BTW, I made these! (most of them)


Challenging times call for creative days and so today I’m showing you a couple, not a piece of art on their own, but I hope they’ll awake your creative itch and make you dream of sunny warm days heading to the beach.


I had been dreaming of making my own scrunchies for years. Literally. If these quarantine months had one good thing was that I could not use the “no-time” excuse for my old projects. So I finally did it! I had some fabric with my own pattern designs that I’d bought a couple of years ago, so I put it to use. It was a fun project to do but it also involved a lot more hand-sewing than I thought. And of course, I prefer the speed of my sewing machine. But the practice is practice!

FYI : I followed this tutorial and I still have my patterns available on Spoonflower.


This was originally a knee-high dress, with no waist. I loved the top part and the back (sorry no pic!) but I never wear long skirts. Mini length is my favourite! So I cut the dress and made a belt from the same fabric; now it falls with a nicer fit and has a bow in the back! Not a mini dress that I’m gonna wear to the office but I’m sure it will be one of my favourites for hot summer days, with its lightness and flow.

Some lessons learned

1- Calmly read all steps before doing anything. I lost a lot of time figuring out how I was supposed to fold and turn the first scrunchy because I haven’t read carefully the part in which you turn the tube halfway .

2- Don’t be so afraid of cutting and making the seams smaller. I was afraid to cut too much of the dress for the seams and ended having a huuuge hem at the bottom. Next time I better measure twice and use a running stitch instead of going directly to the sewing machine. I’m still thinking about redoing the whole thing now.

So… kind reminder to myself: think before doing and don’t rush!

~ enjoy the process ~



sun is shinning

A ray of light


Finally, a ray of sunshine.
These have been long, dark, cloudy weeks. Many days that blurred into each other… But time has passed, for better and for worse. I’m older, my hair has grown and my eyes probably have more wrinkles from fiddling for hours and hours in front of a screen (or multiple screens tbh). So spring has come, and the days are longer and they are, slowly, getting warmer too. When I get the chance to get out, I’ll be able to enjoy it so much more intensely. And I’m dying for that moment to come.

So this is the good news. Meanwhile, the swallows have arrived, the flowers are blooming, the weeds are growing so tall from all these rainy moody days. All green and ready for us to get out there and enjoy it.
I hope we’ll get our kind of normal lives back soon and I hope I’ll have learnt what I want more of, what I want less of and mostly how to keep making the most of my life. And wish you have too.



My commitment to creativity in these lock-down days


You know, where there’s change, or where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity. 

And even though I hate being forced to be kept at home, I may not deny that these days could be really productive if I do things well. But they should be fun as well.

So I’m doing this mini-challenge of dressing up everyday as if I was going to work and sharing it – and hopefully it won’t be just another selfie post for Instagram.

Is that vanity? Is that a waste of time? I like to think that I’m practicing some skills : I’m styling, I’m making aesthetic decisions, I’m getting practice with my new camera, getting comfortable with how I look and the act of sharing it. And I love when clothing reflects how you feel inside!

Is this all? 

Hahaha nop. I have plenty of creative projects waiting for my attention. And a lot of resources to check up, and actual work. But you know what, as I can’t pursue a balance in life (no meeting with people, no swimming, no surfing, no running, no biking, no beach time…) I may try at least to juggle different kinds of projects that can help me hone my skills. In this way, even if I don’t accomplish and finish all my projects, I will have improved myself!

What’s the point, if nobody sees it?

Would you dress up if no one could see you? In the past, I wouldn’t. When the days come and go and nothing changes, it’s easy to lose motivation (for anything) as there is no compensation waiting for you in a foreseeable future. Although, guess what? There will never be. The motivation that you need is knowing that in the future you’ll be a better version of yourself because you did what you thought you had to do. You decided it, you struggled in its pursuit but you did it, even if some days you failed. You progressed, you made an effort, and that’s what really counts. Even if nobody sees it. You know it. Every past experience adds up to who you are becoming, even if it doesn’t show. 

While staying home these days, nobody sees us if we don’t show up on social media (or personal messaging / calls / DMs). But we still decide how to do it. Will you be sharing this exceptional meal you’ve just cooked? Will you be showing your past vacations? Or will you enjoy this time on your own to do the work that is never shown? Like the household duties, the studying, the listening to your own desires? 

We have temporarily lost the freedom to go out, but we have won the freedom to stay in, to stay invisible, to do our own without asking for permission or approval. Let’s take advantage of that. And let’s keep our minds sane.

To Be Updated – daily 

Sunday 22/03

This weekend had a special feeling. Like time has been paused, like there was more silence in the world (probably there was). This is the start of some weeks that will be different. Trying to be positive here, but I already liked how weeks were. With no outdoor activities to do, it’s time to be creative and do more of the indoors stuff. But…

Monday 23/03

It’s never a good day when you start it by having to erase the hard-drive of your computer. So I got a busy techy day, trying to make my Macbook come back to its full functionality. But no time is ever wasted, so I cleaned my car 😛

I spent sometime too dreaming up this fantasy like scenario, peacefully playing with a typewriter, worrying about nothing else than the letters on the paper…

But on these calm days, I feel everything but peace…

When time stops and the magic happens

Tuesday 24/03

You know what? I’ve been wanting to wear this blazer since the day I got it. So, I thought, well, as it doesn’t seem as if I’m gonna have the opportunity right away, why don’t just wear it today? So yes, I loved working from home with this on. Why wear pajamas when you can look busy-chic?

Wednesday 25/03

Chose to show up on a quite cold and sad Wednesday in pink and black, heavy textured items. Maybe too much of a soft look for such a moody day. Wanted to bring in some light, but only got new shadows (did you get it ;)?

Thursday 26/03

Did I see the light? There actually was a window of time during midday when the sun finally shone in the sky. Then, it actually rained. When Thursday arrives, I always feel like the week passed by too quickly. It was no exception. I woke up with a firm intention though, that even if I’m not gonna be on fire all the time these days I’ll be making an effort to try to change my scattered self to a focused one. I’m well-known in my circles for always being over the place, I like so many things that I’m always pursuing multiple interests at the same time. It’s a great way to have a broad view of the world but also a good one for not going deep into anything. Now, it may take me a while to learn how to stop the multitasking, the multi-interesting thing, however, I must start at some point.

