Florals And Waves

Between 2015 and 2018 I decided to put my illustration skills to work together with my interest for active lifestyle fashion and I developed a couple of collections of patterns and textiles, even making some products with them. I also learned about e-commerce, set up a shop and learnt the ins and outs of running a shop online. When everything was done, I realised I wasn’t going to commit to sell those products. I was working with drop shipping, which limits the freedom, quality and control of the products and it would take a great amount of work to market them if I wasn’t willing to put all my heart and energy into it. So it stayed as a learning project. You could call it a failure, but I still enjoy many of the products I made and I’m proud of the work I put in and the products I made and still use and enjoy today.

Tropical Fantasy Collection

I created this collection out of a desire to create something new and fresh. I had just returned of a month in the Philippines and I had a fresh perspective of the “dream” vacation. And also on the imaginary we all have around tropical destinations. I explored patterns and shapes that would fit activewear. Aesthetic and becoming, bold while and colourful with a washed palette in watercolours.

Cold Sprinkles Collection

I was living in the country side, where the winters would feel quite long(er) than I was used to. I would also often miss the beach and the summer days. But there you could enjoy what feels like a more relaxed slow life, which gives a cozy feeling indoors. So I created these new series of patterns, experimenting with new shapes and colours. I used a soft color palette, playing with the duality of the cold and warm colours. There was the forest greenery and the dreams and excitement for the new blooms and the sea, a bit too far away.

Sweet Summer Collection

And then summer came again and I made some playful skater dresses with colourful and dreamy patterns.

August 11th, 2021