Morning rituals and other summer life updates

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As I get back to the flow of sharing things around here, summer is getting to an end. And I don’t say that easily. It’s breaking me to see myself already wearing my soft pullovers and zipper ups indoors while the beach is still calling me with warm waters. Still, I’ll try to ignore all of those who already share pumpkins and fall collections. Ain’t giving up on summer yet, even if my clothing says otherwise!

Now, let me share a bit of what is going on around here. Did I enjoy summer at its fullest? I’d had to say no. I did get to the beach quite a few times, though I think what I did most was running. And snorkelling. Freediving and apnea are a growing interest for me this year. Anyways, I’m not a big fan of going where the crowds are, the surf hasn’t been much convenient (if there was actually any) and, of course, life is always busy.

Maybe you recall me talking about reading that much early in the year. Well, I’m not keeping up very well as I’ve been shifting my focus on trying to staying on track with practising my drawing/painting skills as well as trying to work a bit on my body, aka doing some sport or activities. And summer is great for that. I’ve felt so much more active during these last couple of months!

So, let me tell you about my morning routine. Beware, I’m not another blogger talking about the importance of self-care, those who get to spend three hours in the morning doing what makes them feel good… I’m just trying my best to make the most of my days. The days in which I go to my full-time job.

So, what do I do? Firstly, I try to wake up as early as possible (trying to sleep around 7 hours during the week though) which means that luckily I’ll get up at 5.40 am – but which also means I can’t watch any series before sleep. While I start clearing my mind and pulling away from the sleep in my eyes I spend a good chunk of time having my breakfast, usually while scrolling Instagram. I sometimes even make a post or start preparing one.

After that, I’ll go for like a half an hour of stretching/yoga/plank exercises to wake up the rest of the body while I listen to some music. I totally need that, even if I’m too tired, just some stretching makes wonders for my body. Especially, if you consider I’ll be sitting for almost the rest of the day!  Then, it’s time for some art! For half an hour or so I’ll be sketching or painting, still with my music on and I use every minute available before I have to rush to get ready for work. And so here my secret revealed as to why I still get rushing to work when I get up so early.

Not all days go so perfectly, some days I’m too tired, some days I have something else to prepare or do, some days I exercise more and paint less, and otherwise. On lucky days though, I may even get 20 minutes of painting on my lunch break. And that, my friends, is why I’ve been able to paint these things below.



Oh, and this is me, trying to smile still sleepy, in those days when I could still go around with just a shirt in the early morning…





News 2017 – Big update



Time has moved so fast since winter holidays! I had planned this post back then, before the new year. Even so, it’s still relevant. And longer. And I may be missing something that I’ve forgotten already.

Personal life

Christmas holidays were terrific. Good food and good company basically. January has been quite productive but allowed for some time of fun too. Afternoons and weekends of climbing (in and out), gym and swimming with my new fins.

The best part? Last weekend we went snowboarding – for the first time in my life. It was wonderful. Perfect conditions, good and new snow, good weather… And we ended it in a spa with natural thermal water, a pool outside, with lots of options. And we were alone, only my bf and I! Felt so good after the tiring day of snowboarding.


Art and Products

I have so many new things to show you! I had some new things prepared to share with you on Christmas but got beaten by all the holidays and their rush for presents, eating here and there with family and more family… You know how it goes. So here I you are.

The Unique as a snowflake. I’m dying to get one for myself as a hoodie or something warm. Hopefully I’ll get it before I get back to the snowed mountains!

Another christmassy one… the reindeer skull! I worked long hours to turn it into more than a painting and adapted it to some wonderful products. Don’t you feel the Christmas spirit lets caring for nature a bit out of the game? I do, and that’s why I decided on painting Wild Joy.


You may have seen these two before because they are already in my portfolio. I feel overwhelmed for how they turned out. “Water is life” and “It seemed complicated”. To honour my favourite element and the most important on Earth for life, and appreciating dreams. These always seem difficult to achieve, but when you go along pursuing them, they unfold smoothly.


There’s another event coming and I always feel my creative juices going wild around it. St Valentine’s is happening in a week so I did some new work. Here’s a sneak peak to my series of passionate love. Find everything about them here.

In other happy news, I can show a bit of what I’ve been working on lately too.

It’s a collaboration with an Australian collective I showed something about some time ago (here). They are called the Simplicity Collective and do a great work to make the world more conscious about important topics like pollution and the consequences of capitalism and especially the need and possibilities of living a more simple life. You can learn more about them here.

Also, here you’ll find the work (for now) of all collaborators of the project.

These have been my contributions until now.

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Also , have you been to Mariposas de papel? If you want to read some poetry (in english or spanish) go there! I’ve done the branding and website design and coding for them!


PS. You can find all my new designs as products in my shop! Get a print, a postcard, a t-shirt or whatever you fancy.