Gift tags free download : Christmas edition


Ho ho ho! The Christmas Spirit is here!!!

In fact, we are all in in Holiday Mood today. Am I too late to say to you… ?? :


I wanted so much to write a killer blogpost before Christmas Eve but failed at it. The good point is I didn’t failed to celebrate it. It’s been the best xmas in years   and I’m so happy and grateful for that! I’ll be telling you about these celebration in an upcoming update.

I did have a gift for all of you though! Some gift tags for your presents! So if you still have a present needing some wrapping, even if it’s just that self-present… scroll down and download this freebie.


Christmas is all about giving (and a bit of receiving too) so I’m still crafting some good more freebies to give out before the new year. Don’t miss them!


How to use gift tags

Print them! Print so many of them as you need. Download the file you’ll find at the end of the post, open it and hit download. For better results, print it on a paper with a bit more width than usual ( 120gr – 200gr will work great).

After that you’ll need to do some cutting (I can’t do it for you ). Use a cutter and rule if you are really good to that or just use our old beloved scissors. I started with the cutter but got tired of having to put my strength to keep the rule from moving and missed my good cutter. So scissors came to action.

Doing the holes is easy peasy! With a hole punch, take out the lower cover, get one gift tag down-face and move it in order to center the point in the tag with the center of the hole. Press, release, and you’re ready to go!

(like on this photo)

hole gift tag

Now time to use them!

click to download free gift tags


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