My Artist Statement Illustrated


For all those who haven’t followed along and need a bit of an introduction to my work, here I share with you my artist statement.

I work mostly with watercolours as my chosen medium, for their lightness, spontaneity and low environmental impact as well as the way they allow for textures, imperfect surfaces and shades of colour. I’m a formal graphic designer but I feel a great sense of accomplishment when working traditionally and find it very exciting to not be able to fully control the final result.

When I paint, design and illustrate I strive to create a connection not with me but with the viewer herself.

I want to portray nature, humankind and the sense of self and how all that is related. Through the image of a character, we can identify traits that we like, that we’d like to have or that we could even despise. But that makes us more conscious of who we are and how others are.

Self-knowledge is a big step to build lives that are more aligned with every individual and to build a better society.

Through this process we can also learn to connect deeper with others and explore our freedom and how we want to express ourselves.


Also, for me, nature is what allows us to live and become part of who we are (let’s not forget we are mostly water). It’s not that we endanger it, we endanger ourselves when failing to take care of it.

And it’s also fundamental to our leisure time. Even when we crave for places with pristine waters, paradisiac beaches and indomitable mountains and we are very willing to travel to enjoy them, we don’t normally put that much effort on taking care of the environment around us.

We should pursue caring appropriately for our surroundings as much as we do for likes. And I want to express all of this with my own voice, in a way that is modern and in context with our times and my generation, the millennials.

I’ve been exposed to art and illustration since my childhood and have many influences, from tv animes like Lady Georgie, the stories of Beatrix Potter, Spanish feminine comics from the 60’s ( and anything from that decade), film, literature and everything graphic design.

I work in Catalonia and have a strong link with the beach and the mountains and a sincere admiration for the surfing culture, tech interests and living unconventionally.

Now go check my portfolio !


New watercolour art (R)Evolution


Hello friends!

Time flies around here and it seems like I’m just starting new and amazing projects but can’t get to the finish line. Luckily, that’s just my impression of things and time and some work are actually getting closer to seeing the light. And that’s probably because I’ve been deeply immersed in the ideas tank.

Before spring comes I wanted to paint some new characters while I’m starting many new projects in a little different direction. So we may say these are transition paintings. And for that, they’ve been named the (R)Evolution Series! Text is gaining importance, while also an implicit message addressed at firing motivation or a sense of power, determination and decisiveness emerges.

Now that they are done it’s time for reflection and getting back to the drawing board. So, I’m able to come up with new interesting concepts and images I want to build now. You can expect my colour palettes to stay on the same line but I will be incorporating some of those magic vibes from the Tropical Collection. I hope that nicer weather will accompany me in my pursuits and inspire me with its wonders. Also, hand-lettering was just showing up in these paintings but it’ll be gaining importance in the future (yay!). And I’ve been thinking about expanding the techniques I use. I love watercolours in a big way but I want to experiment a bit more and create more complex compositions and feelings. I’ve used other mediums in the past and had fun as well. But watercolours will still be my signature move. I’ve missed including more mystical references but I’m totally in exploring emotions, poses and references to the millennial (or just tech and current) world.

As usual, haven’t done a great job at documenting the stages of my work, we’ll keep improving though. If you’d like to see more, stick around for coming posts! I feel very creative lately!

PS: As you can see I’ve even built a digital stage for my new posters. I’m loving this aesthetic of combining digital and real worlds and will go on exploring it further soon.


watercolour art

Sketch and almost finished watercolour painting


artist workspace

My desk is blooming (in all senses)


wip watercolour painting

Interesting picture of the work in progress of Unapologetic


holding watercolour painting

Watching it in a better light, the figure is finished


You can find the four new posters as limited editions in the shop! Get it as a miniprint (a5) or a big poster size. Just click on the one you like the most.



Be Found Watercolour Painting




Go Plan World's Dominations Watercolour Painting




Rebellious Watercolour Painting


Unapologetic Watercolour Painting



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7 things to uncover this July (monthly links to checkout)

A movie

The last word

Here it is what Imdb says about it “Harriet is a retired businesswoman who tries to control everything around her. When she decides to write her own obituary, a young journalist takes up the task of finding out the truth resulting in a life-altering friendship.”

It’s a good movie, with special attention to female relationships, empowerment and speaking your mind. It’s drama and fun and a lot of good stuff packed for 2 hours of a good time on a Sunday night.

A book

Gidget by Frederick Kohner
Most Americans will know this book (or the series) just because of the popularity it had some decades back. Or maybe just because it became a pop icon. I had heard of it –well, actually read, as it’s mentioned quite a bit when talking about surf’s history.

