Mariposas de Papel

Development of brand and identity + website wordpress theme.

Mariposas de papel is a site where texts (specially love and feminine poems) are published often. It needed a branding image under which to showcase and share the poems all over the web and social media.

We developed a logotype which expressed the softness and delicacy of the poems, as well its sensitivity. The colours align with those concepts too.

The website was conceived as a simple framework in which the texts will be displayed, the poems are the center of everything. We paired two typographies with a large amount of white space and a left fixed menu. The blog aims to be a space of reflection and emotion, so you can only be lost into the photography, letters and white space. In mobile devices, the responsive design adapts becoming even more minimalist, with the logo at the top and a closed menu at the left.

The experience is extended to social networks using a cohesive branding in all media. We decided on a photography that follows the same aesthetic, with paired colours (a smooth gradient) and low-contrast pictures. They also serve as backgrounds to poems that will be shared as visual pieces.

Visit the site at :

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Logo variations Mariposas de papel

Mariposas de papel on social

Mariposas de papel Mobile Website

Mariposas de papel website

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