Oops! It’s gone already?

Aha!! It just got me this time!! I took a breath and Winter was over. Another season is gone.

Where is me trying to enjoy the cold? Where are my cold adventures? Or my chilled afternoons under the blanket? Far gone! Maybe they didn’t even exist. 

Here we are, saying hello to Spring and the season of hope. I thought March would be so long… and it wasn’t. Honestly, I can’t quite wrap my mind around what happened these first months of the year. But I’ll take a look at my camera roll and… let’s see it!

Lucky me, I got some vacation days, so that probably helped me to not experience such a blue winter. I started the year (literally) hitting the slopes (slowly as I do) but that is what it means for me to start the year with a bang (leaving the drinks and sleepless night to others and sticking to an early rise). That day was spent with friends, and shortly after with family, and both times were so enjoyable, and the views and weather were spectacular!

I hoped the snow season would last longer, but the conditions haven’t been great this winter… (Because of climate change?) Now it’s sad to check the webcams, but maybe there will be time for some hiking soon?

However, I could experience the snow in my coastal hometown, even if just for a few minutes. Weird but beautiful. Anyway, I was rushing to work so I couldn’t get to the beach… but I captured this for the record.

Let the good days roll in

So I guess the season just flew by because I had enough good days.

Enjoying the outdoors at every chance, going back to the beach often, even if just for walks or coffees. And you can probably gather clearly from my posts that beach time is my favourite kind of time! I followed my own advice and tried to stay chill.

And I even made the effort to create some vids to share the peace of the mediterranean winters. I hope they’ll bring some peace and a warm feeling to you, as they do for me!

Saltwater is always the best medicine, even for the blue chilly days of winter.

Peaceful beach views ~ I’d stay forever ???? *sound on*

What about the cloudy, ugly days? You could ask. I don’t remember them. I probably didn’t enjoy them so much, so no photos, no memories. That is likely to help keep the mood high.

The passing of seasons and my obsession with it

I realise that even if we don’t follow closely the moon cycles nor care about the changes in weather as if we’d rely on them for food (and our job was to cultivate and really live the outdoors, etc.), it still defines so much of our lives –even when it seems we mostly just care for the change of outfits and the holidays.

But it’s undeniable how the weather changes the mood, and in doing so our thoughts and dreams and motivations. I’m very seasonal, as I get inspired and energised by the changes in light, colors and smells all around, all year ’round. And keep dreaming of chasing and sharing more of those experiences.

PS: as the season calls for, it’s time to say goodbye to the snowflakes on this website… and I’ve decided to change them for flowers!! Let it rain good vibes!!

Snowflakes, see you next year!! And praying for more snow up high by then!

Sea u soon !!

~ L·S

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April 4th, 2023


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