A Note on Love


only one you postcard

Love is not about receiving. Love is about giving, is just loving, not be loved. Well, it is too, but receiving it’s the consequence.
Love has no shape, not even a heart shape; can’t be seen, nor touched, just felt. It’s not one person nor thing. Not even a thing of couples. Love is everywhere and nowhere. Everybody knows her. Or think they do. It rules the world but can’t be bought. We don’t decide to love or who or what to love. Or maybe we do. We believe in different kinds of love. But aren’t all of them love?

It was Valentine’s day this month. And so I decided to celebrate love designing some postcards with lovely messages. I’d like to say that I’ve been a very fortunate person in love matters, but if we take in consideration how Valentine’s day is pictured, I haven’t. I even hated Valentine’s once (and did some posters about that). However, if we think of Valentine’s Day as Love Day it feels so much better. We all have felt love, from others and to others so it’s something anyone could be grateful for. That’s why I embrace Valentine’s. I don’t even need to hope that someday I could celebrate it with a partner (probably, I’ll see it like a silly day then, to celebrate a relationship the same day that all other couples in the world ). So, in case you missed my postcards, here they are:


Love postcards


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