Last art of 2017 + free printable calendars for 2018


We were in the midsts of December and I knew I wanted to draw new things, a new creative challenge. And I knew I wanted to offer a calendar. Last year I made the wallpaper backgrounds with inspirational quotes (that you can still download here) and this year I wanted to make a real calendar. Lots of illustrations. Well, 12.

I must admit I’m quite quick at having ideas for drawings and recollecting my references and so on. Sketching ideas, drawing them on big pieces of paper, transferring the drawings onto watercolour paper… That goes at a really good speed. But then, the time for painting comes. And I love it. Although the pace changes. Maybe it’s not just a matter of my speed but the work that it takes. The sketches don’t need to be perfect, they don’t go on different colours. So, could I finish before the New Year?

Truth be told, I’m not one that is used to go late. I would always avoid missing due dates and I used to be very punctual (except for social situations: knowing most of my friends’ timing, I better don’t be on time – unless I really wanna wait, as I know nearly no one will show up early. So now that is a matter of who I’m meeting).

Although not only I wanted to do these 12 paintings before 2018. I wanted to do a small series of 3 paintings of hands (yes, another challenge). So in the end, it was 15 paintings to finish. And it was almost the Holidays.

I love working in batches. This week I’m battling with blog, promotion and learning. Next one I’ll probably spend it drawing and sketching for new products. In that matter, painting so many pieces was good fun.

Yet the holidays came! So I finally had to sneak in the studio during some holi-afternoons and finish the things during these days of 2018. Yes, late. But we have 11 months in front of us, so maybe it’s not so bad.

Now, time to get your stuff!

You can download your calendar here. These are new printable 2018 calendars. One A4 for each month! EEUU, UK and AU versions. They include nationals and moon calendar.

You’ll have to get them to see all the illustrations in it! 😉


And you can check the new posters here. I’m in love with them! (The Hands series – may expand it in the future)

Oh, and this one! It doesn’t belong to any series (maybe the rejected ones? ) but I love it.

You can get it as a small print or poster here. 💜



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