About Lena Singla

Hello! My name is Lena Singla.

I’m a formal graphic designer with a focus on strategic branding and identity. I also illustrate: from vector icons to watercolour, and from hand-drawn patterns to digital paintings. My main work area is surface design, where I get to make products like I imagine them (my childhood’s dream).

I’m based in Catalonia. When I’m not painting or designing, you may find me looking for waves to surf, on trips to the mountains or just sunbathing with a good book in my hands.

I’m a firm believer in pursuing dreams and passions. I try to share my sense of wonder, empowerment and creativity through my work, blog and the products in my shop.

For inquiries, commissions or to say hello  Lena@lenasingla.com 

Connect with me at Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest .

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