Last minute gifts! You are not too late!


Oh my girl, Oh my girl, Oh my girl. It’s already Christmas day!! Is everything ready? Got all the gifts? The decorations? Your outfits? Then, time to chill out and enjoy the champagne with some carols.

If not, well, we are here for that. So, you need to find a last minute gift. Whatever you did, you still left some work to do just before the C day. Worry not, we have some ideas to get you through this bit of a situation!

If you are still on budget

… You can buy a non-physical thing

– There are plenty of shops and services that offer gift cards and gift certificates. Use them! If you have no time left but a bit of cash… that’s a great way to get sorted out. (e.g.: netflix, most online shops, amazon, skillshare, spotify, dropbox,etc). Most of these services will mail the gift so you need to bring no gift (but you could still print this postcard and a message with a hint about their present).

– Buy them digital stuff. Ebooks, Cd’s , videogames… You can send them via e-mail or gift it with a usb (two presents in one!).


postcard digital gift


If you burnt your budget and you’re well over it…

It’s time for a DIY or

– Print this pack : Weekly planner + notes + to do list which is now only 3,95€ until Christmas Day is over.

– If you’re still on time to buy supplies (or you already own them)…

  – Sew a clutch, bag (bag 2) or pouch. You can reuse fabric from old t-shirts, napkins and whatever textile is no longer useful or loved.


Finally, you could always make art of your own or print a postcard (like this) or  make it yourself! they can be very easy! You can use your scraps of gifts wrapper to make one like a collage (see this).


And remember, the best gift may not be a thing! Give the gift of your company, love and care. You can do that with no (or very little) money!



I hope you have the best holidays of your life and I’ll see you around here next year! I won’t stop working but I’ll have to attend my social “obligations” (they are filled with amazing people!) and plan the year ahead. If I get spare moments, I’ll be hanging out on twitter. See you next year with lots of amazing stuff!

PS : please, excuse my love for gifs 😂


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