What to give her for Christmas (gifts for her, minimalists are welcomed)

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So, time to pick up a notebook and start listing the presents for everybody this year, right?

We want to help you and that’s why we’ve made a list of awesome ideas for when choosing what to get her. Because we all know girls and women who deserve a perfect gift. And sometimes we just need somebody to help us think (but not deciding!). We hope that when you finish reading this post you’ll have a long list of gifts for her.

I’d like to start featuring one rule. And that’s the way I’m going to structure the post – sorry list lovers! This is the frugal rule for presents, broadly adopted by minimalists and especially useful for families with kids. But I believe it can help anyone with any gifting necessity! (I go by them all the time and I didn’t even know they were a written thing.)


The 4 gifts minimalist rule


something they want


  • Something they want

    It can be challenging but easy at the same time. Most people want many things, and though it is likely that you don’t know exactly what they want you may already be familiar with what they like. Which is pretty close.

    Does she like that colour? great. Does she like technology? checked. Does she like surfing? awesome. Then go find something in that category.

    Art? It’s great for people moving into new apartments or that like decorating their spaces and you can find a lot of it at a very inexpensive price. A lot of illustrators (like me) sell their prints and art and it’s usually around 10-50$. Home decor is a good idea as long as it’s not 100% useless (but please, can’t we cut down the thing with 100$ candles? whatever, no candles). Pillows and throw blankets are a nice thing. They may not be their favourite but she’ll find a place for those things for sure.


  • Something they need

    One of the best options is always to buy (or make) something they actually need. Or at least something that is useful or that they could find a use for. It’s not difficult to know which things could be useful but it’s key to know the receiver’s taste. For example, an agenda or notebook could be useful to many people but maybe they don’t like it in purple or they hate that character on the cover.

    I believe making presents that are both something useful and something they want are the best gifts. For example, I needed a watch and my boyfriend got me one… that was my favourite colour! And I got him a hat, but a very special one and he loves it! (it wasn’t the most expensive gift and it’s useful for him!). What else… A piece of technology is great for almost anybody: from a new phone for mum to a portable charger or a new bigger hard drive for the sister (or myself – can I complain here? my MacBook is running out of memory every other week :'( ).

    No ideas yet? How about a tote bag…like these ones? πŸ˜‰ In a minimalist way, there are many products that have a minimalist alternative, like the bamboo toothbrush and bee wax food wrappers. All of those products could be part of a beautiful, useful, environmentally friendly present that could even be of service to the maximalist of your life.



  • Something to wear

    Even people with full walk-in closets may need something. Well, maybe they don’t. But we the rest of mortals could always use something to wear.

    How to choose it though? Well, first rule: get something in a similar style to hers. If she likes plain colours and straight lines maybe don’t get her something full of patterns – but maybe you’d open her to a new world! (please excuse me, we sell patterns here next door). Also, don’t buy something too personal if you are not really that close. Let me be clear, if you are not going to see her in underwear, don’t buy her some.

    Comfy things are an easy option if you are not very sure about her style. She won’t have to wear it outdoors and she’d like it for how it makes her feel no matter how it looks. Also, not far from comfy, something that is warm. Winter clothing and accessories make a good gift as they are not much needed most of the time, but when the moment strikes they will remember you with a warm heart. In this case, if it’s a bit ugly on their opinion it won’t hurt anyone.

    A tee shirt? It better has a very nice design that she may like or it will go to the deepest corner of the wardrobe.Β  Everybody has t-shirts they like or can get one fairly easily and cheaply.

    Sports and specific equipment are a good option. But not too specific equipment. What could happen there is a disaster, as they may know best what they need or want if it’s very specific about their sport)- unless you are more of an expert, then you are in a great position. For those who do sport often (or not), something like sportswear (say leggings and tops) are good options. Also fitness accessories (yoga mats, towels, wireless headphones, waistbands, etc).


  • Something to read

  • A book, hell yes! Everybody could use a good book. I honestly would invest in buying something they may find useful (like learning about their hobbies or careers) but also entertaining books and novels could work well if you know what kind of books they like. Nevertheless, books are not the only option. You could get them a subscription to a magazine (so many topics and so many options available!). If she likes news, newspapers have their paid services too. And you can usually choose between only the digital issue or both (if you are on a budget, it can be handy).


A plus

As much as we like to give out presents, experiences are becoming a trend too. But you don’t have to go all one way. Why not put a cinema ticket in the mix? Or you could get her a Netflix subscription. And a skillshare one. Or go to a special place (spa? concert? amusement park? convention of….?). I encourage you to put a bit of an effort to try to find something that will help her go in the direction of her dreams. Even if that would mean to just give her some bucks in a fancy way or put a bit of research time to it. It will be worth it.



Now that you have the list, check it twice and start buying (or not, we will be helping with your Christmas plans all along with more useful posts).


And finally, our selection of gifts for her.


To the nicest one, the nicest things :

For the sea lover (or surfer):

For the day-dreamer and passionate girl:



And to the adventurer and mountain explorer:


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