A fresh new start

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Welcome to my blog.

This should be my first post. But it is not. This blog is quite old in fact. I’ve written (literally) hundreds of posts – just because I’ve been around for a long time*.

Where does this come from

I’ve been passionate about the great possibilities of the internet for as long as I can remember. I began making websites (and brands) for myself back when we had a Windows 98 at home. When you’d turn that machine on, it was like you were taking off on a skyrocket.

The Internet is a very inspiring thing, it ignites my creativity and curiosity.

I’m marvelled that I’ve been able to see the changes it has brought. From being a teenager without the internet, living on the outskirts of a village, to being a young adult carrying it in my handbag. By growing up I didn’t just get the benefits and freedom of adulthood. The world also evolved towards progress and its possibilities. Let’s leave aside that now the future looks more like doomsday than paradise.

I always wished for what we have now. My encyclopedia would never have enough images and I wanted them as references for my drawings. I dreamed of cool, beautiful tech. What a wonderful thing, the mobile phone! I dreamed of a device that could do so much, and I didn’t dream big enough!

I admit I had a lot of fun when I started surfing the internet when I was, say 14 yo. Social networks weren’t such a big thing, but there were forums and places I’d find randomly. Websites were very different from one another: some very ugly, some others far way too cool (pixel gifs, gradients and grey boxes, javascript effects, and the flash player).

To share a new vision

But I’m rambling here. The point is that I’ve been wanting to share things on the internet for a long time. And this time, I’d like to do it better. I’m just not a big fan of following mainstream social rules. Especially from the giants of social networks. I looooove how personal blogs are (or were – there are so many that have been abandoned…). Blogs are like a little piece of one’s world, a window open to peek inside. And because I like reading, writing, and nice aesthetics, I’m still very drawn to this world of blogging -even if vlogging is the thing now.

For me, the dream has always been to have things even more customized to everyone’s taste. That has been my greatest passion since I was a kid. To have things being exactly as I liked them, and different from the ones of others. Probably that pursuit is what made me a fan of DIY. Along with the feeling that if I do something myself, it may not be perfect, but I will have learned and it will be unique.

Now I want to share my inspirations and my process. Not only in art and design but also in all of my creative hobbies. And the outdoors and sports, which are of great influence on the lifestyle I pursue.

All ends with new beginnings

and another cup of coffee

So what did I share before? And what has changed? What happened?

Well, I’ve decided that I’m starting anew. All ends with beginnings. I’m not throwing anything away, and there were posts I loved here that could also have been of interest or inspiration to you. But I can always renew them, and bring them back to life in more recent and relevant posts. Because they are of little value if they follow no course and have no context for you. And I do not want that. The main purpose today, here, it’s to do something with more direction. I want to share with you fragments of my world in a way that is inspiring, empowering, and entertaining. Focusing on the lifestyle, the little things, and the outdoors. So I’m not willing to overwhelm you with splashes of ramblings and odd pieces of untimed memories. That’s why this is all new.

Now, let’s start this journey!

*Note: to give you a bit of context, I was born in 1993, in the northeast of Spain, in Tarragona (100 km from Barcelona) and I’ve been here online since 2014.

Welcome aboard


Sea ya’ around, and have a nice time!

~ L·S

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October 15th, 2022