And because I woke up full of energy, I got myself my brown ankle boots, a pair of shorts with hose and a jersey to be comfy and casual. Ready for my tea party with my zoom friends. But where’s the booze?

Friday 27/03

There’s been moments of sunshine, so we can say the week has improved! Apart from that, though…

Saturday-Sunday 28/03-29/03

Let me take a break and reflect. The weekend calls for time away from the week routine, even in these lock-down days. I’d like to be able to embrace it like any other day and spend many hours on my computer, but, after being used to using the weekends for doing very different things, it’s not easy to not to do so. And yes, I skipped this commitment for the whole weekend. How embarrassing… Well, not really. Saturday was for exercising, cleaning, watching a movie and doing some crafts. Sunday was for sleeping until late -it seems I needed it, as I didn’t hear the alarm go off- cooking, painting and a bit of computer projects. I could have shared my go-to-gym clothes, but… Better days will come.

Monday 30/03

Do you know something I really love about working from an office, with set hours? You can’t get bothered with tasks that are not part of the job, no personal life or personal projects coming in. Time is completely blocked. That’s something I rarely get at home. Part of it is my fault, but it’s just easier for anyone or anything to take your attention away, especially when you don’t live alone. I honestly have a great admiration for parents and the like who manage to work from home. I should find my situation so easy!

But anyways, today I’m showing up again! Got the comfiest pants in the world, super-stretchy black corduroy plus the basic black blazer. And heels. Because you get a better view of the week over heels. 😛 Pink sweater underneath.

And guess what? Today snowed. 🤦‍♀️

On other news, I decided that today’s the last update for this post. I may keep on with something similar (probably a Me-Made-May article) but won’t be updating it everyday. Let’s see if I can create less quantity and more quality for the next edition. Also, doing tasks in bulks is more productive and I have to focus, so… See you at the end of the week!

Morning rituals and other summer life updates

Creating, Exploring

As I get back to the flow of sharing things around here, summer is getting to an end. And I don’t say that easily. It’s breaking me to see myself already wearing my soft pullovers and zipper ups indoors while the beach is still calling me with warm waters. Still, I’ll try to ignore all of those who already share pumpkins and fall collections. Ain’t giving up on summer yet, even if my clothing says otherwise!

Now, let me share a bit of what is going on around here. Did I enjoy summer at its fullest? I’d had to say no. I did get to the beach quite a few times, though I think what I did most was running. And snorkelling. Freediving and apnea are a growing interest for me this year. Anyways, I’m not a big fan of going where the crowds are, the surf hasn’t been much convenient (if there was actually any) and, of course, life is always busy.

Maybe you recall me talking about reading that much early in the year. Well, I’m not keeping up very well as I’ve been shifting my focus on trying to staying on track with practising my drawing/painting skills as well as trying to work a bit on my body, aka doing some sport or activities. And summer is great for that. I’ve felt so much more active during these last couple of months!

So, let me tell you about my morning routine. Beware, I’m not another blogger talking about the importance of self-care, those who get to spend three hours in the morning doing what makes them feel good… I’m just trying my best to make the most of my days. The days in which I go to my full-time job.

So, what do I do? Firstly, I try to wake up as early as possible (trying to sleep around 7 hours during the week though) which means that luckily I’ll get up at 5.40 am – but which also means I can’t watch any series before sleep. While I start clearing my mind and pulling away from the sleep in my eyes I spend a good chunk of time having my breakfast, usually while scrolling Instagram. I sometimes even make a post or start preparing one.

After that, I’ll go for like a half an hour of stretching/yoga/plank exercises to wake up the rest of the body while I listen to some music. I totally need that, even if I’m too tired, just some stretching makes wonders for my body. Especially, if you consider I’ll be sitting for almost the rest of the day!  Then, it’s time for some art! For half an hour or so I’ll be sketching or painting, still with my music on and I use every minute available before I have to rush to get ready for work. And so here my secret revealed as to why I still get rushing to work when I get up so early.

Not all days go so perfectly, some days I’m too tired, some days I have something else to prepare or do, some days I exercise more and paint less, and otherwise. On lucky days though, I may even get 20 minutes of painting on my lunch break. And that, my friends, is why I’ve been able to paint these things below.



Oh, and this is me, trying to smile still sleepy, in those days when I could still go around with just a shirt in the early morning…





I messed up ~ ink experiment


Did I get to tell you that I moved from creating with watercolours to trying my hand at inks? I may have not. Well, while on this blogging hiatus in my life, I decided to change my focus to using ink and a calligraphic pen to create new artworks and hopefully, one day, new patterns in a kind of a new style. It feels like a creative challenge, as I’m leaving behind the bright pastel colours I used to use these last couple of years but I’m gaining skill on using the “line” more (which I really enjoy). I’m also intentionally using fewer colours, being my palette mostly blues, a bit of brown and black – you’ll see what I’m talking about in a coming post.

So, while starting to try my hand at this ink thing, something happened.

Do you know that moment when something you’ve been fearing might happen finally happens? You saw it coming. You didn’t know when, but it was meant to happen, sooner or later.

That was the thing with using inks. I knew someday a pot would fall and spill all over the place. And so it happened. Even though I knew the time would come, I wasn’t prepared. I had not thought about what I would do.

So I just cleaned the mess. Luckily, the table didn’t wasn’t damaged, neither did my phone, which was right there and got some drops. However, I did realise while I was wiping the table with a piece of clothing that I should have done something with the ink that was now flowing down the sink. I hope next time I’ll think about putting all the liquids in another, bigger crystal jar – the ink would be dissolved in water but at least I could still use it.

it did happen again 🙈

( I spilled some ink again while I hadn’t published this post yet and I did store some of it into a jar, yay!)

So after realising I was losing all that ink I thought: “Couldn’t I do something with it right now? “. So, as quick as I could, I got that piece of clothing (intended to clean the mess) and I used it to create an abstract texture. Then I added some shapes more intentionally, even with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and voilà, out of a mess, I created this print below. I know I’m not getting into the history of art for this but… the takeaway is that not everything is lost when things don’t work out as expected, nor when accidents or messing ups show up. There’s always something to be done to improve any situation, you can always make it better.

