Being an Explorer in this modern age


I am, and I’ve been, very attracted to the idea of being an explorer for a long time. Since I read about all the adventures of heroes in foreign lands when I was little, I’ve been picturing myself as one of them. But don’t get me wrong. I know I won’t become a real explorer. Though, if you want to know about a real one, you could start with this article.

Finding new places and cultures is not a goal of mine, but meeting new places and people it is. Yet, what I really want is to be an explorer of life. I crave experiences. But even then, I am picky. I’m not willing to try unhealthy or life threatening experiences. I just want to do new things, learn more, read more, see new places, discover different ways of doing things…

One can be an explorer of the outer world, of the under sea world, of the outer space and also an explorer of the inner world. My perspective of being an explorer may be closer to of that of being the first penguin. However, I would still try something if it’s done before, if just I haven’t done it myself. ‘Cause, we all know most things are already invented. That doesn’t mean we cannot do it, try it, experiment with it…

I’m also a big fun of miniadventures. You don’t need to go to the other side of the world to live an adventure. Stepping out of your usual routine, your known streets and out of your comfort zone can be quite exciting and memorable too. It’s just trying something new. Looking at the smallest details of the plants in your garden. Taking your dog to a different park. There are gazillions of opportunities and chances and possibilities.

And the best way to start exploring?

With no expectations.

Not hoping to discover the new biggest hit.

Not longing for a shiny picture to show to the world.

Just wanting to be there, live it, feel it, experience it. And learn something.

That is my reason. That’s why I’ll never have enough of life. There’s no way I can stop wanting to learn, to discover, to see things under a different light.

I could stare at the world for thousands of billion of years… and that would not be enough to be aware of every detail of every little piece of it. Not enough to understand all that goes on inside me, on my mind or how I feel. Not enough to see every creature, to read every book or paint all the paintings I imagine. Time is the only concern, but it’s also the compass that will guide me in order to choose what I want most and what’s important to me.

The greatest beauty I find on all of that?

That we can create more of it. More beauty. More incredible objects, machines, architecture… It’s an endless universe of wonder that we are missing most of the time.

And so my craving for painting remains. Because I want to be able to enjoy and observe the flow of water and colours, depicting what I see, discovering forms and textures. It’s an endless pleasure and an endless challenge.

But, why should you be an explorer today?

Because no matter who you are or what you do. You can do something new, something unconventional, something that is a lot you. To be authentic. Not plain weird or different, but true to how you are, who you are. You have the chance to put a grain of you in what you do. And that’s a kind of magic. Which usually pays back. Following all the rules and trends had been proved it’s not a guarantee of anything. Breaking all of them is neither. Choosing the ones that better align with you… well, at least they’d be easier to follow and more appealing.

Knowing yourself is far more important than other rules. There is no knowledge out there able to tell what is best for you but yourself. Though that’s hard. Means listening to yourself more than the outside. It means trying to understand yourself instead of taking others statements as true. Means experimenting. Doing and undoing. It’s a lot of work, the right work. The inner world is not your enemy and the outside is neither. Listen both, follow your heart, discover what is true to yourself, align both worlds. When I feel true peace, I know I’m on the right path.

Finally, there’s no highest step in an explorer’s journey than to be thankful. At the end, we are talking about appreciation. The bigger it is, the better life becomes.

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Let’s do this! : in 7 minutes you’ll be ready for your dream


Dream bigger, achieve more

Whether you are young, middle-aged or old, you sure have a dream. Even a small one.  I believe in dreams and I believe in pursuing them. No matter if they come easily or after some hardship. To accomplish dreams is the most empowering thing and also the greatest motivation to wake up each morning. They don’t have to be selfish, they don’t have to deny time and love to the important people in our lives.

But what it takes to follow a dream? Will it be worth it? What is the best way to go out into this adventure?

Because, you know, real life usually gets in the way.  Yes, it does. And it can make our dreams take longer to achieve. But that also gives us time to be sure about what is it that we truly want.

What I want to share with you today is the motivation to go after whatever is your dream. Your biggest dreams. Small ones are ok ones, but the biggest ones are the real game-changers.

