About Florals & Waves



All the products are carefully made for you, with passion

In the same way, we hope to inspire you to do your thing (or things) with the same care and passion we put into our.


Florals & Waves is the online shop created by Lena Singla to give to all of her creations a way into the physical world and to the nicest homes.

You’ll get unique art and clothing with designs inspired by a sense of wonder for life and nature.

We hold that we should follow our hearts, be adventurous, embrace new challenges (big or small) and live with wonder.

We believe you deserve to feel comfortable, free and wonderful wherever you’re: at home, creating and crafting, exercising indoors, outdoors or in the water.

That’s why we thoughtfully choose the products and designs for every collection and put a lot of (great) energy into making them a reality.



We will provide you with inspiring active clothing (for swimming and surfing, climbing, yoga, fitness..) and unique art for your home. Also, what is better than the gift of giving? So you’ll find precious prints and postcards to send to your dearest ones. For quicker deliveries, you can download some designs and print them yourself at your comfy home.

All designs are carefully thought and crafted in our studio in the amazing lands of Catalonia and are ready to travel all over the world.




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