Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring



Winter seems to be gone and spring is blooming but I wanted to share with you a bit of the latest adventures… and a bit of snow, in case you didn’t get enough.

Let it snow before it’s too hot

Do you remember how I said it was more likely to snow after the new year? Well, it happened again. It snowed at the end of February (and a bit more in March, just when spring was supposed to start).

The scenery was delightful and we had to enjoy it so… We went for a late afternoon hike (second set of photos) and to a very morning one (the day after) to see the peak of the mountain in its full “winter” splendour.


It looked totally as if we had stepped into a winter story, right at the other side of our door. My car had never piled up so much snow on it and I had never walked over snow as it kept snowing hard!

These are from the first day, the landscape seemed to finish just some steps forward to where we were standing.


Collecting more inspiration in the South!

But then, spring actually came and we went south. 8 hours south to be fair, to visit family. Though we had time to enjoy the place too! So much to see and so much inspiration!

I can see a collection coming out from here. Those white streets are from Priego de Córdoba (Andalusia) and of course, the columns belong to the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. It’s amazing and so incredibly exciting to see that amount of decorative arts!

The Great Outdoors


See, I even found some beautiful colour palettes 😍


Then, back here there’s a lot of work to do and things to experience. In my next post, I’m telling you more about my creative projects and will have some presents for all of you! Don’t forget about me!


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How I get inspiration from nature and MiniAdventures

When not knowing what to paint… paint flowers

And that, my friends, is good advice. Well, unless you hate flowers.

Flowers are always a good option, be it for a present be it for honing your art skills.

I myself enjoy very much portraying flowers in my paintings, though that may be as a result of admiring flowers so much in real life. Not that I am a nerd of flowers nor paint them in a scientific way. But I must stop and watch them when I find some in the wild.  They are like little souvenirs from my trips.

So today I want to transport you with some pictures to that special feeling into the world of flowers.

Why Flower Inspiration

Just starring to flowers brings me a sense of calm and I get lost with the colours, textures and complex forms.

The smaller the detail I get my eye on, the bigger my fascination. It kind of feels like seeing nature from the point of view of a fairy.

And, in these cold days, feels so good to go back and see some of the findings of the year, during miniadventures and hours spent outside…

Do you feel the call of nature, the call of freedom? Don’t you want to create something that beautiful right away? Cause I do want!

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

I love the pastel colours of those walls, plus the pink of the flowers it reminds me of ice cream!

flower inspiration

This may not be flowers… but such and interesting form and texture…

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

Stars, stars , stars on the Earth

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

flower inspiration

Do you like to watch flowers? Do you usually paint them? What is your favourite type?

Be ready for Christmas and the New Year. Celebrate with us !



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