So here it is, my free-of-guilt abstract. Truth be told I somehow still feel that abstracts are the art that those who can’t draw can still do, and because of that, I shouldn’t do it. Lately, I’ve been trying to acknowledge my blocks around creation, what I’m supposed or I’m not supposed to do, the reason why I “can’t” be an artist, etc. You know, the everyday reflections of a creative type. Maybe another day I’ll talk about that (I know a couple of books that help!).

I thought that the purple texture would make for a great pattern but as I am not that much into abstract patterns either… well, I just used the opportunity to play around. (You can actually save this image to your computer as desktop wallpaper).


So here it is to the creation of unexpected things. And playing in life. 🥂




Sweet new designs that will make you dream awake


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Ice pop dress - Awakening Dream collections

It’s been quiet around here and it’s taken just a bit longer than expected for me to come and tell you the story of my new things. But I’m back and fully charged. Let’s do this!

Give them bananas dress

Centuries ago, born by the beach and looking at the sunsets right behind the mountains, there was a wind that blew relentlessly but softly over the coastal beaches and the endless roads that went north. The sun was pouring its kisses over all the thirsty skins laying on the sand and the fruits radiated their smells and sweet juices to water the arid soils.

That wind became a summer breeze blowing in all directions. It couldn’t stop exploring the world. Now it travels around the Earth looking for you, for the next person to inspire and take into a summer dream journey.

pssst… they say this breeze is a muse that presents herself to those who fall asleep looking at the clouds. Just saying…


Give them bananas Dress

Wearing the Give Them Bananas Dress


Ice pop dress

Ice Pop Dress


Eyes on fruit dress
eyes on fruit dress
Eyes on fruit dress

Eyes on Fruit Dress

have a nice day leggings

Have Nice Day Leggings and Warm Ground Tank top

teal waters
we need to talk tank top

We Need to Talk Top Tank and Have a Nice Day Leggings


we need to talk

We Need to Talk Tank top and Rainforest River Sounds Leggings


Frosted mornings

Frosted Mornings Tank Top and Forest Wanderings Leggings


palm margalló
summer mirage

Summer Mirage Tank Top  and When the Sun Goes Down Leggings


Lusurious tee

Luxurious Long Sleeve Tee


See you at the other side of (my) Summer! 

You can check all available products on the shop. Also, follow along on social or our Telegram Channel to see all pictures from this beautiful shooting.  

La historia de “THE AWAKENING DREAM” COLLECTION (Colección el Sueño del Despertar)
Muchos años atrás, nacido en el regazo de la playa y mirando los atardeceres detrás de las montañas empezó su existencia un viento suave. Suave pero imparable soplava ligero por playas salvajes y por interminables caminos que se alejaban hacia el norte. El sol brillaba con fuerza como si quisiera derretir las pieles de aquellos posados en la arena, pidiendo a gritos más calor y más luz que les oscureciera, y la fruta maduraba y radiaba su olor y dejaba fluir sus jugos para calmar los áridos suelos. Ese viento se fue convirtiendo en una brisa de verano, esparciéndose en todas direcciones. No podía parar, quería seguir viendo mundo. Ahora viaja por todo el globo buscándote, buscando a aquella pesona a la que inspirar y llevarse en un sueño de verano. pssst… dicen que esta brisa es una musa que se penetra a los que se duermen mirando las nubes…. Puedes encontrar todos los diseños en la tienda.  También puedes seguirnos en las redes o unirte a nuestro canal de Telegram.


La història de   “THE AWAKENING DREAM” COLLECTION (la col·lecció El somni del despertar)
Fa segles, nascut vora la platja, mirant amunt cap a les postes de sol rera les muntanyes, habitava un vent que bufava sense parar però suaument; des de les platges costeres fins a les carreteres infinites conduent sempre al nord. El sol vessava carícies sobre totes les pells esteses a la sorra, sedentes de llum i calor. I mentrestant, les fruites de la temporada, dolces i madures, desprenien les seves olors i preparaven el suc amb el que regar els sòls àrids. A poc a poc, aquest vent va anar esdevenint una brisa d’estiu,  estenent-se en totes direccions. No podia deixar de voltar món. Ara viatja per tota la Terra i et busca a tu, la pròxima persona a la que inspirar i a qui emportar-se en un viatge de somni d’estiu. pssst… diuen que aquesta brisa és la musa que es presenta a aquells que es queden adormits mirant els núvols. Jo només ho dic… Pots veure tots els productes disponibles a la botiga. També ens pots seguir a les xarxes o unir-te al nostre Canal de Telegram per veure totes les imatges d’questa bonica sessió.   
spring lettering

Spring and other exciting things


Just a generic intro

We are well into Spring and we’ve been able to start feeling the season. Warmer temperatures and much longer days. It seems like we are ready for summer. I can even smell it, don’t you?

I’m so happy I’ve been able to go surfing a couple of times already. The water is still so cold (I’m not a fan of cold) but the softer weather is very welcoming.


What’s new?!

So it’s time for new things to see the light!!  Today I’m bringing you a couple of freebies, the announcement of what’s to come in the shop (new products, follow along to see which) and some behind the scenes.

Here one of the packages I’ve received to test the new additions to the shop!



Now a drumroll, please! Because the first products I have to present you are something really new! So…


Summer dresses!!! Sleek, elastic and as wonderfully comfortable as all the other clothes I have in the shop 😄

I’m so excited! They fit so well and the colours are amazing, as always.

Also, I have a long sleeve shirt that we’ll go up in the Stargazing category next month! Wanna know a bit more? I can’t stop myself from telling you! It’s white with a graphic in the front, super soft and feminine.

Where are the photos, you’ll ask!

I know, an image will tell best but I’m still working on preparing the photo shooting. But it will happen soon. I’m so excited! I have many ideas and want to prepare the best presentation for you guys.



In the meantime though, let me give you something!

My sister just got a new bright amazing phone and you know what you need time and time again for your pocket friend? Beautiful wallpapers. (also a matching case… would you like me to design you some phone cases?)

So here they go, I bring you not two but four phone wallpapers ready to download in the shop (for FREE! 🤩)

Click on your favourite one below to go to the product page.

