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Everybody you look up to is telling you this. You can have it, you can be it, you can change it, you can do it… You just have to “- enter quote here- “… But, more precisely what is that I have to do? For what? To be successful? So, who told you? What is successful to me? Do I really want to be successful? Or do I want to feel proud and  in peace with my life?

This is about you and your life

You know that you want to be free. You know that you want that car. You know that you want to travel the world. You know you want to quit your job. You know that you’re the person of your life. You just look for inspiration. You love quotes that tell you what you think. You like the products and advertisements that show you the lifestyle that’s made for you. But you don’t realize that nowadays we just talk about you. When we blog , we blog to some “you”. We tell what “you” should do… Advertisements tell you what you should buy, the quotes that inspire you are telling you how to live your life, which values do you have…

Not, really, this should be about you

But who’s saying what I should do? I adore everything of the above. I like to see beautiful words in inspiring images, I love the lifestyle that adds offer me and I appreciate the articles of so many bloggers giving their advice. But what if I just needed to spent some time alone and thinking about what I really want, discovering what make me really happy. What is really important to you or to me ? I might get to live the perfect blogger/traveller/designer lifestyle I’ve seen and wished for but I could also be quiet miserable at the same time without knowing why…

We’re not all the same, we’re not all living for the same things and values, we are so different… Even when we have alike hobbies and interests and we have the same taste for aesthetics.  But it seems easier to just listen to others instead of ourselves.

So, what I just want you to tell about your life is… You can be your own inspiration. In fact, I believe you should be the designer of your whole life, without needing the inspiration of others. Everyone of us should. But if that what we see outside is what we feel inside, well, that’s fantastic!

18:41 Lena Singla

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