like cinema and films… this is a heart-warming but also drama show. If Hollywood had been its best version in the forty’s, this is how it could have gone. It touches on many issues still so relevant today (and the settings and fashion look so nice!).

Signing this off now and wishing you a very good month,