New Indie Fresh Brand is Opening her Virtual Doors to Thirsty Eyes (and it’s called Florals and Waves)

This week will open a very special and unique online shop. What’s its USP? Unique art and prints over products carefully made for you with passion (they won’t leave you indifferent!)


(Ok, “that”‘s us. And “she” is me/myself/I. But go ahead. Read our story. You really should.)

Lena Singla is a young designer and illustrator making herself a space in the creative world by building a small business, the online art shop Florals & Waves. But this is not any usual e-commerce. No massive produced fashion nor art, not just another graphic t-shirts brand. It will feature her art indeed but transformed and adapted to create one-of-a-kind homeware and decor, clothing and accessories; different, unique and exclusive. Using an on-demand system, she will deliver the purchased projects one by one, after producing happens – this may mean a longer shipping time as its flip-side for exclusivity. The care and passion that goes into every order is noticeable at first sight.

The shop opening will take place the 24th of October, exactly one week before Halloween and the time to run live is scheduled to be at 1 pm GMT/UTC. With the big launch, the first collection –Tropical Fantasy – will be revealed. And the rumour has it that the winter collection is right around the corner.

Now, all this didn’t happen on a split second and Florals & Waves didn’t come to be just because. It was only after a personal and entrepreneurial journey in which the owner explored her passions, interests and values that it all flourished and turned into this small business. Having attended art school for graphic design, worked in an office and completed projects that were far from fulfilling she realise that she still had to find that thing which would challenge her creative mind and skills. So she decided to go a step further and invest in her left aside passion for painting.

She was drawn to the art of watercoloring and found out it fitted perfectly with her values of doing things by hand but lowering the impact on the planet.
That she had been immersed in the design world and passionate about it would be an understatement, but she was craving for more craftsmanship and to bring work further away from the computer screen. She remembered the joy of just painting and crafting all sort of beautiful objects to give to family, friends and teachers when she was a little girl. So she learnt, improved and built new skills and started to grow in the direction of her rediscovered dream.

For the last couple of years, she learnt everything she could about running a business, (online) marketing, content and anything entrepreneurial. And even if she couldn’t see herself just freelancing or running a one person design studio, she knew she had to build a thing of her own. She had to focus her creativity and skills on something that would keep on growing her interest which was fun too.

The idea to make postcards didn’t come as new when it popped soon after. What better way is there to create waves of good vibes than giving postcards? To share the caring and the love for others and for meaningful ideas? However, that wasn’t enough. As a multi-passionate girl, she had (and has) many more interests, including outdoor activities like surfing and climbing. And she noticed a gap in the sports fashion industry: it plays by pretty tight standards, there are no big contrasts in what most brands do. So there’s a wide area for experimentation there.

In fact, this is the case for a lot of other industries in which the object could become the perfect canvas for art. This is what makes it pretty interesting to dive into the business of surface design for a girl who used to dream of making things her own way and just discovered there’s a job, a dream job, in which you do precisely that.

She was just a girl looking for a way to devote more time to painting and now she is creating constantly and combining most of her passions into some big thing to share with the world. Making the world a bit more beautiful and highlighting its wonders through her illustrations, which speak of connection, awe and interaction between people and nature.

Lena Singla ~ 23/10/2017 · 15:00