Hi! I’m Lena Singla. Designer and artist.

Beach based. Always thirsty for salt water and craving the sunshine.

Living in the Mediterranean city of Tarragona, inspired by all the Costa Daurada beaches right at the door. From here I work and create content and art, to share my love for the sea, the outdoors and simple living by the beach.

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Lena Singla holding camera

In my art, I pursue to encapsulate the Endless Summer Dream : choosing the scenic route, days filled with fleeting peaceful moments, surfing the waves (of life)- big or small, fun or scary.

In their aesthetic and feel, my works are fresh with notes of vintage stories. Clear subjects with layers of texture and line details, they encapsulate the complexity of what seems simple.

In a conceptual aspect, my art, in the broadest sense often comes to advocate for the frugal pleasures of life and a healthy lifestyle (outdoors appreciation). Sometimes I also explore more specific human and philosophical concerns. On top of this, my artistic style conveys the permanence of constant change. However, my aim is to provide a space for thought, calm and contemplation, similar to that we experience by watching the sea.

I hope you’ll tag alone for the ride and get inspired.

Let’s dream, explore and create.

Thanks for YOU TIME!


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If you want to keep posted, this site is really my digital home.

For some random occasional content, you can still find me on most social networks by my handle “lenasingla”.


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