My Artist Statement Illustrated


For all those who haven’t followed along and need a bit of an introduction to my work, here I share with you my artist statement.

I work mostly with watercolours as my chosen medium, for their lightness, spontaneity and low environmental impact as well as the way they allow for textures, imperfect surfaces and shades of colour. I’m a formal graphic designer but I feel a great sense of accomplishment when working traditionally and find it very exciting to not be able to fully control the final result.

When I paint, design and illustrate I strive to create a connection not with me but with the viewer herself.

I want to portray nature, humankind and the sense of self and how all that is related. Through the image of a character, we can identify traits that we like, that we’d like to have or that we could even despise. But that makes us more conscious of who we are and how others are.

Self-knowledge is a big step to build lives that are more aligned with every individual and to build a better society.

Through this process we can also learn to connect deeper with others and explore our freedom and how we want to express ourselves.


Also, for me, nature is what allows us to live and become part of who we are (let’s not forget we are mostly water). It’s not that we endanger it, we endanger ourselves when failing to take care of it.

And it’s also fundamental to our leisure time. Even when we crave for places with pristine waters, paradisiac beaches and indomitable mountains and we are very willing to travel to enjoy them, we don’t normally put that much effort on taking care of the environment around us.

We should pursue caring appropriately for our surroundings as much as we do for likes. And I want to express all of this with my own voice, in a way that is modern and in context with our times and my generation, the millennials.

I’ve been exposed to art and illustration since my childhood and have many influences, from tv animes like Lady Georgie, the stories of Beatrix Potter, Spanish feminine comics from the 60’s ( and anything from that decade), film, literature and everything graphic design.

I work in Catalonia and have a strong link with the beach and the mountains and a sincere admiration for the surfing culture, tech interests and living unconventionally.

Now go check my portfolio !