Good ideas are expensive – aren’t they?

good ideas

Good ideas are expensive.

They don’t come easy.

And they can leave very fast.

You may spend weeks looking for one… or stumble upon one while not working on them.

You can time ideas, you can brainstorm or wait for the best one… but you’ll never know if that was the ultimate one.

Good ideas are timeless, but your life isn’t, so as creatives we must be ready to recognise them quickly, find them without wanting to and boiling the soup for the chance of the muse visiting us.


I look for ideas into the works of others… to not find my great idea.

I forget about others’ work and can’t come up with more than a mediocre occurrence.

I  go on living life and then, sometimes, they come to me. Or to you.

It is not rare to meet others’ ideas in the street… but it’s hard to recognise our good ones.

The goal

But, what is a good idea?

Ideas that work?

Ideas that are exceptional?

Is there enough to have a good idea? What about the execution?

Do you need that good idea?

What happen to trashy ideas?

And then comes the question…

Why do you need a good idea for?

Because, maybe you don’t need a good idea.

Maybe you just need a creative idea.

Are we trying to be innovative or creative?

Being inspired

So which way to follow to find your idea?

Your own.

Knowing what you like it’s a good start, but nothing more.

You can be original and different and good when you know what you’re doing and are doing it your way. Sometimes projects won’t allow for that… But at any other time it will always feel better to do your own. Which isn’t so easy after all.

Because… what is your own?

The creative path is complex, and I love that. It has many perspectives and methods. From an artist point of view, I really like that of Robert Henri in his book the Art Spirit. (And that will take us to my next post, on Saturday night!)

My worries

Why I am talking about that today? Sometimes I get the feeling that we should look for a style in art that would be commercial but personal too. But how you’d do that? I get bombarded by good stuff, art and design, so when I want to visualise I usually get images similar to those that I admire instead of my own. And now I’m working on changing that. Surely, part of it is producing certain quantity of work but there must be something else, like knowing yourself and your life.


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