A winter wonderland

To dream of winterscapes, be it from memory or imagination, is there anything else to think about right now?

Let’s get to it.

Time has stopped, the clock has lost its purpose.

Now, here, there’s no rush for anything.

Forgetting what time it is, when to eat, when to go to sleep, and wake up. No schedule to follow.

And the snow is falling so slowly this present moment feels like a movie…

It’s cold outside, so warm inside.

Cozing, with books to read and endless hours to let the mind wander.

Letting thoughts calm down, getting inspired to write a thousand stories and paint hundreds of scenes, and dreaming about all kinds of adventures to pursue on better weather days.

But then getting on constant breaks to enjoy the outdoors. Getting outside and wandering free through the magical white and sparkly woods, listening to all the muted sounds, the branches snapping, the snow under the feet and getting glimpses of all the life hiding away, the small birds and creatures doing their own almost out of sight… And what about some more action, some skiing?

What a winter wonderland.

Back inside when tired, the silence is magnificent, with the quiet snow outside, the crackling of the fire and then, the boiling water ready for a lightweight drink that smells of orange and cinnamon.

And the comforts of hot showers and blankets, maybe a movie and snuggling up.

Soft clothes and sweet snacks for the night. And a sunrise that lasts for hours, almost blending with the sunset.

Wishing the world has stopped, because in this place, it does seem so.

Where will it be?

ps: are you dreaming of a winter wonderland? I’m sure I am, as much as I enjoy the warmer months, I also daydream of winter cabin wonders with pretty snowy landscapes! I’ll have to go on the lookout for snow soon! Wanderlust is kicking in…


Sea you soon!


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January 20th, 2024