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Ice pop dress - Awakening Dream collections

It’s been quiet around here and it’s taken just a bit longer than expected for me to come and tell you the story of my new things. But I’m back and fully charged.

Let’s do this!

Give them bananas dress

Centuries ago, born by the beach and looking at the sunsets right behind the mountains, there was a wind that blew relentlessly but softly over the coastal beaches and the endless roads that went north. The sun was pouring its kisses over all the thirsty skins laying on the sand and the fruits radiated their smells and sweet juices to water the arid soils.

That wind became a summer breeze blowing in all directions. It couldn’t stop exploring the world. Now it travels around the Earth looking for you, for the next person to inspire and take into a summer dream journey.

pssst… they say this breeze is a muse that presents herself to those who fall asleep looking at the clouds. Just saying…

Give them bananas Dress

Wearing the Give Them Bananas Dress

Ice pop dress

Ice Pop Dress

Eyes on fruit dress
eyes on fruit dress
Eyes on fruit dress

Eyes on Fruit Dress

have a nice day leggings

Have Nice Day Leggings and Warm Ground Tank top

teal waters
we need to talk tank top

We Need to Talk Top Tank and Have a Nice Day Leggings

we need to talk

We Need to Talk Tank top and Rainforest River Sounds Leggings

Frosted mornings

Frosted Mornings Tank Top and Forest Wanderings Leggings

palm margalló
summer mirage

Summer Mirage Tank Top  and When the Sun Goes Down Leggings

Lusurious tee

Luxurious Long Sleeve Tee

See you at the other side of (my) Summer! 

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05:55 Lena Singla

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