Komorebi, native trees sanctuary

Komorebi is a project that aims to recover the native trees in the Pre-Pyrinees, between the Aragon and Ribagorça area( Catalonia, Spain). The drought and desert from Aragon is taking over the forests and they’ve become abandoned. This situation makes them really vulnerable to fires. Komorebi, which means the sunshine filtering through the leaves of a tree, has the main purpose to empower the reforestation in that area, using  native trees.

I developed Komorebi’s branding and logo (which include a number of variations) that will have multiple applications while the project growth increases. It was very important to reflect the idea of growth, the link with nature and save environment with a modern feeling into the final design of the brand.

To know more about this project you can visit their site at www.ekoskinesis.wordpress.com or on Facebook .

komorebi main logo


Komorebi variations


KOMOREBI background

18:56 Lena Singla