~ Fun Small Waves

~ Shells and Tans

~ Welcome Spring

~ Goodbye Winter


Some behind the scenes

Here some process images (I apologize for the quality… you know I’m not a fan of shooting while working).

When doing the letterings I like to start with a very rough sketch, vectorize the letters in the computer, print and redraw it and add all the illustration and decorations. Then I trace it all and paint it in watercolours. And then I edit it as needed to get to the desired final result.


See you soon with new beautiful things to brighten the season! 🌟💙






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New watercolour art (R)Evolution


Hello friends!

Time flies around here and it seems like I’m just starting new and amazing projects but can’t get to the finish line. Luckily, that’s just my impression of things and time and some work are actually getting closer to seeing the light. And that’s probably because I’ve been deeply immersed in the ideas tank.

Before spring comes I wanted to paint some new characters while I’m starting many new projects in a little different direction. So we may say these are transition paintings. And for that, they’ve been named the (R)Evolution Series! Text is gaining importance, while also an implicit message addressed at firing motivation or a sense of power, determination and decisiveness emerges.

Now that they are done it’s time for reflection and getting back to the drawing board. So, I’m able to come up with new interesting concepts and images I want to build now. You can expect my colour palettes to stay on the same line but I will be incorporating some of those magic vibes from the Tropical Collection. I hope that nicer weather will accompany me in my pursuits and inspire me with its wonders. Also, hand-lettering was just showing up in these paintings but it’ll be gaining importance in the future (yay!). And I’ve been thinking about expanding the techniques I use. I love watercolours in a big way but I want to experiment a bit more and create more complex compositions and feelings. I’ve used other mediums in the past and had fun as well. But watercolours will still be my signature move. I’ve missed including more mystical references but I’m totally in exploring emotions, poses and references to the millennial (or just tech and current) world.

As usual, haven’t done a great job at documenting the stages of my work, we’ll keep improving though. If you’d like to see more, stick around for coming posts! I feel very creative lately!

PS: As you can see I’ve even built a digital stage for my new posters. I’m loving this aesthetic of combining digital and real worlds and will go on exploring it further soon.


watercolour art

Sketch and almost finished watercolour painting


artist workspace

My desk is blooming (in all senses)


wip watercolour painting

Interesting picture of the work in progress of Unapologetic


holding watercolour painting

Watching it in a better light, the figure is finished


You can find the four new posters as limited editions in the shop! Get it as a miniprint (a5) or a big poster size. Just click on the one you like the most.



Be Found Watercolour Painting




Go Plan World's Dominations Watercolour Painting




Rebellious Watercolour Painting


Unapologetic Watercolour Painting



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email messaging books icons pattern

3 Digital Tools That Can Increase your Productivity


I can say that I’m constantly surrounded by the best advice. I listen to multiple podcasts, I read books and articles and get a good number of newsletters. Many of them tell me about the tools that most productive, successful people use. They usually give some of their personal favourite tips on organising their work, life or both. So, as you know, there are thousands. There are people using Slack for working with teams while some others use Asana and before these apps they used just email or Dropbox. There are those who use Evernote, others use paper. Today I wanna share just my three favourite tools (applications). The ones I would even pay for. They do not belong to just one category but I’ll share along why they are so useful.


pattern of books icon


A tool for writing, organising your writing and even your business

Imagine you wanna write a book. You start scribbling down ideas. Then you add notes. After that, you do some research. Save research files, links and websites. Add your first rough sketches. You make an index and a table of contents for the book. Also, add the structure. Prepare scenes, characters and key events. You start writing chapters. You move things around. Finally, you end the book, you pack everything and it’s done.

Well, there is an application for that and it’s called Scrivener. It’s power go far beyond writing books. But if book writing is the case, it has templates (and you can find more online) ready to help you with a novel, poetry or anything you have to write. Though, if you are a true creative, there are many more things you can accomplish with that.

If you’re a blogger, for example, you could make very good use of it. In fact, I’d love to be using it more for blogging, but I have this thing for writing directly on my WordPress. One day I’ll improve on that.

Wanna know what I really use it for? For all of my business. As I said, you can organise files into folders, save webs, add descriptions and so much more. So I read this book called She means business in which the author explained a bit about her system – using Asana. But I realised that to me, it made much more sense to use Scrivener.

In that way, I have a structure in which  I save my ideas, templates, resources concerning the different aspects of the business, from product ideas to marketing and outreach. I had tried it a very long time ago and finally, I bought the latest version of the App Store. It’s quite inexpensive so if you’re one who writes a lot, this might be a good investment (also, I plan to write a few books in my lifetime so it could come in handy).


email love icons pattern


A tool that is making email less painful

Email is that thing we all love and hate at the same time. I love it quite a lot. I would even change my mobile phone to just email if I could. But I’m not a big fan of having to go and send emails at the time I write them or later on. I don’t like to be thinking all the time about that email that has to be sent at what time and don’t want to be there to press the send button. I also have some recurrent emails that have to be sent periodically.

So, there must be a better way right? Yes, and it’s called Right Inbox. It lets you schedule emails so you can send them whenever you want. If you are writing an email at 1 am, you can have it sent at 9 am and you’ll look so much more professional. There’s a free version that lets you schedule like 10 emails a month and you can customize everything time and date related. In this way, you can write a draft, check it’s good enough to hit send, but then maybe it turns out it’s not the right time. Maybe I want it to be opened in the afternoon, or maybe on Monday morning. Then, I would schedule it and could leave happy to enjoy the weekend. Isn’t that true magic?

Also, it could be paired with the Mailtrack feature (shhh, don’t tell anyone about it) and you’ll be notified when your recipient opens the email. Very handy to know if that email address is really working or, if it’s a matter of high priority, if you need to make a phone call instead.

messaging icons pattern
A tool to talk how you wanna talk to who you like to talk and so much more

Let’s face it. I never liked WhatsApp. Now that it belongs to Facebook I dislike it even more. I just have it because most people use it. And from time to time I have to communicate with them. I’d prefer to send an email but… it’s this thing about having to do what the crowds do. Probably the crowds don’t do all I need to do because then they’d be using something different.