Below you’ll find a list of articles featuring the stories of people who did it. First of all, let me present you a list of the qualities I find in most of them:

  1. Usually, it looks like they had little chance to do achieve them. But they did. And, quite often, it helps that they persevered and kept following the direction of their dreams.
  2. Their dream usually wasn’t “to make a lot of money”. You may want to make money, but that’s not the end goal. Probably, if you’re focusing on your career dream, you may expect to receive good money at the end. But that will be a collateral effect of your good work. I, for example, hope one day to be doing enough to pay the bills and live nicely. But that nicely can range from living simply to being able to own multiple properties. Whatever it has to be, will be.
  3. Don’t compete with others. I was going to say don’t compare to others, which is right too. Although, you can see where others are, you can say “it would be nice to be on their position” or have that job or career or accomplishments. But we always go wrong (and I do it quite often) when we try to get there by comparing ourselves. The way to improve is not so much about how close you are to achieving the same that that person but, on the contrary, about how far are you from where you started. Or better said, how much you have improved since last week. How far have you gone from yesterday. What are the little things you’ve learned in the process. Acknowledge your merits, but don’t sit there. You can do better. Always go the extra mile.
  4. They struggled with a few setbacks along the way. If there is something everyone knows about dreams is that they don’t come really easyly. There’s always a transition process, longer or shorter, that will make you hopeful and hopeless a number of times on the way to the summit of your goal. Nonetheless, you can be lucky and get near there pretty soon. If not, well, you’re back to number 2. Harder is not a reason to quit.
  5. In the line of the above… Failure. What if you fail to achieve your dream? Well, let me say, most failures aren’t so dramatic. Something didn’t work. Ok. But maybe some things did. Maybe you can take another route to the same destiny. Maybe you’ve discovered that’s not really your dream now. It’s ok to be strong but no need to be too hard on yourself. Keep improving on the things that are in your power, let go of the things you can’t control.
  6. Finally, follow your bliss. Always try to put more of what you like in your life (that doesn’t mean to buy all cute things and spend every dime to feel better). But do more of that hobby, get out more with that people, listen more to that music. Mention no more or less often that which isn’t bringing joy to your life.

Here ends my talk. Now go for some refreshing stuff.

First, a bit of Disney. Who knows better how to make you believe in you and your dreams? So here two clips of my favourite movies that will encourage you.

Still thirsty? Now, let’s go over some inspiring stories from people who did it.

– Big names that faced failures and setbacks: 6 Stories of Super Successes Who Overcame Failure

– Tragedy to Triumph: 7 Entrepreneurs Who Beat the Odds  Their stories and learnings

– People who started from zero training on their field :  20 Successful Entrepreneurs with No Experience

– Entrepreneur stories are good but athletes stories reaching success are unbeatable :  The Stories Of These 5 Athletes Will Motivate Everyone Of You

Bethany Hamilton is my all time biggest example. There’s even been made a movie about her story, I’m sure you’ve seen it (or heard of). And there will be a documentary soon!

Also, most girls on sports are a big inspiration for me. I feel a deep admiration for girls pursuing sports because it’s still harder than for men and they showcase a great motivation and strength (in and out).

Failing Forward: 7 Stories Of Success Through Failure More of that? Yes, a bit more, please. There’s never enough.

– How a Young Artist Sold 400 Paintings in One Year An artist who did it.

– Inspiring Stories by Entrepreneurial Creatives

How I Became an Artist

– There are stories like these everywhere: Dreams Do Come True

And, as you’d expect from me… A short selection of books!

– My fight / Your fight – talking about strong women…

Saltwater Buddha (maybe not exactly how he achieved the dream, but goes beyond that)


A couple you may’ve heard around here already:

Leave your mark

The art of asking

Hero (from the saga of the Secret) it’s quite motivating and inspirational (with quotes and stories of great people too – two of them are surfers!)

climb your walls - Dream it, then do it!

What are the most inspiring and motivating stories for you? Share the spark in the comments below!

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#IMustConfess I’m in love (or Those Joyful Days)


surf love

Yes, I’m in love. And it’s one of those loves that just grow better instead of slowly blending with monotony. It still strikes me how I feel the day I’ve surfed. I’m just happy. Everything looks better. Life looks better. Even if it was awful, who cares, I’ve surfed. I may have been cold, I wiped out, I didn’t catch that perfect wave… Anyway, I surfed.

It fills me with joy. May it be too presumptuous to attribute such a big influence that a sport is to my life? Well, maybe.
If someone had told me, when I was younger, that I’d become a surfer, (because no matter what level I have or achieve, I consider myself a surfer girl) I would not believe it. Not that I wasn’t an active or sportive girl. But I had not much interest in sport further than having fun or doing it because it was good.

Surfing is a different world. It’s not doing sport. I would do sport in order to get fit for surfing. Surfing feels like a real passion. It’s something I want to keep doing for the rest of my life, preferably every day. I don’t care if it’s not my work, I don’t care if I cannot get to the awesomest waves around the world. I just mind surfing as often as possible.

I want to slide down the face of the wave, touch the swirling water, ride the lip, turn around… feel the drops in my face, salty hair and lips, skin softened by the sun… And a bit of fear, tiredness and falls, rolling underwater…

It is just pure fun, it is pure love.