Tropical Fantasy: From DayDream to Collection


I created Tropical Fantasy, my first collection, to honour the beautiful mystery of exotic lands – not for what they are but how they inspire us to imagine better lives.
This collection was inspired by a real travel, and the images featured are from my own collection of memories, pictures and experiences. Traveling is a great experience in which the senses go wild, you find your curiosity again and the world seems more vibrant. I wanted to take some of that into our everyday lives so we can realise that sometimes you don’t need to go on a new travel to experience all of that. I hope you like it as much as I do.
Here it is.

8 ways to say goodbye to Summer (August links)


goodbye summer picture

I’m very sad to be the one saying this but… Summer may be over already.

Temperature has been dropping fiercely here in Catalan lands and the weather is already calling for some blanket and sofa time. I must confess I’m actually wearing a long sleeve top and trousers (and I’m in need of changing my short socks for long ones or I’ll be freezing in no time). Sun is still warm but clouds have been coming and going all week. I hope this winter comes slowly. I hate wearing really thick clothing.

So… what now?

Well, the cold brings with it a lot of good things too. First of all, we will be able to go on new adventures! It was too hot and too crowded lately but now… Well, I predict a year full of great times spent outdoors.

Also, I can’t stop my mind from thinking about October already, seeing pumpkins and hearing about Halloween all over the place. Which, I don’t know why, makes me think of hot chocolate, the fireplace and chilling afternoons. But you must know how to make a cup of hot cocoa so I can’t share that with you. However, I’ve found some recipes that would make for a perfect plan for a Friday or Sunday afternoon.

Here’s a cake that is also a cookie and a pie. I’m melting inside like a coulant. I want to taste that. Right now. Please.

– Don’t like cookies? Here is another one making my mouth go water-nuts… A one bowl vegan chocolate cake .

– Wanna see who else is excited about Halloween? Follow @loveandasandwich and her cute monsters!

– What about something healthy for breakfast? Lately, I’m testing how to introduce some oats into my life and I’ve just found this recipe that could be quite handy. Are you ready for an a-mues-zing month?

– Did you ever hear about vegan bacon? Me neither but here it is. I’m buying cauliflower this week.

With more time to spend indoors, going back to our work and life routine we may end spending more time in front of our screens. But try not to! Contradictorily, I want to share a couple of articles (on the net) about it.

– Are you an avid user of Instagram? Maybe you’ve heard about the new movie about it. If not, you’ll learn about it here: How Instagram Makes You Basic, Boring, and Completely Deranged.

Want to know more about how social media hurts us? Read how Designers are using “dark UX” to turn you into a sleep-deprived internet addict.

– Not everything is dark and sad in this world. Now look at what Disney is doing. I love it (spoiler alert: breaking princesses stereotypes with photography).

– I’m missing the surf. This cooler weather should mean more waves coming in right? Hope so. In the meantime, I was reading about this exhibition in California that “tells a Complex Message of Access and Environmentalism”. If non-surfer people loved the beach as we do (and if we all loved all natural places) would all of us take better care of them?

Now I leave you with these links and wish you the best time going back to “normality”. But let’s try it doesn’t become “normal”.

Doing the Thing

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The perfect summer adventure : Down the river


A little friend we found along the way up to find the river

In the middle of July under the raging sun not all activities outdoors seem so appealing. These days are calling best for top-of-mountain, by-the-beach, and by-the-river time.

For this one time, we chose the river. We still put our (surfing) wetsuits to use. And in this case the route was pretty simple. No rappel, bug jumps or the like. Just on my comfort zone (it was my first time going down a river! So exciting!).

It was one as many other afternoons of last week when I heard the “let’s go do something” soon after lunch. I must confess I was comfortably sitting reading and happily avoiding the hot out there. We had talked about it before. And it was time to do it. We’d go down the river, walking and sliding through it. So I put on my bikini, we took the wetsuits and drove to somewhere close enough to the lowest part of the river.

Now it was time to walk up and go find our starting point.The walk was nice. At some parts, really really nice, when we started going by some water, surrounded by plants and big rocks.
Finally, we arrived to a fountain. There were some people there and they shared their afternoon snacks with us! So we started our journey down energised and refreshed.

When it was time to enter the water, ohmygirl, I was wearing my trail-running shoes and it felt so cold! I honestly had to take my feet out of the water for a while because it felt like pain. But we had arrived here to do something exciting (so new to me) and couldn’t get back.

So I’d step into the water, quickly go forward to the next stop / big rock, would take my feet out of the water and wait for them to feel better. Five minutes in and I forgot about it all. The feet get used and there is no more pain, no cold, and we are in full action mode!

The experience of going down the river was breathtaking. You get to see all the best spots, to swim, to see little waterfalls, to jump up and down many rocks. Even find some balls for the dog and see water snakes. All in all, my favourite kind of fun.

Arriving to the end of our route, we started hearing thunders. The middle of a river is not the right place to be if a storm breaks, as the water levels could rise in no time. There were clouds on top of the mountain but stormy ones. Also, the level of the river, after all these dry days was very low. Luckily (and unfortunately for the area) it didn’t rain.

We arrived to the end of our route, by a path that would take us back to the car and we called it a day. A very good day.



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