I messed up ~ ink experiment


Did I get to tell you that I moved from creating with watercolours to trying my hand at inks? I may have not. Well, while on this blogging hiatus in my life, I decided to change my focus to using ink and a calligraphic pen to create new artworks and hopefully, one day, new patterns in a kind of a new style. It feels like a creative challenge, as I’m leaving behind the bright pastel colours I used to use these last couple of years but I’m gaining skill on using the “line” more (which I really enjoy). I’m also intentionally using fewer colours, being my palette mostly blues, a bit of brown and black – you’ll see what I’m talking about in a coming post.

So, while starting to try my hand at this ink thing, something happened.

Do you know that moment when something you’ve been fearing might happen finally happens? You saw it coming. You didn’t know when, but it was meant to happen, sooner or later.

That was the thing with using inks. I knew someday a pot would fall and spill all over the place. And so it happened. Even though I knew the time would come, I wasn’t prepared. I had not thought about what I would do.

So I just cleaned the mess. Luckily, the table didn’t wasn’t damaged, neither did my phone, which was right there and got some drops. However, I did realise while I was wiping the table with a piece of clothing that I should have done something with the ink that was now flowing down the sink. I hope next time I’ll think about putting all the liquids in another, bigger crystal jar – the ink would be dissolved in water but at least I could still use it.

it did happen again 🙈

( I spilled some ink again while I hadn’t published this post yet and I did store some of it into a jar, yay!)

So after realising I was losing all that ink I thought: “Couldn’t I do something with it right now? “. So, as quick as I could, I got that piece of clothing (intended to clean the mess) and I used it to create an abstract texture. Then I added some shapes more intentionally, even with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and voilà, out of a mess, I created this print below. I know I’m not getting into the history of art for this but… the takeaway is that not everything is lost when things don’t work out as expected, nor when accidents or messing ups show up. There’s always something to be done to improve any situation, you can always make it better.

So here it is, my free-of-guilt abstract. Truth be told I somehow still feel that abstracts are the art that those who can’t draw can still do, and because of that, I shouldn’t do it. Lately, I’ve been trying to acknowledge my blocks around creation, what I’m supposed or I’m not supposed to do, the reason why I “can’t” be an artist, etc. You know, the everyday reflections of a creative type. Maybe another day I’ll talk about that (I know a couple of books that help!).

I thought that the purple texture would make for a great pattern but as I am not that much into abstract patterns either… well, I just used the opportunity to play around. (You can actually save this image to your computer as desktop wallpaper).


So here it is to the creation of unexpected things. And playing in life. 🥂




What am I doing with my life?


That’s how I feel some days about the creative life.

…Like I’m not going anywhere. I’m in a loop, trying every day to overcome the same obstacles I found years ago. Now I have some things figured out but I’m still learning and stumbling in others. I miss being outdoors more often But my creative work happens in front of or near a screen. Moreover, I’m still struggling with this work to really work out. Am I too hard on myself for forcing myself to stay on the desk to pursue something that never looks closer? Am I missing my true callings and paths for being held inside for too long? Should I ever think about broadening, even more, my creative skills? What it is that I really want to do? What feels good and looks goods to me?

Nobody said a truly creative life was easy. And there are as many kinds of creatives as there are kinds of people. I’m always striving to do my best work and learning to do something new and create something even newer. My creative life is scattered and every idea I get makes it worse. Though I don’t always feel that’s a bad thing. I want to be doing visuals that I cannot see in the world right now, so a little experimentation is expected. I also want to do small things that are complex to do solo while pursuing other fronts. So maybe all it takes is more working hours, patience and a clear vision.


Now the nice stuff

A couple of weeks ago it snowed but now the sun is shining and its warmer than ever. Finally, I got to feel it all over my skin. Feels so good and energising to have it back. But that also means one thing: I’m getting back to take my boards and going to the beach reeeal soon. Waves are calling and I must go. (Oh, and climbing too)

But with many projects open that I can’t close yet and time running out, I will have to prioritise. Anyway, wanna know what’s in the works? I’m sure you’ll be inspired and motivated too if you see.


Sneak peaks here they go!


Patterns 💖

These are patterns and designs that I’ve made and that are just getting ready to become full products. But the best of them you’ll see in upcoming weeks!

Game dev 🤓

I started a game and made all of this in one afternoon (ok, maybe it’s not that much, but when I was younger I never got this far making a game, so I’m proud). I already had the idea. It will be a game for my character the Catsurf and this will be the Hippy Catsurf Game. I just need a couple more days and I’ll have a full game (with one working level at least). But when? Who knows. If you’d like to create a game try GameSalad or Stencyl.

3D modeling

I’ve been playing with 3D software in order to create models that I can use with my interior designs and maybe even combine them with my own clothing design. I’m also learning to create more things so I can use them in future designs (maybe I could transform some 3D objects into patterns? ( 🤯 There are just too many possibilities in this creative world). For the girls, I’m using MakeHuman, which is amazing and is reminiscent of the act of creating a Sim which is always nice. For more items and probably oceans and the like, I’ll be using Blender. It also brings many memories from when I was a teenager following Blender tutorials on my father’s work computer ten years ago (or more). These programs are open source and free to use which feels amazing. And they work in Mac, of course.


TIP for Mac users using MakeHuman : when I wanted to install the MakeHuman community plugin I almost went nuts. But it’s easy. You’ll need to follow the instructions and move the downloaded files to the Plugins directory. In a Mac, this means going to the app icon, right-click, Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources > plugins. If there’s a better way I didn’t find it.

TIP for Mac users using Blender : shortcuts in Blender are great for Windows but not so for Macs. In order to use the standard shortcuts press also the key at the left bottom corner (fn). If you don’t have a numpad you’ll also need to enable a simulation of it (Blender User Preferences > Input : tick Emulate Numpad box).



Also, I’m preparing a little publication for the summertime that promises to be very fresh. I’m just starting out with it but is one of my most exciting projects. No images to show yet so all I’m telling is this:



Do you think I spread myself too thin and didn’t dive deep enough? Probably. I would love to be that type of creative artist that is so good at one thing, it looks like a lot easier to market. But I believe all my explorations are leading me towards one niche and I’m slowly finding my place as a creative. We’ll see.

Keep tuned and fuel your creativity!

And tell me about your projects in the comments or pm.