Be yourself, Do your own and Let it be

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be yourself, do your own and let it be

I’ve always felt a bit of curiosity about the Three Wise Monkeys. 🐵 They are the representation of “Don’t listen to evil 🙉, Don’t speak evil 🙊, Don’t look at evil 🙈”. They are even on emojis (how cool is that?)

Well, the thing is, they inspired me to create a story of my own. A story I would tell in the context of mass media and social media. I would change the saying for “Don’t listen to the mainstream, don’t follow the masses and don’t speak evil about them.”

I know, I don’t always follow my own advice, I do speak evil about social media from time to time and I even follow some trends and the mainstream. But that’s why I’ve written this mantra. To be conscious about it. To be able to reflect, to notice the pattern, to choose freely my actions. And that only comes with knowledge.

What it means to me (and to you, I hope)

These statements can relate quite well to being unique and finding your own voice. Specially the “Don’t follow the masses”. Have you ever heard about that saying, I think it was specially fashion-focused, but it went like “If you are following the trend, you are already late”. Being a good leader means going on the forefront, doing the strange thing that becomes the new best thing. And that cannot be faked. Nor copied. Most leaders have felt misunderstood at the beginning. But they kept on and finally were recognised. Good, hard work, always ends standing out (persistence is important!). Anyway, if they would have followed their dream and lived as they had chosen, even without finding a wide recognition, I find it would have been a successful life anyway.

Does the rest of the world care specifically for your happiness? Then, show the world that you do.

The other one: “Don’t listen to the mainstream”. Heard it but don’t listen to it. I find it useful to learn what you can about it, though, after that, move on. Focusing on what’s being said and the general opinion may hurt you and the things you do. Be self-assured. Don’t look for approval of the mainstream. You never know who is behind those ideas. It may not be as real as it seems, nor realistic. Follow your heart and listen to those you really care about or those who care about you. And be always open to improvement and change if you feel like this. Most of the time, there’s no one and only perfect solution.

However, that version doesn’t feel motivating. I don’t like negation. Maybe we could change the message in a more positive way.

What about Be yourself, Do your own and Let it be?