It’s too hot to go outside at this time of the day


Me in a perfect not-moving-soon position

“It’s too hot to go outside at this time of the day” said I on Saturday’s afternoon. “But I do want to go somewhere, to do something.”  As usual, he knew a good place to go.

The mountains were calling, and so we went. The car couldn’t take us passed the uphill path. So there we started walking. First on the wide path, then on a smaller trail. We were surrounded by trees and small bushes, walking in the shadows broken by the afternoon’s sunlight. It was upward all the way, but now it was not only prettier but arduous too. Leaves on the deep brown track and harder rises. It didn’t last much though.

Soon the big trees led to an open sky. We were much higher, starting to see the top of the mountain. Now we had a great view of the landscape already.
We started walking a tight trail, with some pines at sight but mostly bushes of the height of my shoulders. Flies made their appearance and wouldn’t stop flying and chasing our faces.

More climbing and we’re at the top. The wind was blowing and so it was cooler up there. No more flies on our faces, just the breeze on our hair and the sights for ourselves. We stayed for a while. It was a great place to be.

Of course, we eventually got down, but the moments up there feel like a time outside of times.

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