The thing is I spend most part of the day on or by my computer. I have a mobile phone, but it’s more like an emergency thing or entertainment on the go. I don’t like to check the phone. It’s unproductive, time-consuming and, why should I take a look at a small screen when I’m in front of a bigger one? Also, who is happy enough with emojis? I like to use GIFs and stickers to communicate in one-on-one (sorry Instagram Stories). I did once that thing of pairing the WhatsApp with the laptop. It was so useless. Having to read a QR on the phone and then have it by my side…

Although, there’s a messaging app that is quite better. It’s Telegram! Famous because it has always had a concern for security it has many more features than WhatsApp. Yes, it’s secure, but I don’t know how to explain much of it. I can tell you though that you can make messages disappear in a time slot you choose, having private conversations that will go blank.

There’s a desktop application you can use. You can send images (and choose if you want them to be optimized or not) and many more files. There are thousands of stickers! The big, funny, more representative type of communication after emojis. There are gifs and video and voice notes. Also calls, muting option, passcode and all of that a messaging app needs. There exist bots that use it (in a good way). And you can message yourself! Why? To save links, send files (from my phone to my laptop for example), take notes, etc.  I type much faster on my laptop keyboard so it’s quite nice to be able to talk to friends through that. So please, don’t hesitate and get Telegram!

What are your favourite tools and why? Tell us in the comments.


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Links of the month – to get you back creating


While days past and months end we should never lose track of our own goals and projects. I believe that being creative is an essential part of just being oneself (it doesn’t matter what you do or if it looks good – the thing is squeezing those creative juices!).So today I’m digging some articles that will get you back on creating. Or at least inspire you to imagine a more creative life. Now, grab a too hot drink and wait for it to cool down as you read along.


We are so used to consuming… Content, goods, whatever. But it’s so much fun to create! And only creating we want to create more.



· How’s the life of a magazine editor? I love to get to know the lives of creatives in any field, but especially when they are in content creation, decor or design. Read this interview and learn some valuable things and got a better idea of a job that is so appealing (and what looks cooler than it is).

Interview: S Magazine Lifestyle Editor Victoria Gray


· If you like surfing, graphic design, photography, film or art I’m quite sure you need to read and know about John Severson (if don’t already). He created Surfer magazine and his life and work are quite inspiring, creative and visionary (at least to me!).



I want (at least) my spirit to be young forever. Please, let me know when I fall in the adulthood-too-serious-no-dreams-the-world-is-what-it-is type of mindset and living attitude.


· As in so many industries, we know very little of great women doing great work in design through history. In this article, you’ll learn a bit about them, see some of their work and hopefully, you’ll get fired up to show your work and put a woman’s name on the scene (you go girl!).

Poster Girls: “Women in graphic design have been criminally neglected”


· I love going back to my childhood days through stories in nature, animation and not many words. In CG society you’ll often find short films of new studios, students and industry professionals that we’ll make you feel that feeling of wanting to create that little world of yours to share with others. Go feel something without wasting time social.



This gif is from Princess Mononoke film. Have you seen it?

· If you are like me, you are not an adrenalin junk but likes to watch the work of them. Meaning, you like to see Redbull videos and have some athletes that you admire. I do. And I also tend to think about those that are on the other side of the lenses, taking the pictures of our heroes. Because on most occasions it’s impossible they aren’t being skilled as well. With the article below, you’ll meet one of those photographers and see a little bit of how it is to be the cameraman for those challenges.



· Are you in need of some cute illustration… in motion? Check this portfolio! You’ll want to start creating right away… In fact, I think I have to leave you now, too much work and ideas coming to my mind… *oh no… please stop, just let me finish this* (You could check this article with some of his gifs as well, for a quick look)


· Ok, finally, this article I really enjoyed. It’s a very interesting and honest insight into the fashion world: Branding Anarchy 


If you need to, you can start a new creative hobby. What about calligraphy?



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Catching trends for Spring/Summer 2018


Last weekend I attended a fair in the field of decor and gifting full of wholesalers and exhibitors presenting what the small shops will be offering this next season. The exhibition was small, surely smaller than years ago. But it’s always good to know what’s happening in the world so here I’ll be sharing a quick take away based on what was exhibited, the trends for this season spring/summer 2018 for the small shops.

Color trends

Muted colours are not going anyway this season. From earth colours to the blue/pink pair they are all here to stay. Especially present on textile (from bandanas to handbags) and in a variation of lightness and intensity. This colour trend was also very present on stationery.

In decor, a deep green, yellowish and some sparks of blue and saturated pink were in. I found it to be quite on the line of jungalow/bohemian style (which I like pretty much, even though in my home I’d go for a more neutral style).

What about the 2018 ultraviolet colour chosen by Pantone? Well, it wasn’t much of a trend. Maybe a handbag here, some complements there. Maybe it was too soon to show or, what is more likely, we’ll be seeing more of it in the fashion industry.

The blue-green and bright turquoise are still hanging in there, quite present in all sorts of products. But earth tones may be a hit for the season and the truth is that they work so well as a base colour:  from solids or as a background colour for patterns to designs featuring some bits of brighter colours.

Featured elements

Wanna know what are some elements you’ll easily find in stores near you? Well, if you like flamingo and cactuses you just got lucky! We’ve been seeing them for a while as a trend in decor and it looks like they are some of the most popular things still. Greenery is a must these days for any home, even if it’s in form of wall art. There were glimpses of vintage and kitsch elements for decoration but those things are always there anyway, right? Of course, both in vintage and kitsch the most popular elements were surf related (vans!) and vintage florals.

In patterns, we could find the classic florals, geometrics and abstracts for bags for youngsters and solid colours paired with animal prints.



Popular products

I found that the most relevant products that were in bigger amounts were baskets and basket style-all kinds of objects (from bags to decor swings) and also hand fans (I may be biased, but I’m not used at finding or seeing much in hand fans popularity).


Personal take on a business scope

Seeing all of this wholesalers gives me a feeling and transports me to the typical Chinese shop full of cheap things (not that they’re cheap necessarily, but there are too many of them, coming from enormous productions). It triggers on me a stronger will to create things that are unique not only for their design but for the number and the quality. I want to be in business to create a shop that offers a small selection of items to a very small selection of people so there will never be that many products like them and they will be kept as unique pieces or very limited reproductions. In a world where we could be so creative (even buying), I see an opportunity to develop smaller brands that offer niche things or a niche style in a way that will bring more value to the consumer. Because I don’t want to wear jewellery that millions of people will wear too nor I want to hang the same thing on my wall as my neighbour. Even if it’s trendy.


