Dear Santa, this is my wish list

Dear Santa,

This year has seen me go up and down, again and again in the constant quest for balance. And for all that has been on the positive side I thank my stars and hope to learn from the rest. And I wish for bigger chances and renewed motivation and strength.

I ask to have the time-space to read and write. To take long walks, stare by the window, but through many different windows. I look forward to drawing and painting, living every moment, and seeing oh so many places. I want to drive away, fly away. To smell the flowers when I pass by, to walk barefoot on the beach sand. To watch countless sunrises, and sunsets and all kinds of clouds. And to find solitary waves in beautiful beaches. To share all of it. Get the rest and cozy up, in good company. To fall asleep still with a smile in my face, after long and well-lived days.

I dream of tasting new flavours and sharing most meals; I wish for starry nights and sharing new memories, with those I love, know and have yet to meet. I also want some adventures, and chasing the light with my camera. To run free, to ride to the top and explore new roads, to dive to new depths and sail away to other coastlines. To have places where I go back to rest, enjoy and share all the memories made.

And together with all that, I want to imagine new stories, and design new things, sew beautiful clothes and live bigger dreams. To chase and lead and find the way, to my own magical life.

Please, Santa, take note. I promise I’ll be good.

Oh, and of course, bring peace, health and love to all.


And you, what’s on your wish list?



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December 22nd, 2023