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He likes it cold. But we don’t. Holidays are coming and our Cold Sprinkles Collection is here


The 24th of October we opened our little shop, Florals and Waves. It’s been almost a month now and we are so proud of the work. And excited about all our future projects.

The good news for you is that a lot of new designs are rolling in just on time for the Holidays!! (we are so amazed at how they turned up!) Also, carols are already playing in the studio and we are longing for decoration time!

This time our Collection is called Cold Sprinkles and it is all about freshness, delicacy and life inspired by the best days of autumn and early winter.

Featuring more delicate flora and water forms, with colors and textures that will hug you with the memories of a day of cold breezes and warm afternoons by the fire. You’ll be able to experience the wild and the cozy of any winter adventure and fuel your soul with inspiration for the lazy days.

Here’s a pic of one of those days, some time ago.

As it happened with our first collection, the surf experience is a bit of an inspiration still (but also hiking and escaping to the mountains). Think of a winter day, when putting on the wetsuit is tough, but especially taking it off and getting back home as fast as possible to be warm and cozy. But it feels good after being chilly and wet. And, having had some fun and stretched the muscles, how welcoming it is to spend a nice afternoon indoors!



The patterns for this collection are more varied in subject, less in the color palette. We wanted some color to spruce up the grey days but keeping it kind of neutral. You’ll find lots of soft blues, then some darker ones and some sprinkling of a warm color.



We are also adding two new types of product: tank tops and tote bags.

They are all very versatile and we wouldn’t mind having a full collection of them. (I must confess, even in winter I wear tank tops underneath all those long sleeve layers). They work pretty well for stoking. And for tote bags, anyone could use one and you don’t need to choose a size!

So now you can shop products with a summery feel and some with more of a cool vibe. Because we know it’s not winter everywhere.

Now, make sure to check the cards of this new collection, as we have a few and they are not your supermarket type.

These are many of the print options (art cards size a5) but you can also find them as folded postcards.

And I can’t let you wonder what are the posters of this collection. I love each a bit more.


Visit our shop or check all the designs and products of this new collection.


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