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Discover my creations, art and photo journals in this site and maybe even find a special piece for you. #createtoexplore

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Lena Singla: Designer and Artist

Born in Tarragona in 1993, Lena Singla is a seasoned graphic designer and artist with over a decade of professional experience. Specializing in product design for fashion accessories, particularly bags and luggage, Lena brings a unique blend of creativity and functionality to her work.

In addition to her graphic design expertise, Lena is deeply immersed in art creation and experimentation. Her projects delve into complex and detailed natural forms, drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean landscapes and beaches where she spends much of her free time. This connection to nature profoundly influences her artistic endeavors.

Lena’s practice is centered on achieving a sense of peace, calm, and balance amidst the constant motion of our surroundings. She is dedicated to fostering greater awareness in our daily lives, encouraging an embrace of change to better care for ourselves and the world around us.

Through her work, Lena Singla aspires to inspire others to find tranquility and mindfulness, promoting a harmonious relationship between our inner and outer worlds.

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