Enchanted beach spirit

beach ghost
blurry girl at the beach

There are shadows, more like reflections, wandering the seashore on all coasts around the world. Some walk aimlessly but some are a different kind of spirit.

Always a bikini under the small clothes. A tan and freckles instead of makeup. Shiny eyes squint at the bright reflections of the sea surface. Sand in the shoes, or no shoes at all. A curious mind and a playful spirit. Collecting shells instead of tickets and bills. Dreaming of playing in the water, like a surfer, a dolphin, or a mermaid. The horizon’s always a line but with thousands of colours and shades. Sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s so hot. But there’s always something happening. Unless you close your eyes and drown into a calm sleep with the soothing music of the breaking waves, and birds chirping from the white pine trees.

The longer you stay, the longer you’ll wanna stay. So beware, if you don’t want to be enchanted by the sea, stay away from the beach on those low-season days. With the crowds gone, her spell stronger we’ll get you.

And may not let you go.

It’s already too late for some of us.

Are you willing to become a beach spirit? Stay around and it may get you.

beach gost

Sea ya’ around, and have a nice (ghostly) time!

~ L·S

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October 30th, 2022