Is design becoming just a marketing tool?


Graphic design is a discipline for which I really care. It’s like a tender feeling, the one that comes with a long term friendship. When I was in my first years of high school I would be excited for Sunday morning to come, when I’d go to the Kiosko, looking for a new issue of Digital art and design. I didn’t understand at that time what graphic design really was. Even now, sometimes I doubt it. One of the aims of graphic design is to create powerful and representative brands. I was taught that good brands are meant to last. So now, every time that the Internet and the design community fills with comments and opinions about the rebranding of a big well-known brand / graphic image of a company, it strikes me.

My inner reflection about (re)branding

Why rebranding? Wasn’t the brand good enough? Have it really become obsolete?

Why so much comments about that? What’s really the problem? There will always be someone thinking that something could be done different. In every single action in the world.

Is it maybe this widespread talk about every rebranding a marketing strategy? Is (re)branding becoming an advertising tool?

Well, it surely works as it was. Probably it’s more than that. Probably it’s also a way to stand out again. And that’s becoming a more difficult work every day. Yeah, hope it’s that.

Hope this is not what’s going on

We find lots, like looots, of good design. Flat, minimal, trendy… From time to time, a new trend or current appears and becomes the new big thing. How we differentiate from being aesthetically modern from good and lasting design? Can both things become one? Guess it makes more sense to choose carefully when to do design in such way, analysing what is the result we want to achieve.

Anyway, some bad thoughts flow through my mind sometimes : Maybe the brands and their products are not good enough just by themselves. Maybe they are not trying to change, maybe they are just trying to sell values with their products ( that may be, or not, inherent to the brand itself)…

Are we buying it (their products specifically), convinced by their appearance and sensitive messages? Probably, design along with marketing and advertising are quite good at it, don’t we?

06:55 Lena Singla

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