It’s not the kind of reading I’m doing these days : it’s a teen novel really, but with that spirit and atmosphere of the surfing from the 60’s. A girl discovering the beach bums, surfing culture, surfing herself on Malibu beach and, of course, finding love.

5 new Instagram accounts I’m following
1 – @sguixs

Sara Guixs is a videographer and fellow catalan. She is living in New Zealand and has just released a documentary about where she is staying, Raglan. I discovered her through an article and has the kind of dreamy pictures that fuel my dreams of freedom, which are actually not so different from my own reality.

A post shared by Sara Guix (@sguixs) on

2 – @theanastasiaco

I love her photographs, full of greenery and quotes. When it comes to succulents and quotes I’m touched. Also the green and brown backgrounds make for a cozy feeling, always nice to pop up from time to time on my feed.


Sometimes I need to follow people who do different things from me and aren’t what I want to do either. That doesn’t make me less appreciative of their work. In this case, I love the vector cute illustrations, with their nice colors and characters!

A post shared by Meeta Panesar (@meeta_p) on

4 – @annadrivis

A letter and illustrator. (May I be getting back to my comfort zone in the Instagram following world?) Probably. What can I say? I like her style!

A post shared by Anna Drivis (@annadrivis) on

5 –

Last one for today. And I wanted it to be an account that will make you dream of your next adventure. Because we all need more motivation to go outside and live. Here you’ll find all you need to feed your wanderlust, or maybe just make you thirstier for a vacation. It may not be original, but it surely is inspiring.

One video

Wanna see a bunch of skater girls recreating “Stand by me”? If yes, follow along. If not… just move on.

It looks like this is a bit nostalgic post … And this is the skater life I didn’t have. I skated a bit, but only started when I was 19 and never did much more than carving in the pool and a poor ollie or two. I didn’t have the girl gang neither. But I now enjoy cruising around by the sea, with my boyfriend and/or my sister coming along.

It’s a very nice video!

One trailer

New Disney’s movie that will be on theaters next year. It’s based on the novel “A Wrinkle on Time” and it is for sure known as that movie starring Oprah Winfrey. I can’t tell you about the movie but I certainly like the trailer (and the music!).

An article

Are you ready to set out on your next adventure? Check this if you are also ready to document it appropriately.

There are many ways to immortalise your outdoors escape but not all of them are the right fit for you or your travel. What do you plan to do with the material? What do you want to bring back from the travel? Pictures to share with the family? Awesome shots? Natural references? A journal that will become the next “Eat, Pray, Love”? Have all that in mind before you depart so you can squeeze the trip and make gallons of lemonade.

How to document your Alaska Adventure 

Music album

Sorry about this. But I’m kind of a fan.

Lana del Rey new album is now available, and I’m so totally into it!

I don’t know exactly what it is, but I love her music. I’m a very positive and quite optimistic person but I love that nostalgic feeling of the 60’s in America… And the songs and their lyrics are to me that rock and roll life I will never live.  Also, it is the kind of music I like to listen to when I’m on the painting or drawing stage, between podcasts and firing up music. I must admit, Lana del Rey is not the music I’d listen to while driving at four in the afternoon with the sun on my eyes.

How I get inspiration from nature and MiniAdventures

When not knowing what to paint… paint flowers

And that, my friends, is good advice. Well, unless you hate flowers.

Flowers are always a good option, be it for a present be it for honing your art skills.

I myself enjoy very much portraying flowers in my paintings, though that may be as a result of admiring flowers so much in real life. Not that I am a nerd of flowers nor paint them in a scientific way. But I must stop and watch them when I find some in the wild.  They are like little souvenirs from my trips.

So today I want to transport you with some pictures to that special feeling into the world of flowers.

Why Flower Inspiration

Just starring to flowers brings me a sense of calm and I get lost with the colours, textures and complex forms.

The smaller the detail I get my eye on, the bigger my fascination. It kind of feels like seeing nature from the point of view of a fairy.

And, in these cold days, feels so good to go back and see some of the findings of the year, during miniadventures and hours spent outside…

Do you feel the call of nature, the call of freedom? Don’t you want to create something that beautiful right away? Cause I do want!

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

I love the pastel colours of those walls, plus the pink of the flowers it reminds me of ice cream!

flower inspiration

This may not be flowers… but such and interesting form and texture…

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

Stars, stars , stars on the Earth

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

Do you like to watch flowers? Do you usually paint them? What is your favourite type?

Be ready for Christmas and the New Year. Celebrate with us !



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