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“It’s been so long since our last trip… Our vacations this year were spent in the neighbourhood and even though it feels nice having the time to explore our usual surroundings and connect more with our dear friends, we did miss the experience of traveling far away. Take a plane, stay in a beautiful location, discover those spots seen a thousand times and those charming corners no tourist seems to notice (although some of them do, just as we do). The excitement of leaving the country, stepping into unknown territories… Tasting new food and walking until your feet burn.

We are ready for a new journey. And we are planning it to be special. This time we want to really enjoy every step of the way. We will pack our trip with new activities and experiences, the must-sees and some well-deserved relaxation time. We’ll be enjoying ourselves more too, not just the location. And we want to take part in something bigger there. We are still looking through our options, to participate in the local fair, to go to a near event, to take some classes in the local area or maybe even join and help with a local charity. We will be more connected than ever to the experience of travel. And we will make the most of it, in hopes to go back soon and with the fear to be left only with the memories again.”



“I’m breaking the bank as soon as I can get out of this room that is my house. Got enough of me-time, self-care routines, Netflix and drinking alone swiping cards on Tinder and realizing I’m never gonna make it on Tik Tok. I’m gonna set every city on fire until I get to the shoreline, I’m gonna stay in hostels, but just the good ones, I’m not taking shit but I want the company. It may not be the end of the world, but YOLO!”



“This year may be all about a staycation. We’ll go visit the family further north and south, but we are not doing anything too fancy. It smells like dark times are over us so better not over-celebrate the new-found freedom and just keep enjoying the little pleasures and treasuring these intimate times. “



“This is not the moment to die – to die of boredom, that is. While we wait for international travel, we’ll be taking any adventure we can find and burn all that adrenaline. Climbing and diving, maybe even sky-diving. Taking on new challenges. A new hobby maybe? Who’s gonna join us? We’ve missed the wind on our faces, the rain in our hair, the sweat all over and the salt in our lips. We are carving sore muscles and that general tiredness knowing you’ve spent the day just right. Adventure is calling and we must go! Where’s that cliff to jump off into the sea? Sounds like a fun beach day!”



“Vacations be postponed. We are building a business.”



“Oh, holidays? I thought it was quarantine, so I just slept through. So tired of doing nothing or trying to think about something to do that is exciting enough.”

~ It’s been a whirlwind of emotions this year concerning travel. It’s one month to the end of the year, a year I thought I would fill with getaways and some big travels… and yet it happened to be turned upside down and I ended up spending more time indoors than in any other year – and that’s saying a lot. Now summer is far behind, and these are the days to dream up winter wonderlands. Though, we’ll be lucky if we get to do get-togethers for the festivities of the year. Yet, I like to believe that travel and tourism will flourish again soon, hopefully evolving in new – now unforeseeable – ways. And surely we’ll have learnt that we have many options to still wonder, wander and enjoy life.


Lena **

My 6 travel hacks illustrated (packing anywhere)


Ready to pack and leave towards a new adventure? Here, my favourite hacks for preparing before leaving

We all know the importance of preparing your suitcase, or better, your backpack before going on a trip. You only have to type “how to pack” on Google and you’ll find endless resources about how you should pack. And they are really good, so I’m not going to show you how to do that. But there a few steps that have been really really useful to me for when going away.


My hacks before going on a trip

– If I know I’m going away for more than a couple of days and knowing that I have spare time or will be flying/train/whatever I’ll make sure I take my Kindle with me. It’s not only great for entertainment – and honestly, long flights are the best moment to tackle that Goodreads list that has pending reads from 5 years ago. What’s more, you can store dictionaries inside, as well as any text resource you found on the internet. Also, you can navigate the web too, in case something happened to your phone. And it’s great for storing digital versions of your important documentation.

– In the same line, I loved having a private folder in my Drive where all my important documents, copies and research for the travel were. In the last trip, I shared it with my sister who wasn’t coming so she could help us in case I couldn’t access them and needed them emailed, printed or just a quick check for info. It did help in consulting about our travel insurance. When you’re on the go, some help from home can be a great relief.


– One of my musts before leaving: saving offline maps from all the sites I’m planning to go. I know there are people who still don’t know about it but it’s extremely helpful. Now that we can go almost everywhere in Europe without being charged for Internet use seems less relevant. But still, there are some small countries where that doesn’t apply. And what about the first day in a new country without a phone? It’s quite useful to have google maps working without the Internet. Usually, the GPS functionality would work anyway so it can help you find your accommodation the first day in the new city. Now, how does it work? Here are the instructions.

Zipped plastic bags (those used for food) are the greatest thing to pack everything in your backpack. If you choose different sizes you can organize your clothing and all items by size, type and usability. Also, you can squeeze all air out and you’ll get a vacuum packaging. A similar thing is the now so popular packing cubes. But if you want to try one of both, start with the zipped plastic bags, they are a cheaper option, plus less weight and less space.


A portable power bank. It is a must. Not only you don’t know when and where you’ll run out of battery but even if you don’t, you may need to connect multiple things to just one or two plugs. If you charge first your power bank, you’ll be ready to go, able to charge multiple items at once and always charged! Choose a good one depending on your needs (more power or less weight?)

Paper list of what you are taking. No digital here. And I’m not saying it just because I like to design printable lists. It’s easier to visualize and count and see more things missing when you can handwrite, cross and draw all that you’re taking. It’s good advice too to start your list several days before living and checking the list many times to see if there’s something you should add (or cross out).



Finally, take care of packing well. Fill the gaps (no room for air in the backpack). You should play Tetris for a while and manage to have your stored items organized in a way that you get easy access to the most used ones and everything is packed using the less amount of space possible. But for more nice packing tips I found this article, which it’s cramped with wise advice. Take a look.