Let our hearts be full of thanks and giving


Happy Thanksgiving friends! I hope you’re all on the way to a great gathering and a full table.
You know, when I think of Thanksgiving my mind goes 🍲🥗🍖🍰🎃🍁🍂🎊👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ (food food people family friends more food ) and brings flashes of all the movies and series that show this celebration.

What a wonderful tradition, a day to be thankful and share the feeling (although practising gratitude every day is miraculous too). I find it a very nice thing to have a day devoted to gratitude, maybe because I don’t really celebrate it (it’s not a tradition around here). I do have my own day for gratitude BTW but I use the 31 of December instead. That day I sit down for a while and write a list of all the things I’m grateful for that year. And then I write another list of all the things I would be so grateful to happen the following year.

But there’s never too much gratitude to spread around so I wanted to share some of it already on time for Thanksgiving. And I think we are going to celebrate it this year. Only not Thursday as we all have to work today.


thanksgiving postcards free printable


I want to thank everyone who spends the time to read some of my words, who visit my site and watch my work. Without you my creations would only serve my need for creating but I make them to share them and touch others. Nonetheless, on a personal note, I’m humbled by the support I’m receiving and for the people who are part of my life. And I feel so lucky I am able to do what I love (and to discover what that is). I’m also healthy and strong. When I get my million bucks in the bank I’ll have everything. But there’s always room for growing! 💪


thanksgivinggratitude jar sticker free printable



I hope you all receive all you need to live a fulfilling life and let it grow bigger, fuller and richer with prosperity and love. And I hope we all get to appreciate every little thing that makes life so wonderful.

And for the giving thing, I’m bringing you some new printables! FREEBIES!! To keep the spirit thankful all year long.

You’ll find 4 gratitude jar stickers, since I’ve been seeing the gratitude jar all around and I wanted to do my own. Now we all can do it. If you don’t know about gratitude jars, it’s basically a jar or pot (or whatever you want) where you put all the good things you are grateful for in little pieces of paper: your blessings, the happy moments, etc. It’s a wonderful way to practice gratitude; you could add a thing every day or maybe once a week but also take a paper on a blue day to cheer you up and get you back to an attitude of appreciation.

There are also 12 gift tags, 6 with warm colors and 6 way cooler. You’ll be able to print them on both sides.

And finally, there’s a Thank You postcard in two different colors.  Please enjoy!



Ps. Wanna know what am I planning? Some hints may be these recipes I’ve been looking at 🤤 Stuffed roasted butternut squash , Vegan Mushroom Wellington, Vegan Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Gobi Mussalam (roasted cauliflower) and One Bowl Vegan Chocolate Cake.


free thanksgiving printables

cold sprinkles new collection winter

He likes it cold. But we don’t. Holidays are coming and our Cold Sprinkles Collection is here


The 24th of October we opened our little shop, Florals and Waves. It’s been almost a month now and we are so proud of the work. And excited about all our future projects.

The good news for you is that a lot of new designs are rolling in just on time for the Holidays!! (we are so amazed at how they turned up!) Also, carols are already playing in the studio and we are longing for decoration time!

This time our Collection is called Cold Sprinkles and it is all about freshness, delicacy and life inspired by the best days of autumn and early winter.

Featuring more delicate flora and water forms, with colors and textures that will hug you with the memories of a day of cold breezes and warm afternoons by the fire. You’ll be able to experience the wild and the cozy of any winter adventure and fuel your soul with inspiration for the lazy days.

Here’s a pic of one of those days, some time ago.

As it happened with our first collection, the surf experience is a bit of an inspiration still (but also hiking and escaping to the mountains). Think of a winter day, when putting on the wetsuit is tough, but especially taking it off and getting back home as fast as possible to be warm and cozy. But it feels good after being chilly and wet. And, having had some fun and stretched the muscles, how welcoming it is to spend a nice afternoon indoors!



The patterns for this collection are more varied in subject, less in the color palette. We wanted some color to spruce up the grey days but keeping it kind of neutral. You’ll find lots of soft blues, then some darker ones and some sprinkling of a warm color.



We are also adding two new types of product: tank tops and tote bags.

They are all very versatile and we wouldn’t mind having a full collection of them. (I must confess, even in winter I wear tank tops underneath all those long sleeve layers). They work pretty well for stoking. And for tote bags, anyone could use one and you don’t need to choose a size!

So now you can shop products with a summery feel and some with more of a cool vibe. Because we know it’s not winter everywhere.

Now, make sure to check the cards of this new collection, as we have a few and they are not your supermarket type.

These are many of the print options (art cards size a5) but you can also find them as folded postcards.

And I can’t let you wonder what are the posters of this collection. I love each a bit more.


Visit our shop or check all the designs and products of this new collection.


Tropical Fantasy: From DayDream to Collection


I created Tropical Fantasy, my first collection, to honour the beautiful mystery of exotic lands – not for what they are but how they inspire us to imagine better lives.
This collection was inspired by a real travel, and the images featured are from my own collection of memories, pictures and experiences. Traveling is a great experience in which the senses go wild, you find your curiosity again and the world seems more vibrant. I wanted to take some of that into our everyday lives so we can realise that sometimes you don’t need to go on a new travel to experience all of that. I hope you like it as much as I do.
Here it is.

7 inspiring links to check out, from last month (JUNE)

Creating, Exploring

Another month has gone, so fast. The more I do, the more it seems I have to do and the quicker the time goes by. But that didn’t take any fun of living the start of the summer, with some beach days, river days, climbing days and many movies. I can’t even remember all of the good stuff.

Though, I’ll make you a quick list of links to check. (psst, don’t worry, you don’t have to check all of them now, we’ll be waiting for you).

1. A newsletter : Lecture in progress

I have subscribed to many newsletter this month. And they look quite promising. Lecture in progress surprised with their emails, so I want to recommend it to you. If you’re after some good advice from creatives, interviews and have interest in the creative industry you’ve found an ally in them.

2. A song :

I love every single song by Lana del Rey. Just recently listened to it.

3. Additions to my following list on instagram

Loving is sharing! And today I want to share a few inspiring designers! Their images are so wonderful, modern and striking!  They just make me want to design more.


