One day we’ll be ocean


Water we are and water we’ll become.

Not ashes. Ocean. Water we are and we’ll find our way to the ocean. I much better prefer that mental image. And then, being a drop in the ocean makes a lot more sense. Or the ocean in a drop, like Rumi says.

I don’t think I’m the only one, but I feel a kind of obsession about the quick passing of time and the presence of death. Let me put it in a picture for you: I was flipping pages through a local magazine that my boyfriend had passed me. And I spoke out loud about a place in the cemetery for sale (I always find it funny that you buy a “block” for when you are finally dead or to Rest In Peace) and then I also saw an ad for funerary services and had to say “do someone who really needs them at the moment will be reading this?”. At which point my boyfriend pointed out how he didn’t notice any of this ads. I’d like to think that I’m just so amused at life that I always notice a threat to it, even if its just by naming the end of it.

About the passing of time, maybe it’s more noticeable because of having a clear routine. And, although it doesn’t feel comfortable to be thinking constantly about time running out, it clearly is a necessity and one that not everybody takes seriously enough. We all go around hoping and doing as if things won’t change any time soon. Until they do. And I don’t say we should be doing otherwise, at least not to expect what we don’t want, but we should think about it to gain perspective in life and about our priorities. Because when change does really break into your routine, we get a better picture of what we really liked about our past and we’d really like to change for our future. And then be able to break our patterns and beliefs to get the life we want.

And so, I had to share these summer photos, those stills that remind me of how free I can be and that are moments that can last forever even if they don’t actually do. Does it make any sense to you?

Remember to breath!




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