ever imagined if?

Ever imagined how your life would be if…?


“Have you ever imagined…?” The first step to any change, new thing, possibility or chance starts in our minds, in our imagination. Do you think that’s true? “But what if…?” I’ve written before about the importance I think imagination has, but let’s touch on that one more time. Why? Because it is really the tool…

The Future of Things


When everything is uncertain, what do you hold onto? Just another reflection on the future, consumption and the contradictions in life.Pics of “just a view”

BTW, I made these! (most of them)


Challenging times call for creative days and so today I’m showing you a couple, not a piece of art on their own, but I hope they’ll awake your creative itch and make you dream of sunny warm days heading to the beach. SCRUNCHIES!! I had been dreaming of making my own scrunchies for years. Literally.…

sun is shinning

A ray of light


Finally, a ray of sunshine.These have been long, dark, cloudy weeks. Many days that blurred into each other… But time has passed, for better and for worse. I’m older, my hair has grown and my eyes probably have more wrinkles from fiddling for hours and hours in front of a screen (or multiple screens tbh).…

I need you


I need you. And this world of ours needs you too. We need your vision, your passions, your thoughts, your doubts, your hopes and dreams. I, we, need that light that shines when you’re inspired. We need your sense of humour, your willingness to learn and to change the world. ~ It’s about the path…

5 Things worth sharing – The “Aprisolation” Edition (EXPANDED)


As this unpredicted but not so unexpected event caused by COVID-19 has us all experiencing all kind of emotions, from home and away from home, like grounded adults, I’m coming back to share my favourite explorations of the first months of this year 2020. You’ll find it’s a very “fashion”-able post, but your girl has…

My commitment to creativity in these lock-down days


You know, where there’s change, or where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity.  And even though I hate being forced to be kept at home, I may not deny that these days could be really productive if I do things well. But they should be fun as well. So I’m doing this mini-challenge of dressing…

Stay home, but keep going


We are staying at home and we are staying safe. But are we staying sane?  It is from experience that I say that being locked at home for long hours and days, even as a purposeful act to accomplish a higher level of productivity, never turns out as good as I’d hope not for me,…

One day we’ll be ocean


Water we are and water we’ll become. Not ashes. Ocean. Water we are and we’ll find our way to the ocean. I much better prefer that mental image. And then, being a drop in the ocean makes a lot more sense. Or the ocean in a drop, like Rumi says. I don’t think I’m the…

A new season starts, a new day begins


I believe you could divide the world into two types of people: those who are on time, always prepared and write the posts on time… And those who always run late. In the blogosphere at least. Ok, no, I just changed my mind: I believe we all do this thing off-time. Unless you are doing…

Morning rituals and other summer life updates

Creating, Exploring

As I get back to the flow of sharing things around here, summer is getting to an end. And I don’t say that easily. It’s breaking me to see myself already wearing my soft pullovers and zipper ups indoors while the beach is still calling me with warm waters. Still, I’ll try to ignore all…

I messed up ~ ink experiment


There’s always a way around mistakes and things-went-wrong. With a bit of creativity, anyone can create something or make a situation better. See my mess here.

get rids of ads thumbnail

How to remove ads : the most effective way


Internet is a great place for businesses and for marketing. We all know it. But why? Basically, because the internet makes it a lot easier to find the right audience for any product. Also, everybody is consuming a lot of content, which means that our behaviour makes it even easier for companies to reach us.…

Rolling time – video edit


Some days I roll around, some days I cruise around. This video is one of the rolling ones. There’s not too much to it, just a casual day.  Thought I would get some footage and then decided to edit it to make a little video. I’m sure you won’t be enjoying it as much as…

Video edit – Sunny days


Coming today with a video I made…. in which I am not 😛 I could have made a vlog but I decided to try out my camera video options in a more ¿artistic? way and made my first edit in ages. It’s just a way for you to meet (briefly) my twin sister, my boyfriend…

Things worth sharing #August2019


Here comes what used to be my “links of the month” post : Links and recommendations I found that (I think) are worth sharing along with some life updates. YOU CAN SKIP THIS PART The year started 8 months ago and I didn’t get to publish any post. So embarrassing and shameful. But here we…

Always Wondering ~ Sometimes Wandering


Grab your backpack, fill it with your fav equipment and leave the house without knowing what time you are coming back. What do I feel is the best thing about practising sports or any activity outdoors? Just being outdoors. That’s why sometimes I’d rather sit in the wild with my camera at hand and just look…

ode to my beach

You little beach! ~ Ode to my beach


Oh these little beaches! White sand (at least before the winds blow and the sea rises) and blue, green and purple waters. Fluffy foam and funny waves… The beach is where I go when I just want to go somewhere. Where I go on my mind to think, dream and relax. I love where I…

A walk that inspires ~ Colours and landscapes to remember


Time is so relative! So different from one time to the next. That afternoon hour in the office when you forgot to have coffee and you get so sleepy runs so slow… that day spent indoors cleaning and organising that flies away before you can put your feet up… those days you drive for several…