A post shared by BIRGIT PALMA (@birgitpalma) on


A color palette I couldn’t love more. Check her incredible patterns.


This one will take you into rainbow daydreaming.


Don’t ignore the signs. This is one to follow.


There’s something about her patterns that calls me.

A post shared by Jessica Jones (@howaboutorange) on

4. A book :

She means business. You know I’ve read quite a few books about the creative life, entrepreneurship and success. I’m still doing. Maybe a new post of Books for Girlbosses will come soon. Anyway, my point is, this is a good book on the topic. At least, one that resonated a lot with me. It packs practical tips and strategies with felt advice alongside visualization talk and the like. And her personal journey and those of her closest ones. But not only that, she also has a lot of resources for you to build your success journey. I’m totally diving into those, so be sure I’ll be shining in no time 😉

BTW, I got myself the audiobook, so it’s Carrie Green herself talking, so cool and nice to listen to while painting.

5. A place :

Siurana. We started June at full power. We got on the car for two days and didn’t stop for a minute (okay, maybe some, I just like to make things big!). We went for lots of exploring and climbing. Here some shots. Get inspired and go find your next adventure!

6. Do your to-do stuff while playing

Have you ever heard of gamification? In few words, it’s transforming some activities into a game. The example I want to share with you today is Habitica. It’s a game developed to help you get better habits and do your to-do list with a more engaging twist. My sister (Mariposas de papel) introduced me to this, and even I’m so behind her in the game, I’m still going there day after day.

What’s in it for you? If you ever played online games like Gaia online, wanted to have the nicest avatar or just liked pixel art you can be sure you’ll like it. Though, the funniest part is doing it with friends. You can even get into battles that you’ll only able to win doing a hell out of things from you list.

(Need a tip? Have lots of dailies and do as many as you can to keep healthy).

7. Surfing freely (online) : a safer anonymous Browser, Tor

Do you ever feel that google, or the internet knows you too well? Would you like to be able to browse the internet without it knowing all about you? Maybe just because you should be able to. Because you don’t have to be giving your info all the time.

I’ve started using it. No regrets. More freedom. Always strive for freedom.

Tor Project: anonymity online



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A present for you! (and Happy Birthday to me) 🎉🎈🎊


Let’s go strike to it. Today is my 24th birthday! I’m only taking the almost a quarter of century very positively because 24 is one of my favourite numbers 🙂 (the other one is 12, so double lucky here today). Well, and maybe also because life is good at me.

To celebrate I’m bringing you the whole pack of monthly wallpapers I designed for this year, in the hopes of having you motivated and inspired to go out outside after the hustle. Now you can download all of them for free in my sellfy shop, clicking the button below!

Have the nicest day!

Download now

PS :we (because I celebrate with my twin sister!) already kind of celebrated our birthday (in advance). That’s why the “soon to turn 24” poster. We had a great day cooking and decorating and of course celebrating!


8 relevant things of the month (MAY)

Creating, Exploring
1. A festival :

Sitges Next

It’s all about communication and innovation. There were two days of conferences and a couple of workshops. I attended only Saturday’s conferences and my favourite take aways came from this talk :

Let’s see what they bring next year.

2. A song :

This song (Era)

3. Some additions to my following list on Instagram:

@katerina_chivil_art  (Watercolor)

@emilysanforddesign  (Surface pattern design)

@tinacrespo  (Watercolor)

@vanessavanderhaven (Illustrator and designer)

@south.elliott (Graphic design)

Go check their profiles and share some love!

4. Illustrated book :

Ernst Haeckel

He was a natural illustrator (well, actually he was a lot of things, see here). I find all the forms of underwater species so fascinating and inspiring. Take a look!

The book. – A pinterest board

5. Lettering book :

Lettering and type by Bruce Willen

Found it a little back looking for a lettering book that had lots of images and different types, so I could use it for reference and inspiration to try new things. And keep learning!

6. An article:

 Why you shouldn’t work set hours  

7. A sad story:

One of the world’s most polluted island is a remote island

8. Some good news:

Barcelona’s urban forest climate plan

I’m looking forward to seeing this!




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Books for the girl boss – UPDATE


girl boss books

Do you remember my last post about books? Well, it’s this one .

So maybe it’s time to update you on my reading list.

I’ll start with the books I haven’t finished reading yet.

My so-called freelance life

 It’s a wonderful guide for the wannabe freelancer that has never been in that situation before, is starting now or in need of a bit of help. There’s plenty of good and practical advice. I haven’t been through it all though because I feel like I already know the theory and I don’t need to go over it (again). In my case, I should be working the path instead of informing myself. But if you’re considering going freelance, this book could be the prefect reading for you.

Design is my job

I only started it. It is nice but it’s not a great guide like the one above. It gives you the author’s advice on everything he considers necessary. And even though I appreciate the tone of it, very close to the reader, it won’t help me feel good about my job…so I said Next!

The Power

I’m 30 pages away from the end. It’s a good read to start feeling better about your life and spreading the love. A read I’d recommend. But I must add, I’ve been working on The Magic book for the last month too. And it is incredibly good. If you liked The Secret I would totally recommend it. It’s a great way to really put some gratitude into your daily life, with daily exercises. And it’s awesome how it really works. 

Also, if that’s not enough and you liked everything about The Secret, I would also recommend you the book “The Science of Getting Rich”, which is the one that Rhonda received and inspired all The Secret series. It’s a very short read, you can find it free online (because it’s 100 years old!) and gets you to the point in a straightforward way. I’ll be rereading it, for sure!

Books that I did finish reading

Girl code

I had a bit of trouble getting hooked by this book at first, because I couldn’t align with the author’s voice or tone at first. But as I got further I started liking it more and more. It may not become my favourite book but it is inspirational and motivational for all women in business and will empower your dreams (which I’ll always be grateful for). Let me show you some of my favourite quotes – the ones that speak the most to me.

“You must find the place inside of you where everything is possible.”

“You must envision your world through the eyes of positivity and possibility. The moment you do that, you open up a world of endless abundance.”

“Her success is not your failure.”

