Work life is a lie


Our best hours find us working. So it makes a lot of sense to try to do work that feels meaningful, even if it’s just to you. -Because it’s just your life. And it’s not a professional life. There are no boundaries between professional life and personal life. You won’t get that many hours and days to distribute between one and the other. It all comes in just one pack. And most of our “personal life” is on survival mode, sleeping and eating. That’s why I’m a big supporter of all that movement of discover your passion and live your dreams.

What about doing a meaningful job?

There are lots of us (if not everybody) who would make a better job and feel more empowered when working for something more than the pay-check. This one will mostly serve to pay the car you need to go to work, the expensive rent you have to pay to be close to work. And luckily the expensive travel you desire to get as far from your work as you can.

That may not be the case for some people, but for a lot of us it is. Even though, we are still too afraid to go on our own, to get together and be meaningful. It’s really scary because it’s so easy to make mistakes and not get positive results quickly. It means doing things we don’t want to do… and having no one to blame for our bad feelings. The work becomes more personal. But it also becomes more rewarding, and if we learn to be a good boss to ourselves, it can even become better. No one else will ever understand you that well, yet we need to understand our business really well too.

But if I had to decide what is easier, I’d say that getting to know a business might be a lot easier than getting to really know a person. Maybe there’s a point where we have to stop focusing on getting to know ourselves, and do the work to understand the rest of the world, and specially, the piece of the world where we want to make a difference on, and how that business (which has a clearer mission) should act.

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16:00 Lena Singla

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