A walk that inspires ~ Colours and landscapes to remember


Time is so relative! So different from one time to the next. That afternoon hour in the office when you forgot to have coffee and you get so sleepy runs so slow… that day spent indoors cleaning and organising that flies away before you can put your feet up… those days you drive for several miles and have some fun outdoors…


And then there are those days you can stretch. When you get away to have a bit of an adventure. To go up to the mountains and then back to a new town, when you walk and you talk, and dream and walk and see new things non-stop.

These pictures are from one of those times.

The top of the world is always a good choice! Even if it’s not literally the top of the world. The satisfaction of eating a sandwich upon the summit of a mountain, when all you have to do for the day is going down to catch some rest; it feels so comforting and liberating!
la creu la gallina pelada
It seems quite unreal too to reach these new highs and see such a different landscape just a couple of hours from home, just a short walk upwards to get to these green and blue sights that look like the landscape from a children’s tale.
la gallina pelada
the top

Sometimes I even get the feeling that the surreal thing is our daily lives, so far away from places like these, walking only over concrete, having forgotten that we should be running wild and free a lot more most of the day.


After the hike in nature, we went back to meet civilisation but we remained on awe. We walked over ancient rocks and buildings, made so long ago, standing the pass of time while we pass by in a flicker.


de la roca
walking over ancient streets

I was marvelled stepping over these colourful cobblestones.

colourful cobblestones

Oh, and this pattern of flowers! I could totally have that door in my dream house. Maybe not that tall though.


How fun it is to find old buildings in such colourful palettes! Every little adventure could keep me inspired for months!

Everything comes to an end and this was it. Roadtripping back home, seeing the sun shine, driving under a storm and getting home to a peaceful night.



PS : locations are the summit La Gallina Pelada, the town of Besalú and the city of Girona. There was so much we saw and have still left to discover!


Catching trends for Spring/Summer 2018


Last weekend I attended a fair in the field of decor and gifting full of wholesalers and exhibitors presenting what the small shops will be offering this next season. The exhibition was small, surely smaller than years ago. But it’s always good to know what’s happening in the world so here I’ll be sharing a quick take away based on what was exhibited, the trends for this season spring/summer 2018 for the small shops.

Color trends

Muted colours are not going anyway this season. From earth colours to the blue/pink pair they are all here to stay. Especially present on textile (from bandanas to handbags) and in a variation of lightness and intensity. This colour trend was also very present on stationery.

In decor, a deep green, yellowish and some sparks of blue and saturated pink were in. I found it to be quite on the line of jungalow/bohemian style (which I like pretty much, even though in my home I’d go for a more neutral style).

What about the 2018 ultraviolet colour chosen by Pantone? Well, it wasn’t much of a trend. Maybe a handbag here, some complements there. Maybe it was too soon to show or, what is more likely, we’ll be seeing more of it in the fashion industry.

The blue-green and bright turquoise are still hanging in there, quite present in all sorts of products. But earth tones may be a hit for the season and the truth is that they work so well as a base colour:  from solids or as a background colour for patterns to designs featuring some bits of brighter colours.

Featured elements

Wanna know what are some elements you’ll easily find in stores near you? Well, if you like flamingo and cactuses you just got lucky! We’ve been seeing them for a while as a trend in decor and it looks like they are some of the most popular things still. Greenery is a must these days for any home, even if it’s in form of wall art. There were glimpses of vintage and kitsch elements for decoration but those things are always there anyway, right? Of course, both in vintage and kitsch the most popular elements were surf related (vans!) and vintage florals.

In patterns, we could find the classic florals, geometrics and abstracts for bags for youngsters and solid colours paired with animal prints.



Popular products

I found that the most relevant products that were in bigger amounts were baskets and basket style-all kinds of objects (from bags to decor swings) and also hand fans (I may be biased, but I’m not used at finding or seeing much in hand fans popularity).


Personal take on a business scope

Seeing all of this wholesalers gives me a feeling and transports me to the typical Chinese shop full of cheap things (not that they’re cheap necessarily, but there are too many of them, coming from enormous productions). It triggers on me a stronger will to create things that are unique not only for their design but for the number and the quality. I want to be in business to create a shop that offers a small selection of items to a very small selection of people so there will never be that many products like them and they will be kept as unique pieces or very limited reproductions. In a world where we could be so creative (even buying), I see an opportunity to develop smaller brands that offer niche things or a niche style in a way that will bring more value to the consumer. Because I don’t want to wear jewellery that millions of people will wear too nor I want to hang the same thing on my wall as my neighbour. Even if it’s trendy.