Hi, I’m Lena and here is a bit of my background story.

Born in Tarragona in 1993. Moved to the countryside at 6 years old. Moved even further from the sea in my early twenties, but had already started feeling the pull back to the coast at 18. Finally, at 28 years old I came back to my hometown. I’d fallen in love with surfing and the waves back when I was 19, on a trip to Australia: it was on the flight there that I watched a documentary about surf photographers –and I was hooked. Now, after an artistic hiatus and missing the sea for years, I’m trying to live a life that is more rich in beach-culture, in a place where there is not that much of it, really. And I’m also diving again, head-first, in my creative endeavours.

I started posting lifestyle photos online long before I knew about DSLR cameras, while also dabbling in web design and inventing brands and logos… and I was just in high school! Back then, I didn’t know what a geek I was. I still have great curiosity for what is new, new technologies and trends and the digital world.

I’d go on to formally study advertising graphics and honing my skills in the digital media, lettering and photography. And I’ve worked as a designer in broad roles that have helped me in keeping my interest for businesses as well as helping me grow as an all-round creative.

Today, my love for the outdoors goes beyond surfing (as consistent surf is not easy to come by around here) with an appreciation for the outdoors and travel, as well as other sports (cycling, running, diving, etc.). My childhood creativity has evolved into an understanding of fashion as design and a renewed interest in DIY projects.

As you’d realise by now, I’m a multi-passionate individual, so it seems only natural that all of it comes together into the blog, a place to share my vision, learnings and experiences.

In my art, I pursue to encapsulate some of the Endless Summer Dream, which is an amalgam of positivity, the joy of freedom, play and curiosity. Deeply inspired by the beach, the sea and living by the coast. It’s about an appreciation of life, the world, the importance of the little things and small acts as well as a message of hope. There’s good and plenty of beauty all around. And change, unavoidable but challenging, is our ally on this journey towards a dream season, filling the days with fleeting moments that become the waves of life.


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Thanks for coming by!


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