Head North, Winter is calling for us



It was winter, the cold was here, the holidays too – So we had to go, to go on a winter trip

Christmas Holidays are over and we are glad about it. Preparing for them was exciting but meal after meal you start realising the time for wreaths and lights is ending. Now the new year arrived and we are back to normality. And maybe hoping for some summertime already, the next destination in the train of work life. But winter is not leaving us (could it be any more present with the recent storms and cold temperatures??) so there’s no reason to stop enjoying it. Between those meals, we got to escape north. If you haven’t done it yet, do it soon!

Before the year was over we went out on a winter trip and I’m here to bring you some white inspiration! Put some layers on, lace your boots and go for a winter adventure now that we can enjoy the snow!




(have you also seen ads about the spring and summer collection yet? No please, let me enjoy the winter while it lasts, even if I prefer summer. Because summer is not here yet.)




TBH I don’t enjoy most of the wintertime. Well, I don’t look forward to it to be precise. But I do love winter lights, the Christmas feeling, presents, the meals and get-togethers and some snow. And going outdoors on cold but sunny days it’s still so much better than staying indoors.

But the feeling of a snow day? That’s awesome. Last year we had a few, but not any without taking the car and going north. If we hadn’t gone to the Philippines, we would have enjoyed one, but we were there already in summer mode! Sad and happy at the same time! I’m hoping for it to snow right at home again.

Anyway, we went north again just right before the year ended to have some fun in the snow and delight our senses with the snowy scenery. The purpose was just to go north to be surrounded by bigger mountains and spent some time outdoors.



Pedraforca! 💚 I missed a great shot on this so we’ll have to go back 😛

Watch these mountains! I call this a VIEW!


Ever walked on iced mountain paths? This is one. I  prefer soft snow. 🙃



It was cold as hell, especially where the sun wouldn’t get through and at night. But the snow was so beautiful and shiny and the mountains looked so sweet with their white tops like sugar glacée. Stepping onto fresh untouched snow is addicting for me. That sound! And there’s no day in the snow if I haven’t made a snow angel or thrown some snowballs!


angel in the snow

I’m an angel!

exploring the snow

badass tree house in the snow

What a badass tree house we found!

ski slopes

We may have stepped into a ski slope (closed) and went down in it.

walking on fresh snow!

That sound!


We hope you enjoyed your time and are ready to live a better year. Don’t expect another “New Year, New You” post from us, as we’ve seen too many of them. I haven’t even written a list of goals for the year. I know what I want to accomplish in every cell of my body and I hope you do too. Let’s work and live happily towards it, shall we?

live your best life

This is a clue to my next collection for the shop 😉


What’s your favourite winter trip? Have you headed north already? Let us know in the comments!


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    1. I’m the same, but trying to be happier with whatever we get. Summer is still too far away. Last year, when it snowed at home was march already 🙃

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