Leave your mark

As I told you in the previous post, I skipped the first part, because it was mostly about how to get a job. Now, the social media chapters and branding are good stuff. It’s a nice read because it feels like a different way to learn about what to do and what not to do on social media, along with some stories and advice. Who knew it that it could be so entertaining and helpful!

Want more books for the girl boss in you?

Find more on my pinterest board here.

Also, you can subscribe to receive new posts like this. Thank you!

What to do on St. Valentine’s – Are you ready?


It seems like Christmas was just a few days ago. Winter has been around for some days and cold is here to stay. But ads are broadcasting it, it’s time for another festivity, St. Valentine’s. Do you have any plans ready?

Honestly, I’ve never celebrated it (though I must admit I used to be single those dates) and never felt like it was a big thing. I even hated it one year – and turned that feeling into creativity, which was much fun.
I still think it’s not a big thing, but – But I feel it is, or could be, something like Thanksgiving.
Here in Catalonia we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (and Valentine’s is not a tradition either) but I believe it’s a very interesting celebration and I use it to think about all the things I’m grateful for and to start my list to thank the year that’s almost gone.

A day to celebrate love, in this case. And even single people do have some love to celebrate and be happy about. Even if it were just self-love. What date could anyone have more important than with oneself?

Want to hear something a bit more extreme? Do you have a passion? If you do, you can celebrate it. It’s a kind of love, a love for one activity.

So there’s really no excuse to not feel happy in a day like this. February 14th, the day of
Love. Well, sure there’s an International Love day too but who remembers that? (Actually, it’s May the 1st, Global Love Day 😉)

How to get ready for St. Valentine’s Day

For a date with yourself

So you’ve chosen to give some time and much needed love to yourself. It’s an afternoon to treat yourself, just think about yourself and love your life. Nice choice! So what are you gonna do?

Maybe take a long bath, watch the last episode of that series you can’t stop binge-watching and start reading a new book. Want a recommendation? If you’re on a girly vibe maybe pick up “Girl Code”. If you are in a more philosophical state, how about taking a chance on “Become What You Are”?

For the adventurous souls out there, with your body full of energy on a winter day like this… Why not do your favourite activity? Treat yourself to an afternoon climbing in the boulder, ride through your favourite park or just go hiking by the beach and watch the waves crashing.

Be aware, though, that you may be crossing paths and sharing ways with couples… So if that’s something you want to avoid… try going to the less crowded places. Or maybe to a disco.

I must add, though, that if you feel kind of resentful about not being in a relationship right now, it could be a great moment to think about what you want in a relationship and organize your thoughts. Are you searching for a lifetime partner? What do you want him/her to be like? Which life do you envision together? How would that work? What interests do you expect him to have and which will you share?

You can’t plan a relationship but it surely will be easier to see the possibilities if you know what you are searching for and what are your expectations. I did a list many years ago with musts, shoulds, and nice traits of a perfect boyfriend… and now I’m with someone that aligns to those 🙂

For a date with your boyfriend/girlfriend

This one is a hard one. Especially because I can’t give you good advice about it. You are the one that knows what your boyfriend likes the most. So a good plan would probably be some activity that you both enjoy (could be as simple as a nice dinner out) or maybe one thing that he likes and another one that you like – and he is ok with that.

For a date with friends

Share the love with the ones that share their time with you. You could prepare them a meal or buy them a beer or maybe just plan an afternoon of your favourite games. Lately, I’m playing this board games: Sushi go! and Catan. Those are perfect for 3-4 people. Dixit is fun too, for as many people as possible. Or you could try Zombies; that’s quite fun too. Need something a bit nerdier? Then maybe you are the expert.

Another funny option I’d totally go for would be to try a new activity all together. Something like going ice-skating, bowling, rafting, going to that place to play Escape the Room, etc.

Don’t forget the heart-shaped chocolates! They will bring a smile to everyone’s faces, even if it’s just to make fun of St. Valentine’s.

For a regular afternoon (or a date with your passion)

It’s a Tuesday. I’m tired. I don’t want to do anything special. I would just lie in bed and let the day pass by. – Nice move, but don’t. Sure there’s something you’d enjoy doing, even if it’s just something similar to nothing. Or maybe there’s some hobby you have that you want to take to the next level. Then, have a date with that. What do you need to do to make that activity more important in your life? Do you need more practice? Do you need to start showing it to the world? Do you need to find someone to share it with?

Whatever it is, work on that. You’ve heard it, those who do something they love won’t work a day in their lives. I surely want to be one of them. Don’t you?

What about gifts?

I believe days like this are perfect for postcards. They are cheap, can mean a lot or can mean just a little nearly nothing.

If you’re thinking about something expensive, go to amazon’s homepage and I’m sure they’ll have plenty of options to pour over you.

But I’ll be writing a note, probably into a nice postcard or a new painting for that special one.

If you want to get mine, I have some postcard designs I did last year and three new ones. You can even choose to have them on apparel or accessories! They are adorable!

(pssss: look for the articles tab, all designs have multiple options!!)


Gift tags free download : Christmas edition


Ho ho ho! The Christmas Spirit is here!!!

In fact, we are all in in Holiday Mood today. Am I too late to say to you… ?? :


I wanted so much to write a killer blogpost before Christmas Eve but failed at it. The good point is I didn’t failed to celebrate it. It’s been the best xmas in years   and I’m so happy and grateful for that! I’ll be telling you about these celebration in an upcoming update.

I did have a gift for all of you though! Some gift tags for your presents! So if you still have a present needing some wrapping, even if it’s just that self-present… scroll down and download this freebie.


Christmas is all about giving (and a bit of receiving too) so I’m still crafting some good more freebies to give out before the new year. Don’t miss them!


How to use gift tags

Print them! Print so many of them as you need. Download the file you’ll find at the end of the post, open it and hit download. For better results, print it on a paper with a bit more width than usual ( 120gr – 200gr will work great).

After that you’ll need to do some cutting (I can’t do it for you ). Use a cutter and rule if you are really good to that or just use our old beloved scissors. I started with the cutter but got tired of having to put my strength to keep the rule from moving and missed my good cutter. So scissors came to action.

Doing the holes is easy peasy! With a hole punch, take out the lower cover, get one gift tag down-face and move it in order to center the point in the tag with the center of the hole. Press, release, and you’re ready to go!

(like on this photo)

hole gift tag